Overdose at Isiah’s house?

[Saturday Update]

Here’s what The New York Times has today. Let’s just say there’s some intrigue to the story.


Several reports out of Westchester County indicate that police were called to the home of former Indiana star Isiah Thomas — who came to campus earlier this week to serve as a guest speaker in a basketball class his son is taking — to assist with a man who had apparently overdosed on sleeping pills.

Here’s the best reporting on the incident I’ve been able to find, coming from The Journal News. They are reporting that a police source told them the man who overdosed was, in fact, Thomas.


  1. Why? Hoosier Hysteria absolutely SUCKED this year, the MOST boring its ever been in my 5 years of going to it…so thank god he didn’t come for HH

  2. Dynasty, it could not hold a candle to how boring it was when Knight was there. It was just a simple practice.

  3. “Boring” is fine with me. It’s better than the strobe lights and t-shirts and trampolines and circus BS like the NBA.

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