IU’s new AD is Fred Glass

Fred Glass

Sources have confirmed to The Herald-Times that Fred Glass, an Indianapolis  lawyer with a prolific background in politics and athletics, will be named Indiana’s next athletic director at a press conference Tuesday morning.

Glass is a partner at Baker & Daniels, and was also the Chief of Staff under Evan Bayh when he was governor. From 2000-07 he was President of the Marion County Capital Improvement Board of Managers, which owns the Indiana Convention Center, RCA Dome, Conseco Fieldhouse and Victory Field. He’s served on committees that helped organize NCAA events in Indy, including the 2006 Final Four.

He also serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board for the  College of Arts & Sciences.

Click on his picture (yeah, that’s him to the right) to read the bio of him provided on Baker & Daniels Web site.

We’ll have more on this story as it develops.


  1. Folks, lets remember that Notre Dame just hired Jack Swarbrick as its new AD and Swarbrick came from Baker Daniels as well. Glass is a two-time law graduate from IU and was responsible for landing Indianapolis the Super Bowl. Lets ease off a little. College sports is a business, let’s not forget that. Go ask those four little letters on washington street in Indianapolis. Personally, I hope it is Glass.

  2. I bet he does the following two things to increase attendance at the IU football games.

    (1) Lower the price of the tickets.

    (2) Start a program for kids that will fill up the new seats above the north end zone. The program may be similiar to the 1960’s Knothole Club where tickets were sold for a $1. The Knothole Club resulted in more parents ooming to the games (someone has to drive the kids to the game and give them $4 for a coke), more concession sales, and it eliminated the depressing sight of 20,000 empty seats.

  3. Yea the guy has some athletic experience organizing tournaments and events etc., but I don’t necessarily see where the college connection is. No experience working in athletic departments? That alone makes me a little uneasy.

    But…..as it has been stated above, the Notre Dame AD did come from same firm.

  4. Sounds good to me. Not only did ND hire a guy like him, but Purdue also hired a guy from a steel company up in the region, so this isn’t unheard of at all. I was more interested in the experience a sitting AD would have brought to the job, but any of the three finalists would have been fine.

  5. Who the hell cares about what ND did? To hell with ND!

    It’s a joke that we hired a guy with NO ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT EXPERIENCE to run an ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT!

    Good god, only IU…

  6. Well, it’s obviously not just IU. As Alan said, both Notre Dame and Purdue have done it. I just hope he provides opportunities to fill the stadium, like BHSS Football Fan talked about or at the very least tries to further the football program, for pride, obviously, and for fiscal reasons.

  7. Shouldn’t we give this guy a chance before we rush to judgment? His credentials are very impressive. So what that he doesn’t have Athletic Department experience, he knows how the sport business works and that is the most important thing, and he has dealt with amateur athletics before. He knows how to get people into the stadium and right now for IU football that is extremely important, and for basketball all he has to do is let Crean do his job. He will be fine as long as we all don’t get on his ass for every little thing

  8. Kinda blown away by this hire. But WTF do long time Hoosier fans know?

    I wanted a tried/true Football genius AD.

    Maybe the planet is just short at the present time, on the preferred criteria.

    IU Football program record while I’ve been alive,

    40 year record, W183-L272-T3, 7 Coaches
    *does not include 2008 W-L.

    j a c k

  9. So all of you SMART commenters, who would be your pick? Can’t name anyone other than the guy at OSU? Huh. STFU and calm down. Give the guy a chance. Why should we care what ND does? Last time I checked they were profitable in athletics. When was the last time IU was in the black?

  10. Didn’t someone say something about a dark-horse candidate a while ago? That said, Glass knows Indiana, & he knows the business of athletics. To boot, he’s got better connections around the state than Comcast. Smart move for IU. Now, can we expedite Greenspan’s departure so he can get to work on that book deal a little sooner?

  11. Not rush to judgment? C’mon Ricky! What’s the fun in the Internet if you can’t immediately offer unwavering support or condemnation based solely on a bio and info from an unnamed source???

    He certainly has a lot of in-state connections as well as connections in sports. In theory, a capable manager should be able to run an athletic department the same as a governor’s staff, corporation, or law firm.

    I have to admit, though, I was awfully intrigued by the OSU AD. I wouldn’t be shocked if word comes down soon that he got a raise and contract extension.

  12. By the way, Washington fired Willingham today. According to ESPN.com, Lane Kifen is interested in the openning and “Other Washington candidates could include Missouri coach Gary Pinkel, Missouri offensive coordinator Dave Christiansen, Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp, Boise State coach Chris Petersen and Seattle Seahawks assistant Jim Mora Jr.”

  13. Of course he deserves a chance. And the guy is obviously well respected. But this is the internet. There’s always going to be a bunch of ridiculous “HE SUCKS!!11!!” type of responses.

    And Jake…..uh, its obviously not “only IU”, as someone already mentioned 2 instate schools doing similar things.

  14. Josh, you must be a genius…

    “Why should we care what ND does? Last time I checked they were profitable in athletics.”

    Hello.. they have the most famous college program in the country, a freaking contract with NBC to show all of their football games, and some VERY wealthy donors. My week old baby could run the ND athletic department and make it profitable.

    Maybe this Glass guy will work out, but it makes no sense to me to bring in a guy who has 1) never worked in any collegiate athletics in any capacity and 2) does not appear to have any experience in trying to raise money.

    And no, I don’t know to many good candidates, but then again I didn’t form a committee to search for one. If I had, I’m quite certain I could have found more than one qualified candidate with some experience.

  15. Get off the football kick. IU is and always has been a basketball school. What will this guy do for the basketball program in shambles? Nobody shows up to the football games because football is not top priority in the state of Indiana.

  16. To: Choke – Indiana has historically been a basketball power house in a league where the finances are driven by football.

    Basketball is important but the finances in the Big Ten reside in football. In the Big Ten if you ignore football (like you suggest) you will go the way of the University of Chicago (who dropped out of the Big Ten in 1947).

  17. Glass has worked with collegiate athletics in the past, someone said he hadn’t but he has. He worked to bring the Final 4 to Indianapolis among other things and is on some committee regarding the organization of the Big Ten tournament or something or other. Hopefully someone corrects me on that if I’m wrong. BHSS, nice reference to Chicago, I was thinking that same thing. IU needs to be able to profit off the football team and that doesn’t mean they have to win 9 games a season. Football isn’t a top priority but there are football fans in Indiana that just need to be convinced that there is a good reason to go to football games (and right now there isn’t)

    I hope Glass and that Notre Dame AD are cool with each other, imagine a home and home series with ND. Think Memorial Stadium would be filled up then? Granted mostly ND fans but still. A full stadium is a full stadium

  18. Someone said football drives the finances. It’s actually the other way around; finances drive football, basketball and other sports. That’s reality.

    IU athletics are corporate business. It needs “the big vision”. Mr. Glass appears to have the business, legal, promotional, political and, most important, the leadership skills to succeed.

    The last time someone had “college athletics experience”, we neglected to look at the bottom line of that experience. Mr. Greenspan had already run the proud West Point football program into the ground. So we let him do it here. At Indiana this “athletics type” topped it off–he ran both football and basketball into the ground.

    And, he did so at whim, behind closed doors, failing in his oversight role, promoting ‘yes’ people and without any openness and transparency.

    At first I also wondered about Mr. Glass. Then, I read his background history (use your Google folks), his bio and comments about him.

    He may just be the guy with “the big vision”. Step back…the truth will be on the grass and on the court.

  19. My instincts say that this is another Bill Lynch-type hire. I’ll give him a chance, but not a long one.

  20. Choke-

    Kansas, UConn, North Carolina, Wake Forest, and Illinois are also historically “basketball schools”, which unlike IU, have played good to great football in recent years because they aren’t idiots and realize its revenue potential. So please, take that pathetic argument elsewhere.

  21. The usual balance of supporters and bashers. Sheeze!

    Not sure of the ND/Purdue comparison, but if need be…..Jack Swarbrick was a huge miss for IU. I do not know Glass but if he is 75% of what Jack is, then he should be good.

    Personally, I feel the AD job needs a mix of business, politics, personality, and spirit. In that order. Somebody connected enough to get the right hires, good deals, but with the personality of Crean/Hoeppner who can inspire an ailing nation. Good Luck Fred Glass. Hit the ground rolling.

  22. Does anyone know when he will officially start? I’ve heard Greenspan is leaving at the end of the year, and am wondering if there will be any overlap of the two.

  23. ww,

    Good comment. I don’t think a lot of folks understand what an AD actually does, so the typically knee-jerk reactions aren’t surprising.

    I am currently involved in the building of a new stadium and I can tell you, that his experience in handling the politics and influences involved with such and endeavor will leave him well equipped to handle the rigors of managing the influences around a top collegiate level program.

    Also, his ties within the state are very impressive. This part is really, really, really important. Hiring someone who actually has established connections in the state brings a lot to the table versus an outsider who has to establish them from scratch.

    I’m holding out judgement to see how he handles it, but the reflexive judgments here aren’t very well thought out and, based on facts versus emotion, it is clear there is enough in his resume to believe that there are some very impressive items that we can be, at the very least, hopeful about.

  24. A lawyer and a political hack rolled into one. Wow, sounds like Indiana got just what they needed. And of course the fact he help organize the NCAA final four in Indianapolis is an excellent reason to hire him as an unexperienced atheltic director. The only thing missing from his resume is experience but hey why should IU bother with that. I am sure there are numerous lawyers around the state who have help organize events kicking themselves for not applying. The one good thing about the hire is he will exceed my expectations.

  25. Some of you people are insane. How can you question this hire? There was a 12 memeber pannel chosen to pick this guy. And apparenlty endorsements from Tony Dungy and C.M. Newton mean nothing. The guy is a graduate from IU, twice, and according to the interviews, from people who have actually spoken to him, he knows the issues and understands the challenges that IU faces very well, and obviously has some good ideas.

    People like Husky and Camus probably have no idea what an AD does, based on comments like “another Bill Lynch hire.” I mean did you interview the guy? Do you know anything about him besides what’s written on this blog? What’s with this nay-sayer attitude that alot of people here seem to have?

  26. They always come out SteveO. The naysayers love to come out. Much like the posters whenever there is a death or murder. Opinions fly faster than the dropping Dow Jones. I have yet to see one negative poster suggest a better pick (and why).

  27. Well, I am a happy man today…UW finally canned Willingham, as some of you have already commented upon. Jim Mora Jr. is the likely successor, and Willingham, for his part, should be done coaching D1. He was one of the most overrated coaches of all time; perhaps the quintessential “nice guy” hire (although I would love to see him pummel Bill Lynch in a boxing match).

    Steve O- settle down; as you know, I like to be cynical, but I DID say I will give the AD a chance… I think what turns me off about him is his toupee, which is really bad and really noticeable (as a bald man, I have a high tech toupee radar)

  28. well that new athletic director needs to get rid of that wig he wears. did the guy even play a sport at indiana . ? why don,t they hire someone who as played the game? and speaking of tom crean the guy hasn,t won a game and they give him a raise .. thats indiana..

  29. i love this choice. he is invovled in the community and a great person. i happen to know him and his 2 youngest sons. They are great and humbel people he will make a good honest fit after the university was disgraced by greenspan and sampson

  30. Personally, I was actually looking for someone that could bring money into the university. The way you get good recruits:Build new stadiums, courts, training centers, athletic buildings, etc. De Carolis proved he was someone who could do that. However, I seem to prefer this guy over De Carolis. I questioned De Carolis also because shifting from a football school to a basketball school is a much different climate. Plus, Indiana fans are MUCH different than most fans 😛

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