IU basketball media day

Two open events coming, Crean says:

An open scrimmage after the Northwestern game, and the “Haunted Hall of Hoops” on Halloween.


“I don’t look at Indiana as a place that has fair-weather fans.”

That’s what Crean believed before he even got here, he says. And he’s realizing that even more now. So he hopes that fans will stick with the team through what inevitably will be an arduous season.


About 30 kids contacted Crean about trying out for a walk-on spot. It’s not like he can just fling the doors open and have a try out. The players have to fill out paper work before they can even hit the court. Crean hopes to have at least one more try out session.


“You know as well as I do that we’re going to get into these games and panic is going to set in.”

Here’s Crean the realist. He knows how tough it’s going to be to take this young team into Rupp Arena or the Kohl Center.


Crean may add two or three more walk-ons to the five the team has now.

And, he’ll try to get a football player or two to join the team if that’s OK with Bill Lynch.


“We have got to make the star of the team the team.”

What Crean means here, is that there can’t be one player who thinks the offensive load is on him. That was clearly the case last year with Eric Gordon and D.J. White. It can’t be this year. The goal has to be never to take a challenged shot.


Crean doesn’t want to schedule the team out of a shot at post-season play in future years. So he’ll schedule carefully. This year’s schedule was already set, so it’s not really in the discussion. Future schedules will be a bit easier, and will focus on getting on television and helping with recruiting, Crean says.


Crean is obviously a guy who looks for upsides. You’d have to be to be in his spot right now.

Along those lines, he thinks this year is something of a coach’s dream. Because the goal of every coach is to get every player to see every game as the biggest game of the season. And that’s how the Hoosiers will look at things this year. They don’t have much of a choice.


Here’s what has come to light, so far: Crean wants to eventually have a great man-to-man mindset in the program, but that might not be the best thing for this year.

So, Crean will be teaching for the long-term. He wants to make sure the young players understand how they need to play in future years while also being capable of doing some things this year, as far as zones and traps and presses, that might swipe a win here or there.


Pat Graham told Crean this recently: We were afraid of coach Knight, but not nearly as afraid as we were of the juniors and seniors.”

That won’t be the case this year. The team obviously respects Kyle Taber, the lone senior, but he, too, is learning a new system. So this team is structured unlike any Crean has dealt with.


The early goal? Teach the kids to work, and to work through fatigue.


There’s not going to be one or two leaders on this team, Crean says. The coaches are the leaders for now, and other players will have to take turns being leaders in different areas. That’s how much of this team will work; everything will have to be by committee.


The team will be “concept-based” this year instead of having hundreds and hundreds of plays to run. The play book will be slimmer, and work on that will continue through the season.


Here’s your first day of practice agenda: work on fundamentals first, possibly put in an offensive set or a transition defense. Crean says the major difference for this training camp will be that he will build the team toward longer practices, as opposed to tapering down.


He is here.

He says IU is excited to get started, just like every other team.

Unlike every other team, IU has no idea what’s coming.

But Crean is preaching daily improvement, as he has done over and over.


Tom Crean should arrive any second.


  1. Geeze can we all stop laying on the accolaids and prise so thick when the guy is being paid 2 million plus? Sure his job is hard, but there are a lot of people that work more difficult jobs, and get paid a tiny fraction of what he gets. Hes living a dream, and doing the job hes being paid for. I really like Crean, and he will bring us back, but enough with the BS that hes Mother Teresa for coming to IU

  2. The only thing I like better than Crean’s vision for the program are his stories. He’s got tons of good ones. He’s also pleading with fans to support this team through its adversity and to help write the story of IU’s rebirth. Coming from a story guy, I’m curious to know what his script for this story looks like. What images does he think will stand out most? Better yet, how does it end? (hint: BANNERS)

  3. “Haunted Hall of Hoops”??? Wasn’t Assembly Hall was scary enough during the Davis-era? I guess a couple more spooks for one night won’t be as bad as the ghosts of Myles Brand and Rick Greenspan haunting us for time eternal.

  4. As awful as this past year has been and as worried as I am about the NCAA ruling, I can’t wait to see these new kids on this team. As up front as Coach Crean has been about the academic situation and the fact that academics are very important to him and he is making sure these young men are succeeding in the classroom is great. This is going to be an exciting time here at IU. To be able to watch this team grow and this program get back on its feat. I’m fully prepared for some old fashion butt whippins this year but I will not stop cheering for this team because I know that every young man on that team is working his butt off because he wants to play for this great university.

  5. I don’t look at Indiana as a place that has fairweather fans.

    Oh really?

    So why is it that there are people who refuse to watch our football team play?

    People who cheer for ND Football and IU Basketball?

    Why is it that once the Pacers started sucking, everyone jumped ship?

    Why do the Colts have such low attendance numbers?

    Why did Indiana student basketball season tickets go from 10,000+ last year to ~3500 this year?

    This state is ridiculously fair weather.

  6. I think Wade hit it dead center. I also think the IU faithful will pack Assembly Hall and support this group 110%. I am surprised that others think IU needs to market this team to get fans to support them. To the contrary, while IU fans wants to see championship play I think true IU basketball fans want to see a team of student athletes compete, play hard and attend class. Mike Davis missed the boat about working the kids hard and expecting great effort. It was like night and day seeing KS’s 1st team compared to Davis coach teams. With TC IU will have true student athletes who will compete and play hard. The score board will not be the true measure of the Hoosiers this year.

  7. I’m excited as well, and just don’t see how this season can disappoint in any way. As a matter of fact, I’m feeling like we might have our own little version of “Hoosiers” brewing in B’town. Nothing crazy, but inspirational play that might lead to some “W’s” that will make us shake our heads and grin.

  8. The thing most of you are missing is, we are the diehards. Of course we’re going to support the team during the season no matter what. We come to this and other sites to check on the what’s going on with the Hoosiers year round. Its the average fan that Coach Crean is worried about. The guy that watches the games when its convienent for him, not the guy who changes his work schedule so he can watch the games.

  9. Excellent point, Duder, or El Duderino, since I’m not into the whole brevity thing (HAHA)… I feel like 50% of my day revolves around IU in some aspect. I sit here at work and like a broken record skip back and forth between the recruiting sites and all the IU fan sites every single day. It’s really kinda sad lol.

    But The Dude is right, it’s everyone else we gotta worry about. For example, how have student seats not sold out yet at a place like Indiana??! Regardless of the outlook, it’s such an awesome thing to get to go watch games at Assemnly Hall. And you gotta be excited about a completely new squad of players. Which ones are gonna emerge as the scorers? Defenders? Leaders?

    We may be looking at a dismal season, but a ray of light is creeping around the corner, and without a doubt, IU should be competing for the Big Ten and maybe a nationl championship in 2010 or 2011. Until then, why not enjoy what we have?

  10. Also, anyone know about this Cosby kid from the class of 2010? Seems kind of like a stretch from what I’ve been reading. Why not another big man?

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