1. “Thigpen continues to make plays in open space, and has shown he needs to be lined up at receiver as much as possible (he began his career at IU as a receiver).”

    “Why the Hoosiers abandoned this formula is a mystery ”

    “but the Hoosiers’ playmakers aren’t being given a chance”

    I would be worried Jared, you are thinking like me.

  2. At this point I don’t know what will happen.

    Against Michigan State I seen an improving defense and an offense with early fire that just didn’t have enough.

    Last week I saw a much improved defense and an offense that was horrible at best.

    I will predict this. There will be more people in the grass tailgate lot then there will be people in the stadium, and the first HB draw for no gain will get a loud boo from the IU faithful.

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