Please, just call a press conference

[6 p.m. update]

Finally, IU has done the right thing and obeyed the Scoop.

At least according to our friend John Decker of

Decker is reporting that the new AD could be named as early as tomorrow. According to his story, employees who work in the Devault Alumni Center were informed via e-mail that there would be a press conference in their building on Tuesday. They were given no more details.

Decker also calls Fred Glass, the Indianapolis lawyer whose name was connected to the search earlier today, as the “odds-on favorite.”

Quick reaction to this:

  • Any sort of warning about a press conference that doesn’t include what the press conference is about gets the mind wondering.
  • What would compel the university to hide the fact that it’s going to announce a new AD? Seems like a joyous occasion. If it’s done, say so and tell us where to go for the announcement.


We continue to expect an announcement from Indiana University about its new athletics director any day.

University spokesman Larry MacIntyre, who last week said there was no timetable for making the hire and that President Michael McRobbie would not rush the decision, said today that an announcement “does appear to be very close,” but he could not say why he thought that.

Both the Indiana Daily Student and the Indianapolis Business Journal published interesting stories today on the search.

The IDS quotes Phil Eskew Jr., a member of the university’s board of trustees, saying that he thought McRobbie would like to make a hire before leaving for China on Friday.

The IBJ reports that there are three finalists. They are Oregon State AD Bob DeCarolis (who we’ve reported on extensively), Varsity Club director Scott Dolson (who we’ve also talked about) and Fred Glass, an Indianapolis lawyer with extensive experience working in athletics (who also sits on the IBJ Editorial Advisory Board).

Our sources have been murmuring about “an Indianapolis lawyer” being one of the candidates put forth by the 14-person search committee headed by Bill Stephan. Glass is apparently that guy.

We’ll continue to work on this story. It’s worth noting that the decision is being made by McRobbie and a very small group of advisors.

In the meanwhile, here are the bios of the top candidates. You can decide who you like best.


  1. I don’t know. The last press conference I remember was the Sampson announcement and we looked pretty foolish keeping the press waiting in the press room for, what was it – 6 hours? 8 hours? 2 days? I’m not really confident in our press-conference-calling abilities these days.

  2. LOL, this is a debate?

    There’s the proven athletic director who successfully turned Oregon State into a profitable and good football team.

    Then there’s the “good ol’ boy” in-house person who screams status quo.

    Lastly there’s the lawyer with no athletic department experience.

    Whatever the “committee” is getting paid is too much. A 4 year old can make this decision.

  3. McRobbie and not the committee will make the final decision. One has to wonder that perhaps the committee wanted De Carolis and named 2 relatively unknowns. Maybe not too many ADs with experience were interested.
    I don’t want a lawyer with no AD experience. Donnelley (sp?)should have taught us that. The inside guy just doesn’t to seem to have enough experience being in charge.
    De Carolis seems like a “no-brainer” amongst these three choices.

  4. Please tell me its not Glass…How does an attorney make a qualified A.D. other than the fact that we could have saved some money with all our recent NCAA issues. He has no experience in collegiate sports and does not appear to have any experience dealing with donors. If this is the hire, then the “committee” is a bunch of idiots.

  5. Man Peegs is horrible, he is constantly getting scooped and his moderators are Nazi’s…

    Dont waste your money on his “inside info”, it’s not there

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