1. Congrats, I know it was rewarding…after all of the parents, etc. It is hard work at any age, I know firsthand. Take care.

  2. Chris,

    Thanks for the post man! I will share this with my kids.

    I will have pictures coming this weekend, when I do I will let you know.

    Mike P.

  3. My team was the ISU/May Agency Vikings and were part of the Monroe County Youth Football Association. Last night we won the AFL Championship last night

  4. Real quick, I want to thank my assistant coaches, Jason and David for all their help, and I want to thank all the parents. They all played an important roles in getting this accomplished.

  5. What a season….thanks Coach for taking our boys all the way!!! Way to go VIKINGS!!! We love you guys!

    Krista Davis ~ Team Parent

  6. I’m cheering all the way down here in Tennessee!! Now I think you should move up the coaching ladder to that stadium over off 17th St. ………

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