1. Bittersweet win over a top-25 team, and nice payback for last year’s giveaway.

    The downside? IU is rumored to be in talks with Lynch about a 10-year contract extension for his great achievement.

  2. Finally Lynch plays some of the talented freshman. If he is going to win he must get over this “I owe it to my juniors and seniors so they play”. It was nice to see Evans throw that touch down pass. He is to good to not be on the field. Lynch should be playing his best players at every position regardless of class or age. Its to bad that he red shirted some of his best freshman. Maybe we would have a better record. If he is still coaching next year he better find a way to get that good recruited class and this years red shirted players on the field. If not he gets fired. One good note: we beat another top 25 team again this year. According to ESPN Purdue has lost its last 18 games against raked teams

  3. Congratulations to the Hoosiers. I doubted they would win, but am delighted to have been wrong.

    A few big plays from the offense because of a little creativity and deception. Where was this earlier in the year? Oh what might have been,….

    Defense played well when it had to.

    Still it is a win, and I’m glad we got it.

  4. You guys at the HT seem to be enamored with the 10 or 20 loudmouths that constantly complain on your blogs about the team and the coach. When are you going to realize that those negative people do not necessarily represent the true Hoosier Nation. You’ve got 10 people sounding off and 30,000 people still coming to the games! Yet you are constantly referring to the “angry fans that have given up on the team.” Come on! There are a lot of us that have been through worse football for longer stretches here and still enjoy the games. I still say this team is entertaining and would be OK if not for all the injuries.

  5. Wait/AntiHusky/IU Fan: (AKA, shape-shifting, cracker jack-eating, mediocrity loving, status quo defender)

    Most of the fans on this blog want a successful program with increased revenue and a sense of excitement surrounding the team year-to-year.

    Take your tired and apathetic low standards elsewhere. 30,000 people is pathetic for a Big 10 homecoming day, especially if all the fans are like you.

    Why don’t you just stay at home and rent Disney movies and watch Fox News? Then, you wouldn’t have to deal with anything but cheerful, exaggeratedly optimistic views about life. The rest of us will continue to envision a Big 10 championship, a great bowl game, and a football craze spreading down Kirkwood Ave…

  6. You told Walt to watch Disney movies. Now thats funny!
    There are more than 10 or 20 people complaining about this coaching staff. More like 10 or 20 thousand…
    30,000 fans at homecoming. Joke!
    The team looked a lot better and I’m proud of them. But 5 turnovers by NW helps.

  7. The kids played hard today, and the results speak for themself. Lets hope the kids are prepared next week and play hard. One win doesnt correct all the problems Lynch has.

  8. Walt is right–many of the posts are from the same 5-10 people. One so called fan next to me was yelling Bull**** the entire game while criticizing IU on almost every play. Although he was wearing IU, he was upset that IU won. Go figure. Please don’t ruin the game for the rest of us..

  9. I agree with Juan and pegs. I was at the game from start to finish and had a ball. It was a great win. Conservative play almost killed us. Hep was not like that! I still miss him. Mike P will be glad to hear me say this…Ben should stay at QB for the rest of this year and Kellen try wideout again. I hope the line can improve so we can beat PU at the end.

  10. J Pat,

    I only support Ben keeping the job if he plays like he did yesterday. If not, then we need to look at one of the other guys, but not Lewis anymore.

    On a side note, my youth team won the league championship tonight! On one play, Coach Lynch was on my sideline, we ran a reverse, the formation used is directly from the IU play book. It went 38 yards for a TD.

    Coach Lynch looked over and said “nice play coach” to which I replied “it’s from your playbook”, which it actually is.

    He looked at me weird, then went toward the locker room.

  11. Mike P-

    Really? Wonder why the weird look. Maybe he forgot it was from his playbook.

    I don’t normally do this, but I’ll throw out a desperate pitch of optimism:

    If this last game really was an epiphany for the Hoosiers, and something has really changed, then there might be an outside – I repeat, OUTSIDE – shot of winning 3 more games (C. Mich, Wisc., and Purdue)

    A 6-6 season is nothing to dream about, but it might be enough to keep our recruits.

  12. Husky,

    It was the exact same formation they used for Evans to throw the TD pass on Saturday (which was the Jack Links play of the week on ESPN last night), except we tucked it and ran. Our receiver didn’t release his block, and the secondary had bit and was out of position.

    Might have just caught him off guard I guess. I had a little bit of an arrogant tone when I said it. 🙂

    The bad thing though, I promised my kids if they won the game, I would show up with a purple Mohawk at our pizza party next week. The things I do to give them extra motivation.

  13. Mike P,

    Do you bench your kids if they have a bad game? I guess you saying you only support Chappell if he plays like he did yesterday means you have the same short leash for your players too. This team needs Chappell AND Lewis to be ready to play cause football is a team game like no other sport. Can’t afford to write players off!

  14. Junkie,

    I know Ben personally, and have for a number of years now. I support Ben in everything he does. However, I will not support him as our starting QB if he is throwing multiple interceptions, fumbling the ball, or just flat making bad decisions. The QB spot is the leader of your team, their play has to be on, or a replacement needs to be made.

    To answer your other question, yes. I benched my starting outside linebacker last night for being out of position and had my other coaches talk with him on the sidelines. He ended up on the bench for the rest of the game. I actually left him in 1 or 2 series longer than I should have, but the kid can play and I was hoping the jitters would go away. They didn’t.

    In the league I coach, each of the kids get to play a minimum of 2 quarters, and they all know those 2 quarter are all they get if they are not doing their jobs.

    I have dealt with some very upset parents over this, and had one last night when I sent his kid to the sideline. When I do this, I explain to them why they were set down. Usually in the next practice and game you see a kid who is playing harder, and getting his job done to avoid sitting on that bench.

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