Lewis out; Chappell in

Ben Chappell and quarterbacks coach Matt Canada

Indiana quarterback Kellen Lewis will not play today, according to IU media relations contact Jeff Keag.

So South grad Ben Chappell will make his first start tonight. He of course handled the first-string offense all week in practice.

I think it’s safe now to tell you that you may see some new wrinkles in the offense. Bill Lynch and his staff made a few minor changes and asked reporters not to write about them because they wanted to catch Illinois off guard. I’ll point specific changes out as soon as I see them.

For those of you who might be wondering….Lynch said he would prefer not to play true freshman quarterback Adam Follett — who ran the second-team offense for most of the week — but they’ll do it if the situation seems right. Because Lewis’ injury is not believed to be long-term there’s no desire to burn Follett’s redshirt unless it seems absolutely necessary.


  1. CHAP sucks, he should not be on any division 1 team. We would be better trying out thigpen and just running it every time or downing the ball! When are we gonna fire lynch I am so sick of this heartless team, we can’t even get moral victories anymore for Christ sakes! FIRE LYNCH FIRE LYNCH

  2. Randy, are you insane, or are you just a moron? Lewis is better, but Chappell is still a good QB. He would probably start QB at LSU :P. If you expected us to beat Illinois, get a reality check, Lynch will probably be given an other year.

  3. LSU? LYNCH STATE U?? you have to be joking or mentally disabled Zach, you are the moron chappell could not play for a Mac school.

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