No. 13 Louisville at No. 18 Indiana


Indiana avoids a late let-down — it hasn’t in every game this year — and pulls through for a second straight win against a top 15 opponent.

[8:24 left, second half]


Andy Adlard sends a penalty kick in the bottom left corner.

Kevin Noschang’s long run drew the penatly that led to the kick.

[9:50 left, second half]

Wilmarth’s shot ricochets off a Louisville player and skitters right past Adlard, who would have had an empty net.

[14:20 left, second half]

A flury: Eric Alexander bulldozes across the 18, somehow retaining possession. His shot bounces to Will Bruin, who fires what was probably a shot. It goes wide….and right by a sliding Noschang.

The game has gotten chippy, by the way. Bodies flying everywhere, and the official is to blame. He’s let a lot go today and it’s building up. Mellencamp was just tackled and decided to go push the guy who did it. No call on the retaliation, which is interesting.

Ring’s free kick skids through the box and off a Louisville player. The ensuing corner kick goes to Alexander, who bumps it over the bar.

[22:30 left, second half]

Now Mellencamp unleashes from deep, and this one handcuffs Boudreaux at first as it starts to dip below the bar. But the Louisville keeper is able to fist the ball away.

IU keeps the pressure going, and Adlard again finds the ball at his feet near the 18 and fires a shot that is directed wide of the net. His subsequent corner kick finds the head of Kevin Noschang, who tries to play it to the ground and into the net. A Louisville defender is there.

[28:00 left, second half]

Ring rips one from 40 yards. It creates a vapor trail. But misses the net.

Next time down, Andy Adlard pops a shot from closer but Andre Boudreaux makes a fine stop.

[31:00 left, second half]

Brad Ring absorbs a heavy hit just on the offensive side of the midfield, leading to a yellow card and a resulting free kick. Adlard turns the free kick into a corner, then turns the corner into another corner (both times by making defenders play the ball deep in the box.) On his third attempt he opts for a give and go, but can’t curl back toward goal after receiving the ball back at his feet. Louisville clears.

[38:40 left, second half]

Bruin rings one off the outside of the near post after running up toward the 18 and unleashing. That’s probably what Indiana needed; it was getting a little fancy in the offensive zone.

The shot has energized the Hoosiers, though.

[41:00 left, second half]

Louisville with the first chance of the half, as Colin Rolfe was able to get wide and take a sharp-angled shot on goal. Cain held onto it.

Indiana’ left back Kevin Alston just took a vicious elbow to the face and is down. The really hurtful part? Louisville will keep the ball, as the officials have ruled that Alston was holding the player who slugged him.


Louisville leads 7-2 in shots and 5-2 in corners. This isn’t the carry-through Indiana coach Mike Freitag hoped he would see.

[1:00 left, first half]

Ofori Sarkodie is playing as well as I’ve seen him play in a while tonight. He just kept pace with explosive forward Bryan Kanu and managed to knock away what would have been a hard, high shot from close range.

[6:00 left, first half]

Ring gets a glorious scoring chance after a series of one-touch passes, but can’t get the shot past a sliding defender. Unlucky, as they say. They being British announcers.

[12:00 left, first half]

Neil Wilmarth and Brian Ackley have come on for Indiana and are trying to get the ball on net. Ackley used his size to pop the ball up in the air inside the box, but as he turned to shoot it got caught in traffic.

Bill Weaver is now playing in the middle. We’ll watch to see how he distributes the ball. That’s his strength.

[19:00 left, first half]

Indiana’s having some success getting balls through the Louisville box, as this time Bruin finds a pass at his feet but can’t finish.


[24:20 left, first half]

IU manages a chance, as John Mellencamp has a chance to run onto a deep cross but can’t quite get there.


[27:00 left, first half]

Best chance of the game so far, as a Louisville player knocks one off the cross bar, and it pops back up and almost falls into play. But IU keeper Chay Cain gets under it and makes the save.


Louisville has been very crisp so far and has put several shots on goal.

Indiana, by contrast, has largely resorted to pushing the ball up the field. But it works. Will Bruin, the crafty freshman forward, finds a smidgen of space and makes a run that results in a corner kick. But nothing comes of it.


Lineup notes for IU: Rich Balchan, who broke his nose against Notre Dame, is back in his spot on the back line tonight. Kevin Noschang, the senior forward who scored a goal against the Irish, gets the start again (it’s only his thired of the year.


A chilly night here at Armstrong Stadium.

Charlie Teeple, one of the staunchest supporters of Indiana soccer, insists it’s just “a perfect soccer night.”

The Hoosiers are looking to build off a 3-1 win against Notre Dame last Thursday, as they look to put together a run heading into the post-season.

An interesting side story is the return of Hoosiers’ legend Brian Maisonneuve, who is in his first year as an assistant with Louisville. He won the Hermann Trophy in 1994, his senior year.


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