IU’s bill: a quarter mil (so far)

Here you go, Ice Miller.Here’s a story from today’s paper:

Indiana has been charged $249,806.39 by the Indianapolis law firm Ice Miller for its work on investigating violations committed by the men’s basketball program and assisting the university in its dealings with the NCAA regarding the matter.

But that tab — calculated using billing records obtained Thursday by The Herald-Times through a public records request — covers only charges accumulated between the months of July 2007, when the investigation started, and March 2008.

Ice Miller continues to work with the school. Lawyers from the firm attended Indiana’s June hearing in Seattle and also helped craft a response to the committee on infractions’ contention that the athletic department failed to monitor two former basketball coaches.

Indiana submitted that response late last month; though the NCAA has not revealed a time line for releasing a decision on the case it could be released soon. The committee on infractions has the option of discussing IU’s response via conference call or at one of its regular meetings, one of which is next weekend in Indianapolis. The committee does not discuss ongoing cases.

Indiana is charged with five major violations stemming from impermissible calls to recruits that former head coach Kelvin Sampson and assistant Rob Senderoff participated in.


  1. i say we charge Mr. Sampson a fine of $249,806.39
    for embarassing our community and being arrogant enough to not take responsiblity for it! (it really should come out of the check we wrote him when he departed) Some people leave their baggage everywhere………we should have known better

  2. Yes, jay jay, we should have known better and that’s why I think the NCAA sticks it to us. Or at least doesn’t find our self-imposed penalties to be sufficient.

    Chris, this bill will be paid for by the athletic department, correct? Therefore by private dollars, not public?

  3. Wisco,

    Actually, the bills have been sent to the university’s general counsel, Dorothy Frapwell. So I’m not sure where the money to pay them will come from. I’ll check into it.

  4. Alex,

    If you’re going to be taken seriously when writing a blog you need to be more responsible in your comments.

    First, there is not much doubt the cost associated with this issue will be an athletic dept cost.Therefore public dollars will surely not be used. ( even though it was billed to the IU legal dept)

    Second, to say that a tuition increase is coming because of this is irresponsible on your part.If you’re going to be a contributor to a great website like this you need to know what your speaking about.

    There are actually people who listen and believe what you say. Though I don’t know why.

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