Lewis still day-to-day

The Indiana football team practiced this afternoon, with coaches once again punishing players and entire units when things went wrong

This week has definitely brought out a more antagonistic relationship between player and coach; it’s also amped up some of the players. There was more yapping and screaming out of the team than there has been in a while. You could also see that the increased “good vs. good” sessions — where the top players faced the top players instead of the scout teams — brought out more intensity from all involved.

“Really what we did was went back to a preseason camp mindset,” head coach Bill Lynch said. “More good-on-good, more competition, rewarding winners, getting after them for breakdowns and mistakes. I think they responded well.”

Starting quarterback Kellen Lewis sat out again. He appeared with a boot on his right foot again, and Lynch said he is “day-to-day.” This is the first time Lewis’ has worked through an injury of this nature, and Lynch wasn’t sure how he would respond.


  1. Lynch, why didnt you do this everyday from the start? The guy is clueless when it comes to coaching. hes ditching his philosophy, because his laid back boring style didnt work…somehow hes going to turn himself into a Knight style coach? More disaster awaits IU football.

  2. Any kind of insider info/gut feeling about whether or not Lewis will play on Saturday? He’s on my fantasy team (I’m clinging to the slimmest of slim playoff hopes) and need to submit my starting roster by 7 PM tonight.

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