1. 80 reader comments is a rather impressive number. Is that a record? I did notice there were quite a few comments on his last post.

  2. Come on! Only 78 to go… I sure wish we knew who is starting at QB. IU’s offense should go off this week.

  3. If Kellen can go, Lynch will probably kiss his ass and put him in there.

    On a side note, did anyone realize Lewis is close to being a daddy? There are pictures of him and his very pregnant girl friend on Facebook right now.

    I am not saying there is anything wrong with that, he looks like he is happy and excited in the pictures.

    I just wonder how much of a distraction a pregnancy has been to him this season? I know when my ex-wife was pregnant, my #1 concern was her and my unborn child. If I would have been playing at the time, it would have been a major distraction for me.

  4. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I agree with Mike P about Lynch and Lewis. If I was a player, Lynch would have lost my respect by letting Lewis back on the team and starting after all the stuff he pulled.

    I think this offense is better suited for Chap and sticking with one go to running back like Payton or McCrary than Lewis’ improv. Imagine how much better the offense would look now had Chap started at the beginning of the season and got experience under his belt.

  5. wow mike, spitting the venom huh?? While I agree with what you are saying about the distraction and I have heard the same thing from multiple sources…I will keep my opinions about that off the blog. I had troubles in college too that I would not want discussed on a blog but I do know where you are coming from. I for one hope that Chappel starts QB and Lewis plays wideout.

  6. J Pat,

    I have heard the rumors, and had not said anything prior to this.

    There are now pictures out there, these were done by a professional studio. I am not slinging things out there, it is obvious he is not trying to hide this and is embracing becoming a father. That in itself makes me think more of him than anything he could ever accomplish on a football field.

    I am just stating mine, and asking others honest opinion about the situation and how much of a distraction you think may be to him right now?

    I don’t feel I am spitting any venom toward Lewis. Now if you are talking about my comment about Lynch, then yes, I am toward him. His decision making regarding the starting roster this year has been horrible!

  7. Come on guys…79 more to go…

    Regarding Kellen becoming a father soon, that is very difficult to say if and how much of a distraction that has been. Only those who have been in the position of having a wife/girlfriend pregnant can say how much that weighs on the mind, and an even smaller amount can correlate that with their football career and the effects. I haven’t been in that position yet, so it would be completely unfair for me to say if its been a distraction or not.

    A source of mine on campus close to Lewis says the baby is due around November 22nd.


  8. Congrats to Kellen. He is gonna be a busy dude when that kid arrives…
    I would like to see Ben continue to start. Kellen make me a nervous wreck.

  9. I can tell you this, when I was becoming a daddy, I was working full time and coaching part time. My dedication to coaching suffered. I didn’t put in the 3 and 4 hours after practice watching films and the other stuff that goes on behind the scenes.

    I became focused on my family, after I became a father I stepped away from coaching all together for a couple years. Have been back and forth since.

    Football is great, and has been very good to me, but nothing is as great as being a father.

    I wish Kellen nothing but the best, and hope that he figures out just how to handle all the added pressure of life.

  10. Mike, I agree that is most likely a huge distraction mentally during the day and maybe in practice sometimes. I have coached football and played at a somewhat high level and when it is gametime, all of the personal crap goes out the window..it is gametime. I do not think that the baby is what is affecting his poor play on the field. The coaching staff and what has gone on has given him heck and the injuries have not helped either. Just my opinion though. With that said, I think Chap gives IU the best chance to win this weekend.

  11. Jared, good thoughts. Being the father of a 4 year old and an almost 3 year old, it is huge. My wife and I have a true partnership and respect for one another so it makes it easier, sometimes anyway. We had both of our children during our masters programs, crazy! I will say that I have not coached since shortly after having kids.

  12. J Pat,

    I agree, when it is game time, personal stuff does go out the window, but you should know as well as anyone (having coached and played) that you play the way you prepare.

    If you are distracted in your preparation, you are distracted in your game plan.

    I agree, Chappell is who we need running the offense, and should have from day 1.

  13. I can agree with that to a certain extent but he is a good enough athlete to improvise with his feet. Also, if he is embracing it like you say I would think it has not been a distraction in prep for the games.

    I was joking about the “venom” comment because you said A$$. Blogs are tough that way, but I was joking.
    Mike, being objective, do you really feel Chap should have started from day 1? Also, any word on Finch? I was listening to Dakich and Fish on the radio and they were talking subs at the safety spot and did not even mention Finch. I read nothing on his injury anywhere.

  14. I can tell you nothing on Finch, other than he needs to be at FS instead of SS and allowed to play his game.

    Being objective, yes I think Chappell should have been the starter. With the modifications done to this offense, and that Ben spent the spring and first 2 weeks of actual practice with the number 1’s while Lewis tried to work out the rust with the 2’s, it is a no brainer who should have got the job.

    You can’t tell me that Lewis knew how to run this offense as efficient as Chappell, when Lewis had 4 weeks as compared to 4+ months by Chappell.

  15. I am sure Lewis could not have run it as efficently as Chap but Lewis should have started anyway in my opinion. He earned it last year!!! I watched a couple of practices this summer and I felt Lewis gave IU the best opportunity to win from the get go. Plus, Lewis was and I say WAS the one returning stud and he was our QB. He accepted responsiblity for his actions and busted his tail to get back into it. You do not lose your starting job for one screw up or to injury unless the guy playing for you is a stud, which Chap is not. Chaps reads are quicker now and his decision making is better so I think at this point in the season he should start. If I am Lynch, I start Chap and give him a short leash but it will most likely be the opposite with Lewis starting.

  16. I disagree. Lewis is our best threat. Hopefully his head is clear, and he is 100% healthy. When he is, I really think he gives us the best chance to win. Chappell got one win, and the def really won the game. Lets see what lynch does with his options here. This is a game that we should win without a doubt.

  17. StartChappell and Payton. Keep Lewis in reserve and find a way to work Thigpen in, and get him the ball in the open field. Everytime we run the ball up the middle for -3, an assistant coach should have to leave the sidelines!!!

    Go Hoosiers!

  18. J Pat,

    I could care less what a player done for us last year. Last years stats don’t when football games. Honestly, I don’t care what you done last week. Once that game is in the books, I move forward. If you are doing anything that is hurting my team, you can sit your behind on the bench. If you get hurt or suspended and your replacement is doing as good or better than you were, you might be out of a job.

    Honestly, if I was coaching, Lewis might not be in uniform this year for his off season antics. If he wanted to be part of my team, he could prove it and spend a year running the scout team.

    If he worked that hard to get back on the team, then he would understand the reason why I would have started Chappell in the first 2 games. Of course Chappell would be on a short leash, just like Lewis would be.

    I’m easier on my kids now, cause they are younger, but I am a hard ass to play for. Ask my son.

  19. Mike, I have read everything you have written for a long time and I wonder just how objective you are with the QB position at IU because of your relationship with Chappell. You are sour on Lewis and that is your opinion so that is cool. Sorry and no disrespect at all, just my take. I am the guy that was reprimanded for kicking kids off of the team that had discipilne problems when I coached. However, these were multiple problems. If coaches do things the way you say, almost NO kid would be treated fairly because in this life…CRAP happens! So Chap does bad this week and then we start Kellen and then Chap and then Kellen. The method you speak of would not work at any position because nobody would ever find a rhythm and too many GOOD kids would be left behind, good athletes…good hearted kids. I agreed with the Sampson hire because it was a second chance, a chance for him to start over. It did not turn out well but you never know. I applaud you for being hard, we need more coaches like you but we have to be realistic at the same time. We can agree to disagree! GO HOOSIERS!!!

  20. Will the real Mike P. please stand up?? I think someone is stealing his name because Mike has never written a post so poorly.

  21. I agree, that isnt the real Mike P. he usually has his email address in there as well. im sure jared and the tech guys can determine the real one with the Ip in the posting.

  22. Guys,

    Sorry, that was me, but I didn’t express what I meant. I am on a strong pain killer for a back injury, and apparently what sounds good on them is pretty idiotic when they have worn off.

    Let me explain my thinking. Kellen was a stud (as J Pat puts it) last season. In the off season he made some mistakes, those mistakes made him miss all of spring practice and summer workouts. During spring practice, Chappell stepped in and started running a new style of the offense. Kellen rejoined the team when camp officialy started a month prior to the opening game.

    If I was coaching, he would not have started the first couple games. What he did last year no longer matters. I am looking at my team for this year, and as you said, building the rythem you spoke about. That is something that had went on since the spring with a different QB than Lewis.

    If Chappell bombed in either of the first 2 game, Lewis would be put back in, and possibly elevated back to his starting spot, depending on his level of play. However, if his play was hurting us, I would pull him and try something different, not just leave him in there and let him keep spiraling down.

    Say I replaced him with Evans, and the team fought back and won the game. That would be great. Though come Monday, what happened in that game is forgot. My starter the prior game would still be my starter. If Evans played great, he would see more time with the two’s.

    Come game time on Saturday, it would be the same thing. If the starter is off, making bad choices, or turning the ball over and making the defense have to work extra hard, then I am looking at someone different on the side line.

    If 2 weeks in a row I had to make a change, and the change proved to be a better option, then come Monday we would have an open spot for starter at QB.

    Whoever was named starter would hold that position, but as I said, I am not going to leave him in there to crash and burn if that is what is happening.

    I’ve done that before, it is amazing how it works. You find out a lot about your “stud” at that point. He will either step up and prove he deserves to be the starter, or he will break under the pressure and you move forward with your program.

    To sum it up, starting Lewis was the wrong choice, regardless of who was taking the snaps. As I feel it is now. Lewis should play, but not as a QB, unless it is using him like we did Evans last week.

    Hope that makes more sense.

  23. good to know its you. btw, what did Kellen do? any post on peegs gets deleted so who knows what he really did??? this is why I love this forum, its not all censored like peegs, and its free!

  24. I will not feed the rumor mill on Lewis. Officially is he broke team rules, did not show up to work outs or team meetings. There are many other things, but like I said, I will not feed the rumor.

  25. ok, so its still rumors. everyone makes it sound like he did something terrible that justified him being booted from the team.

  26. Peegs, Lewis said he was living the rock star life, just read between the lines.

    Mike, well thought out. I can see it going either way and I remember at the time wondering what Lynch would do. Kind of like I wonder what he will do this weekend. Also, I will tell you that I have gone through back and neck issues in the past 2 years and I have tried everything out there. When all said and done, the 800’s of Ibuprofin do just as well as the true painkillers. Get well.

    Happy Halloweenie!!!

  27. Peegs,

    They are rumors because the program will not answer the questions when it comes to what I believe it is you heard.

    I will say this, who I heard it from, I trust that he knows the truth. As a friend though, I will not say what he has told me in a public forum.

  28. I know that I totally underestimated the impact that the layoff would have on Lewis. I guess I should’ve thought about the fact that Kellen’s time away would not only leave him rusty, it would also leave him with no experience with the no-huddle.

    If we had the same offense as last year, then I think it would’ve been much easier for him to step back in. Since we don’t have the same offense, in retrospect, its no shock that our offensive production has been sputtering with a QB who had barely seen it, let alone run it.

    Whatever it was that Kellen did, its really a shame that it happened. Its taken him completely off the map in terms of being an offensive threat. I feel for him, as its no fun to lose your job.

    At this point, I think Lynch has a really tough situation on his hands. It seems that getting a great playmaker like Kellen on the field gives you an advantage, and I don’t think that can be as QB from what I’ve seen so far.

    I love watching Kellen play and I think Chappel is a better starting QB right now.

  29. “On a side note, did anyone realize Lewis is close to being a daddy? There are pictures of him and his very pregnant girl friend on Facebook right now.

    I am not saying there is anything wrong with that…”

    Mike P, you are either a liar or a hypocrite. Enlighten us to which one you are.

  30. LOL,

    It has been obvious Lewis is struggling this year. There are things going on in his life, that he has made public. Those things bring forth a very big change in a young mans life, and may or may not be a reason for his struggles. I was putting it out there for discussion.

    I was also stating I don’t think there is anything wrong with him becoming a father. He appears very happy about it. I am a father. It is one of the greatest things in the world!

    So, please enlighten me on why you think I am either a hypocrite or a liar. Or are you reading into something and trying to twist words.

  31. For the record, more than 80 people were on last week’s Poert report. And that, thanks to a spirited exchange between yours truly and a whimpering philistine calling himself “Anti-Husky”. The majority of the posters responded with resounding support for my argument for higher standards at IU for football and a noteworthy coach that could bring excitement. “Anti” called for more of the same: passive acceptance and continuity. Sound familiar? It should, because not only does this argument mirror the current election, but also the state of the current motley crew known as the IU football team.
    As we head into game 9, IU has reached an important juncture. It can look backwards, still reveling in its upset of NW, and lose to a tough Central Michigan team, or it can prove to the fans that something really did change last Saturday that might serve as a turning point, not just for the season, but for the program as a whole. Which will IU choose? A quick regression to inferior football, or another building block of hope?

    My prediction: IU gets back on the Mac Track, beating CMU 24-14.

  32. Well, you’re either a liar (Kellen’s girlfriend isn’t pregnant) or a hypocrite (stating it isn’t a big deal yet deciding to talk about it anyways and continue to talk about it). You choose.

  33. LOL,

    Lets see, she is pregnant, the photo’s are on facebook, and that is backed up by Jared in this very blog.

    So I guess I am not a liar.

    I don’t see where I am a hypocrite by saying that he is going to be a daddy, and that there is nothing wrong with being a daddy. If I said that it was wrong, I would be a hypocrite, because I am a father myself.

    I also don’t see where it is being a hypocrite by stating that becoming a first time parent is something that can be stressful and distracting in a young mans life, and suggesting that he may not be as focused because of the changes he his facing in his life.

    Again, you grasped at something that isn’t there.

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