More praise for De Carolis from Oregon media

Kevin Hampton of the Corvallis Gazette Times is urging Oregon State to do whatever it can to keep athletic director Bob De Carolis, who is a candidate to take the same position at Indiana.

So that’s both papers that cover the Beavers closely endorsing De Carolis, meaning he’s probably done some things well and — perhaps this should be mentioned here — he’s done a good job of being communicative with the media about what he’s done.

Meanwhile, here in Bloomington, we sit and wait. I continue to get totally conflicting reports on when a hire might be announced. The official word from the president’s office is that Michael McRobbie is taking his time. But sources within the athletic department indicate an announcement is expected soon; maybe they’re just anxious to know who their new boss is going to be.

It’s certainly interesting that De Carolis’ name has been the only one to gain traction. There are supposedly “roughly five” candidates who have been presented to McRobbie by Bill Stephan’s search committee. The only other name that has been prominent is Scott Dolson, current director of the Varsity Club. Some of IU’s current coaches pushed for him; it’s unclear whether he actually wants the job, though. He has refused interview requests by The Herald-Times. So maybe he’s not even on that list.

By the way, it’s not like De Carolis’ name came to the fore a few days ago. We started hearing it early in the month. After a few days, the murmuring about this guy got so loud that I e-mailed him seeking comment on Oct. 13 and heard nothing back the rest of the week. Finally, I called some reporters in Oregon to see if they had heard any scuttlebutt about him leaving. They hadn’t, but they planned to ask. On Saturday the 18th, De Carolis issued a statement about not wanting to discuss Indiana’s process.

So, what does it mean that De Carolis’ name has leaked and others haven’t? I’m honestly not sure. First instinct is to say that he was the most talked-about guy in early October because he’s the guy. Actually, that’s my second instinct. My first is to think that these things are always going to be more complicated than you believe they could be.

Oregon State, by the way, has a bye in football this week. Wonder if Mr. De Carolis was planning on raking the leaves in his yard or if he has other plans for the weekend?


  1. Bates name has been floating around a bit, but sources tell me he is waiting to jump jobs in hopes he can be the next AD at Michigan. He played football there. Bates may have even been someone IU contacted during the process that led to the hiring of Greenspan.

  2. One guy in our own back yard – Heck here are three AD’s I wish we would interview:

    TULSA AD – BUBBA Cunningham
    SIU AD – Mario Mocia
    Ball State AD

    What Mario has done at SIU is amazing and he is right across the border!

  3. if you’re impressed with SIU’s Ath Dept, IU should go after the guy who had the biggest hand in building it–Paul Kowalczyk, who’s now at Colorado State. He’s the guy who hired both Chris Lowery and Jerry Kill at SIU.

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