1. Poor Jared, stuck with such a lowly task. Who wants to keep paying attention to the Hoosiers? either this program needs to fire Lynch and come up with a creative replacement, OR disappear forever.

    The Big 10 currently has 11 teams. This is a numerical imbalance which will eventually even out again. I vote to kick the Hoosiers out of the conference after this year’s 0-8 performance, if they don’t fire Lynch.

  2. I hope none of you got to enjoy any of the joy of last year’s magical season. The way you speak now about IU football is ridiculous. I know we’re doing about as bad as anyone could have imagined, but saying stuff like that is ridiculous. You don’t deserve to have experienced any of the success IU football does have if you turn right back around and criticize the program like this when things don’t go well.

    Your frustration is understood as I’m sure you aren’t the only ones disappointed, but show some loyalty and be a real fan in good and bad times.

  3. Adam- Magical season? If 7-6 and being blown out and under-prepared in a bowl game is magical to you, then I want nothing to do with magic. The question is, how do you get to a point where a 3-5 conference record with a narrow, almost-blown, 3-point victory over a bad Purdue team is considered ‘magic’?

    There is nothing ridiculous about asking for accountability. Where do people get the idea that as fans, you are just supposed to sit back with a melancholic gaze and golf-clap? What do you expect fans to say when every other “basketball school” these days is notably improving their football program?

    “Ridiculous”, to me, is to continue to settle for less. Some of these IU fans are way too caught up in the “expectations” trap, believing that IU football was simply meant to suck from its conception, and that any sign of “not sucking” or “sucking less” is reason to celebrate and then rest on your laurels.

    Don’t bother with the “last year’s team was under such difficult circumstances” argument; I’ve heard it before, and can only take it so much. Contrary to popular belief, Lynch was not the savior who landed the plane in a snowstorm after the pilot died. The way I see it, Lynch was given the detailed flight plan in advance along with a new, powerful jet. He was fully trained by his captain and had straight-forward instructions. The weather was sunny and clear, with no big clouds (Ohio State or Michigan) on the flight route. Yet, even with these circumstances, combined with his 10-15 years of flight experience, Lynch was barely able to land the jet on a spacious, empty runway. He in fact overshot the runway, and barely managed to avert disaster by not extending all 3 of his landing gears. Everyone was safe, in the end, if not a bit rattled, but the plane suffered costly damage and would need 3 years of repairs. Magical.

  4. Tom,
    Perhaps you want to pony up the dough to get rid of Lynch and hire a wonderful coach that will turn this team around in less than 16 months? We like to criticize Lynch, but not one of you coach bashers have come up with a better idea for IU Football, and quite frankly, as Adam has said, I don’t want people like you as fans of IU Football anyway. You embarrass the people who actually root on this team and care what happens. Perhaps you should park your personal hatred of Lynch and support the team. I am embarrassed that this is the way a few of our fans have become, and we don’t need you around.

  5. And Anti-Husky. IU needs all the fans it can get. Are you really trying to tell people to stop being fans because they are upset about this joke of a season? I don’t think you have a clue man….

  6. Husky, great write up. Youll always have the kooky Lynch family memebers that will post on here. 99.9% of IU wants him gone.

  7. Yes the only realistic reason to defend Lynch is you are betting against the Hoosiers or a family member. As far as the bozo saying it was a magical season, we finished second to last that’s right second to last! We beat the cupcakes on and the big ten was weaker than ever last year. Coach Hep would not accept this performance and neither should we! Jane would of been a better replacement than Billy Bob. If we are ever gonna get serious about football we have to fire this man ASAP!

  8. We haven’t had a good season in 15 years. Like I said boys, pony up the dough for this new wonderful “get everything done instantly” coach and we will talk. You boys can only bash Lynch instead of coming up with a legitimate plan on how to save a program that hasn’t been competitive in 2 decades…

  9. And seeing our records from 1993 until now, last year WAS a magical season. I can’t understand the expectations…by your rational we should have fired Mallory / Dinardo / Hep their first years. The season was magical because we honored a fallen coach with a bowl game, making his dream come true. Like I said, if you were true fans you would support the program regardless of who was running it. If Lynch is indeed as bad a coach as you all say, then you should have nothing to worry about as in a few years he will be let go. So you have nothing to worry about…oh, and Lynch isn’t going anywhere for a while, so complain away.

  10. Anti-Huskytom,

    I support the football team and I support the players. However I don’t support Bill Lynch as our coach any longer. Last year the team continued and upswing that was started by Hep, and got the bowl berth. This year they are in danger of having the worst season this team has had this decade.

    No one here was expecting a 10 win season. They were however expecting us to be competitive. I called for an 8-4 season, with most others expecting a 7-5 season with the schedule we have. At this point, they must win out to get to 7-5, something I don’t see happening.

    I don’t get down on the players, they may not execute, but they are also not the people responsible for the play calling. I have never seen teams that are not prepared like these teams have been. It is obvious to everyone but you, that this is coaching.

    I wish I had the money, I would buy out Lynch’s contract and send him down the road. The reality is that IU needs to look at stepping up to the plate and hiring a serious head coach, not a glorified assistant. Lynch is not that guy, nor will he ever be.

  11. When the new AD comes on board, the Lynchs will be gone mid season or at the end. Bill Sr makes 250k and his pipsqueek kid makes 135k. I dont know how in the world we pay his kid that much when he has the resume worse than a HS coach. Our WR corps has done ZERO. Nepotism anyone?

  12. Are you for real Anti-Husk?? Dude, it isn’t our job to come up with a financial plan to hire a new coach. That will be up to the new AD. However, it is our job as fans to speak out when we feel we aren’t being given what we deserve. Being an IU supporter for over 20 years, I feel I deserve more than a coach that can’t get past the wrapping paper of a gift wrapped bowl season…

  13. Anti, I cannot relate to how you feel. I like the positive spin you are trying to convey but I am sick of losing. I have watched a lot of bad IU football but I have always felt the kids were prepared as far as game preparation and half time adj. The product on the field this year quite simply does not look coached and to any bystander and they are uninspired to say the least but the coaching staff is uninspired as well. I went to the SC/LSU game last weekend and I was trying to make my buddies feel better after getting beat in the 4th quarter. They told me to shut up, that there was NO such thing as moral victories. Spurrier owns up to his screw ups and told the fans not to settle for second best and if he cannot get it done, he will step down. 85,000 screaming fans with an est 100,000 tailgating. I have seen this happen in the last 10-15 years at SC. I used to go to those games when they put half that crowd in Williams-Brice stadium. Another thing, it can be turned around quickly…look how quick Hep did it. I want to win and Lynch is not getting it done with 17 starters back…man up and step down. This year has been a slap in the face to me as a fan and I am taking it personal. Do not question my loyalty as I will be at the game vs Northwestern with my wife and kids. However, if they are not competitive I am going to the park with my kids. It hurts me to see what has happened this year.

  14. Hey J Pat, I too was at the Carolina/LSU game.. Funny how different it is down here in the SEC. I wish more Hoosier fans could experience it to see what a solid program looks like. Carolina sells out every game. Even when they suck.
    I know IU can’t afford a big name like “the ole head ball coach”, but they should at least make an effort.
    How awesome is it when they play “2001” at the beginning of the 4th quarter??? I love that!

  15. Anti-

    Ouch. The room went silent after that first post of yours. Not a single applause. Was there a soul who responded in your favor on that first post of yours?

    Your ingenuousness is painful. Sorry for attacking you personally, because I don’t know you, but you sound like the annoying girlfriend who walks into the room while the guys are watching the Super Bowl and says “C’mon guys, it’s just a game!!!”

    Loyalty, where I come from, is not only supporting your team, but having expectations and holding people accountable. It is plenty clear that IU can afford a better coach. Your “well, why don’t YOU pay the coach” line of argument sounds like an argument a kindergartner would make. Obviously as fans we realize we aren’t as good as the players on the field, nor are we good enough to coach. Does that mean we don’t have the right to an opinion? Are we not allowed to express disappointment? Is blind loyalty our only choice?

    Should only former players be able to critique former players, while the fans happily much their Cracker Jacks? Should only ex-presidents be able to criticize current presidents, while the population naively worships?

    Of course not. Fans and tax payers pay the coaching bills, ultimately, and they have every right to call out a perennially defective and careless product.

  16. Juan, 2001 is amazing. To feel the stadium shake under my feet, listen to that crazy announcer, and see those students in the end zone waving the towels, the fair going on, etc…now that is football!!! If that ref did not lower the boom on Garcia, the cocks would have won.

  17. “Obviously as fans we realize we aren’t as good as the players on the field, nor are we good enough to coach. -HuskyTom

    Speak for yourself there Husky. I may not be good enough to get out there and play, but I can assure you I believe I could do better coaching this team than Lynch. 🙂

    F.Y.I. – My youth team is one game away from a championship!!!

  18. J Pat, that was third and goal when the ref did that. They scored a TD on 4th down.
    I thought that dropped pass by Mckinnly, after Garcia scrambled away from a sack, cost them the game. However, LSU had some dropped balls too. It was a great game!
    Maybe someday people will be on here talking about Memorial Stadium like that. One can dream right?

  19. 1. I wasn’t expecting applause from anyone in here.
    2. It is just a game.
    3. When has it every appeared clear that IU could afford a better coach? If we are currently 83rd in pay, then why not do it? Why not pay lots of money for a great coach? Do you know why?
    Because we don’t have an attractive program. We have a guy here that will work for dirt cheap, and actually wants to be here. As a fan, I realize that IU is not a bastion of college football, but I do realize that we are lucky to have what we have. Do I want more? Sure. But I realize that we have what we have. And I also know that when we get a new coach and run him out every two years it does the program no good.
    4. Expressing disappointment is one thing. Personally attacking another poster who has a differing opinion is another. Just because your opinion is shared by many on this blog doesn’t mean I can’t say that I believe the opposite. I have that right.
    5. As a fan, we all have the right to critique the coach, we have that right, we pay our money. But to continue to gripe and moan about the current football coach situation with every blog post about the football program is not only a waste of time, it takes away from the information they are trying to provide. Pretend like people KNOW you are upset, people KNOW you hate Coach Lynch. Saying it 100 different ways doesn’t change the fact that Coach isn’t going anywhere.
    6. I understand we all pay taxes, but the institution ultimately has the decision on who will coach the football team. They made that choice last year. You are saying that fans and tax payers pay the coaching bills, so I ask you again, where can this department come up with the money to pay out Lynch’s contract and pay for a GREAT coach that wants to come here. Instead of constantly complaining about the football program, get involved. Write a letter to the Athletic Department telling them of your ingenious plan to lob money at a GREAT coach who wants to come here.
    7. Expectations for a team that has been to one bowl game in 15 years can’t be very high. I just want to see the kids compete. I support the program win or lose, and have for nearly 20 years.
    8. I will agree that if the administration wants to get serious about winning in football, they have to compensate a coach for that. They also have to change the gameday atmosphere. I expect when we hire a new AD (after December 31) then we will have our answer. But if you are figuring that this administration will kick Lynch out as soon as possible, you are wrong. After paying off four other coaches contracts (Cam, Dinardo, Davis, Sampson), this administration will not make the mistake again. Which brings me to the question, how is this administration able to afford paying off Lynch and bringing in this new coach. They will see this contract through at least next year.
    Don’t worry, if Lynch is truly as bad as you say (he has a better head coach winning percentage than the head coaches of Vanderbildt, UK, and Kansas), then he will be out of town soon enough.
    There is something to be said about continuity.

  20. If IU ran the AD dept the way a select few donors would like, you would see the money to cover ANY coach in the US. Youre oblivious to the fact that there are a handful, even a single donor, that can cover the salary needed to bring in a top guy. Lynch was a cheap answer to a big problem. That isnt going to get the job done. On the other point, who cares who hired Bill Jr at Miami, hes on the IU payroll now, and its the head coaches job to choose his staff…he chose his kid over a better qualified coach. If you keep cheering like a bonehead fan claiming loyalty to the football program, youre simply accepting the failure that IU football is. Now is a chance to bring in a fresh AD, that will fire and hire a new coach that is qualified, and has the motivation to get the program off the groud. It has been done before and it can be done at IU.

  21. Say it like it is, peegs.
    If every fan were like Anti, we could never hope to win another game.
    Something to be said for continuity? Sounds like a Bush voter from ’04 to me.

  22. Well, then I am sure if the IU Athletic Department knew that, they would gladly accept the money to pay for a new coach, they did with Sampson. The fresh new AD (regardless who it is) will NOT fire Lynch immediately. He will give Lynch at least a year to let his recruiting class run its course. If being a fan of every person that makes up IU Football makes me a bonehead, then guilty as charged. IU Football is not a failure, it is a work in progress, as it always has been. If you are not a fan of the coach, then you are not a fan of the program, IMO. If you want the coach gone, then you obviously want the team to lose. Not one person on here or any other IU message board can give me one candidate that would want to come here to try and end two decades of mediocrity. Lynch is a respected coach, he was respected by Hoeppner. Yet we are so infatuated with his past records at Ball State that we instantly call him a loser and want to can him after 16 months on the job. I wouldn’t want to work at a job like that either.

  23. Ahh yes, I MUST be a supporter of Bush if I argue in favor of continuity. That’s an old insult that only gets older. I am only trying to have an intelligent conversation about IU Football, yet you bring politics into it? Obama would be proud.

    But seeing as how you only want to heave insults at my direction, I’ll let me previous post stand. I will wait until you can come up with an intelligible
    argument to my points.

    Bottom line: Lynch isn’t going anywhere, not at least until the end of next season. The AD will not come in and clean house, not with all the parties wanting to avoid ANOTHER buyout of a coach. You may need to have a seat and wait.
    If Lynch is really as bad as you say, you will get your wish. He will be gone and you can get your great coach. I hope he can do better than Lynch with fickle knuckle draggers like yourself to look forward to every week.

  24. Keep the blinders on with Lynch. You speak as if all your points are fact…one has to accept the coach to support IU football? Huh? One accepts lossing if they want Lynch fired???? Man, ive heard it all now. Money talks, and a qualified coach will be found when Lynch is fired. Lynch might have good intentions, but that doesnt cut it at a D1 school. If we get a qualified AD, his first priority should be to address the football coach issue. He needs to have someone in mind already, and bring them in immediately. Clean house just like Crean did. Fans like you have the patience to accept failure…I dont. You keep IU down in the gutter. I dont have another 10 years to see what Lynch might build at IU, ive seen enough, and he has been a failure at IU. And your comment about Lynch being respected? By who? you and his kid? Come on now. Other coaches treat him nicely, because they feel sorry for stomping all over our football team. Thats far from true competitive respect.

  25. Lynch is respected by the high school football community in Indiana. He has been involved in Indiana for years. You won’t need 10 years to see if Lynch falls flat on his face, maybe just 2…then you will get your wish. If you want a coach to be fired, you have to root for the team to lose, correct? If the team fails, then you get your wish of a new coach…is that not how it works?? The new AD’s first priority will be to address the IU Football situation, coach and all. Lynch will not be fired, unless a donor comes up with 1.6 million to buy him out. And if this donor exists (as you say) then you have nothing to worry about and we will get a new coach to get IU competitive again. So what do you have to worry about?

  26. Anti-Husky, this must be your first time at the site… A couple days ago Husky, MikeP, Peegs, and myself had some nice chatter about what to do with the current coaching situation. I threw 2 names out there.. Todd Graham and Chris Peterson. Two up and coming coaches putting together terrific seasons at 2 different mid-major programs, and building on last year’s success… Husky even mentioned Marvin Lewis, who, without a doubt would garnish a multi million dollar contract, but might be what the team needs. I mean if IU, as a school, is serious about winning football games, it will do whatever it takes to get the right guy in here. And it all starts with a competant AD, which we will hopefully have soon. I’m not saying we HAVE to pay millions of dollars for a coach, but if thats what it will take to win, then by all means, spend away!

    To insist that last year could be considered a “miracle season” though, is completely delusional. We probably didn’t deserve to be in a bowl game after how terrible we played during the conference slate, and then to get embarassed in the bowl game, made it worse. Call me pessimistic or a whiner, whatever, the point is, but I REFUSE to sit there and let the athletic department lie to me and say this coach we have is the right man for the job. As far as I’m concerned, I’d much rather have MikeP in there coaching than Lynch, at least he shows some good dialogue in his blog posts. Lynch can’t even answer a simple question with a clear answer.

  27. Anti,

    I will be at the Rock on Saturday. I will be rooting for the team to crush Northwestern. Does that mean I want Lynch to remain the coach? Hell no it doesn’t.

    I don’t have to like a coach, or the coaching staff to root for the team. If you don’t believe me, come sit with me in section 3 on Saturday, I am sure there will be plenty of open seats.

  28. Steve,
    My question is, what if these candidates you have chosen come here, and have the kind of season Lynch is having within 16 months of being hired? We will then again be looking for another coach to “bring us back to greatness”? We bet our money on a guy who has experience coaching and wants to be here, instead of someone who is just looking for a payout while on the way to bigger and better things. It was a trap situation anyway, as Lynch was next in line when HEP (RIP) died, he got his opportunity to shine, and he did. It was miraculous that we could go to a bowl game after 15 years of losing, IMO.

    Our expectations from last year to this year were WAY too high and now we are crashing and everyone blames Coach (which is fine, he is responsible), but expectations killed this season before it got started. IU will not spend millions of dollars on a coach without seeing this one through at least until the end of next season. Heck, it took the administration years to even get an expansion for the stadium and the new facilities. Do you honestly think they will chuck another coach under the bus after making the deal last year? Do you add another coach to the list of payoffs because people want his head, or do you do the right thing and let this thing play out another year or two?

    What happens if Lynch is successful? Will you still call for his head?

    There is a huge difference between an IU Football fan and a Bill Lynch destroyer, I feel like everyone on here is the latter.

  29. Steve O, the more I read about your two suggestions, I wouldnt mind giving them a chance if we cant land a coach that has strung together multiple positive seasons. My point with Lynch is that, if he went on the coaching market today, he wouldnt get a sniff from a single D1 program, let alone one from the MAC. THat is the problem I have with handing him the keys to a program that has the POTENTIAL to rise above abject failure and mediocrity. He fell into the job out of a terrible situation, but that doesnt mean that hes immune to meeting respectable standards. Lynch simply does not motivate his players or the fan base. We need someone that can instill pride and higher standards with the football program. He gives us no hope, and without that, a struggling team might as well pack it in and give up.

  30. Mike,
    I will be there as well. It’s great to support the team, but if we keep throwing away coaches like Kleenex, this institution will never recover. The key to success for the whole athletic department is a successful football program, and we all want the same thing. It’s just we all believe in different ways to get there. If we fire Lynch, that will be the fourth coach in 6 years. You cannot, I repeat, cannot be successful with that kind of turnover. Lynch led this team to a bowl game last year. He has a good recruiting class coming. He needs time.

    Our choices:
    Fire Lynch now. Try to find a coach for 1.5 mil or so that wants to be here…set our program back two more years.
    Take our chances on Lynch. He wants to be here. He is trying to do the impossible and turn a losing program around in 16 months…very difficult with the current staff and players. They aren’t miracle workers.

    Stop holding Lynch’s past against him. I think he can be a good coach if we let him be for the term of his contract.

    Imagine this: You get a new job, and you kill yourself to make it a great year and you do the best you can with what you are given. Then, management wants to shop your job around because of what you did at a past job. Then after 16 months on the job, you hit a rough patch, and your job is on the line, because you can’t get customers developed as fast as everyone wants you to….that sucks.

    If I were a potential coach, I would not want to work for a University that:
    A. Shops your job after a decent season
    B. Calls for your head after 16 months and you haven’t even gotten your first recruiting class yet
    C. Won’t even pay you what others are getting paid for doing the same thing
    D. Doesn’t have a commitment to the program that other Universities do.
    E. Has an obvious lean toward a basketball program and seems to loathe the existence of the football program.

    Would you want to work for that?

  31. Exactly Peegs, and thats exactly what I mean.. We need a guy who can energize this program, kind of like Tom Crean. A guy who knows football, and has PROVEN HE CAN WIN AT THE COLLEGE LEVEL!!! Lynch is none of those things. If anything, and not to be too harsh here, he’s a proven loser!

    I’m not saying go hire a guy who has no experience, and I’m sure that whoever takes the job will wanna be here, since he’s, you know, taking the head football coaching job.

    I am an IU fan overall. I want to see the school and athletics teams thrive whether it be the successful business man who graduated from Kelly, or the IU field hockey team. And what I am seeing on the football field is terrible play calling, unmotivated players, and a lack of enthusiasm, and all those factors lead to an unsuccessful team, led by an unsuccessful coach.

  32. To answer your question Anti, if the right hire is made, there will be no LYNCH MOB (haha). Because even if the team loses, they will do it by playing motivated, hard nosed football, and being led by a high energy, proven winner coach. And with a playbook that hopefully includes more than 3 offensive plays that are all variations of the draw, a-la Lynch.

  33. Anti,

    How are expectations to high? Under Hep, IU showed improvement his first year compared to the previous, then more in his second year. We lost him prior to his 3rd year, but the team that he started went on to a 7-5 regular season record and a bowl game.

    3 of those games that were lost, the team had the potential to win. They fell a little short.

    Enter this season, they return 17 starters from the previous years Bowl team. How can you sit there and say a 7-5 or 8-4 record WAY to high?

    You can’t be serious?

    Take my current team, we lost in the semi-finals last year, lost 11 of 20 starters. Half of this year’s team are first year players. As a coaching staff, our goal from day one was to play for a championship. Last night we won our semi-final game, and this weekend we will play for that championship.

    Were my expectations to reload and get there too high? I don’t think it was, and I proved that last night.

  34. D1 athletics, especially football and basketball, are not the same as some corporate job that you keep trying to draw comparisons to. A new coach can and has proven to turn a program around in 1 year. A motivated and qualified coach will keep our top recruits, if they havent decommitted by then, and will bring in a staff that can handle the IU job. If you dont get the job done, youre gone. Just like any player, if you cant meet expectations, youre gone. And with todays economy, if you dont do your job right, you bet your going to be shown the door. Saying Lynch led IU to a bowl game, is like saying Rex Grossman led the Bears to the Superbowl. Something wrong with that statement no?

  35. Anti,

    Have you read ANYTHING were I knock on Lynch and his past before coming here?

    I could follow you until you made the recruiting class comment.

    The sooner the “wait till he gets his recruits” people wake up and realizes he has his recruits, the better off we will be.

    The majority of the current players were recruited by Lynch to play for Hep. Lynch looks for and recruits the same kind of player Hep went for. Know how I know this? They run the same system and use the same position coaches to evaluate and recruit players.

    These are some guys I know, and have worked with personally when helping some of my friends kids in the recruiting process.

    The difference is in motivation and preparation. Lynch doesn’t seem to motivate this team, and the do not look prepared to take the field.

  36. Steve, the problem with that is Indiana Football is nowhere near the level that Indiana Basketball is on. We won’t get a guy from a top tier university that will be a catalyst to the program because football doesn’t have the reputation that basketball does.

    I know this sounds a bit like a long shot and wishful thinking, but perhaps if Fulmer gets fired from Tenn., i wouldn’t be opposed to hiring him.

    EDIT- I just looked at his salary….nvm

  37. PARPP:
    College Football is a long term commitment. I have not seen any coach turn a team around in a year. Zook took several years at Illinois, Mangino at KU took 4 years, Vandy took 5 years of hideous football to turn it around. IU is a team that is accustomed to losing, and with 15 years of this, it takes time to turn it around, especially if you have an administration for most of that time that was anti-football. Everyone needs to be on the same page.

    Mike P,
    I congratulation you on your team’s success. Does your team have a good history of winning? If that is the case, you have reloaded with talent and they are coming to you because you have TRADTION and you have won. IU does not have that. Lynch has to start from less than scratch, with less than fabulous support from the administration, and very little to pay his assistants with. It is in that respect that you get what you pay for. We lost our entire experience on the OL, an all pro WR, and our entire CB. We have so many injuries that is affects our play every game. We have the talent, but it’s hurt right now. The players aren’t motivated. The coaches are scrambling. I understand the frustration. Everyone on the team from the support staff to the head coach needs to buckle down and play some ball. If they don’t, then this administration will have no choice but to look elsewhere. All I am saying is that it may happen later rather than sooner.

    You want high energy, I understand that. Lynch is about as excitable as a sturgeon. But if he wins, the excitement will come. I always cite Tony Dungy and his attitude when I refer to this argument. Lynch got into the players this week, they need to step up. EVERYONE needs to step up. Lynch knows his job is on the line. If he fails, he goes, it’s that simple. But I don’t expect it much before the end of next year.

    I respect all of your opinions, we may just have to agree to disagree. Thanks for the discussion.

  38. Anti-

    Let me preface this by saying that this is a blog, and everything goes; sports exists in the same world as politics, and does not need to necessarily be kept separate, especially when sports itself is imbued with so much politics, like the hiring of lame-duck Bill Lynch who was chosen merely for his down-home hoosier spirit and political connections to the IU bureaucracy. However, as I said before, there is an element of fun to this back-and-forth, in the spirit of debating; there is nothing personal, and criticism on a blog should in no way be an indictment of one’s status as a fan. There is no place for a “you’re either with us or against us” mentality here. That may be what George Bush or Annakin Skywalker says, but the real world of Indiana is more democratic.

    Now, I will not even waste my time refuting most of your arguments, since it seems like everyone else on this blog has beat me to it.

    I will rehash one point made by the expert Mike P ( who I like more and more every day, by the way): this is NOT Lynch’s first year at the program!!! He has been a part of this failed project for 4 years running, and the players who are currently failing him are HIS OWN RECRUITS!!!

    To paraphrase one of Obama’s comments from the 1st debate (“John, you act like the Iraq War started in 2007”):

    “Antihusky, you act like the Lynch regime started in 2007!”

  39. Anti-peegs,

    So you really think Lynch should have ousted coaches from Hep’s staff in the off-season after going to a bowl?

    Besides, I think Billy Lynch coached James Hardy, who went from being a basketball player to a 2nd-round draft pick.

    Look, I’m all for reasoned debate about a coach. And I want the Scoop, more than an other IU site, to be the place where that happens.

    But I wonder if firing Lynch is even an option. Greenspan can’t be the one to do it; so it would have to come from above. And I don’t see President McRobbie having any desire to become that involved in athletics, no matter how bad the football team. The new AD needs to be given a chance to do what he thinks is best with the football program, meaning that little will be decided before January.

    Again, thanks for having a lively debate.

  40. When did I call for Lynch JR to clean house after last season? Im saying that the entire staff has failed THIS season. Youll find many “experts” agree that Hardy was pure talent with incredible height…he would have done with any receiver coach. What have we gotten from the WR’s this season? Zero, so if youre going to give him praise for one greak of nature that made it to the NFL, then give him all the blame for this years poor play as well. While you may assume that Pres Mcrobbie doesnt care about athletics, he does understand that a healthy football program = healthy athletics program which in turn = more money for the university…which is something we will need a lot of to fund his academic vision.

  41. Husky,
    So you would now agree that Hep was a failure because he picked Lynch as an assistant coach. you state this:
    “I will rehash one point made by the expert Mike P ( who I like more and more every day, by the way): this is NOT Lynch’s first year at the program!!! He has been a part of this failed project for 4 years running, and the players who are currently failing him are HIS OWN RECRUITS!!”

    IU has been a failed project for the past 15 years, it’s bigger than Lynch ever was, and it starts with an administration that doesn’t seem to care about football (until recently, thanks RG). It starts from the top, and until money is relegated to football more and more, we still won’t climb.
    You want to call the Iraq war now (and it illustrates my point perfectly). The war is now being won because we were allowed to stay in Iraq and attempt to get the system rebuilt. We left the Sunni Triangle yesterday because Iraq can now control and fend for themselves. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and resources to gain success. Thanks for proving my point with the Iraq war.

  42. Anti-Huskytom,
    You are insane or blind. Set the program back 2 years? We are as low as it can get, you are in denial. You are the same type of moron who wants to “stay the course” of complete failure and expect different results. Now you can make up all the excuses in the world for the failure of Lynch but the fans and the stands disagree! Iu’s record completely disagree with you. Fans like you expecting complete failure are the real problem with the program. We want him fired because 0- the big ten are not acceptable at any big ten school but ours because of morons like you. Wake up, this is not Disneyland were everyone wins. You are a loser or a winner in football and Lynch is a proven loser.

  43. Don’t compare HEP with Lynch, they always won a game in the conference and they played hard in most games the same can NOT be said of Lynch.

  44. Oh lord, you really believe that the US is winning the war? You must love Foxnews and believe all the propaganda spewed from the gov. Believe it or not, the University has ALWAYS cared about IU football…to say RG was the FB programs savior is a bit misleading. He was right with Hep, wrong with Lynch…TWICE. And believe it or not, Hep doesnt have to be perfect on everything. He got most of it right…even maybe hiring Lynch as an ASSISTANT, but it wasnt for the head coach position…and yes, I know he stated that he supported Lynch becoming the next Coach…sorry, thats the AD’s job…and thats where RG screwed up twice. Big difference.

  45. I think you all may be getting a bit carried away with all of this ……….. just go to Nick’s and have a stromboli and a Dragonfly. That always makes me feel better about the world when I’m in town.

  46. Here are some facts that are relatively free of opinion:

    1) How will IU pay for a big name coach? If you assume that on a game day the avereage fan comes as part of a group of 4, they spend average of $32 per ticket (two adults and two kids), $5 each for concessions and $10 as a group for parking. That is $39.50 per person. The way our attendance is trending this year, out of a potential 405K total attendance figures if each game sold out, we will only have 266K. That means 139K empty seats total, at $39.50 in game day revenue = $5.5 million in foregone revenues. There are minimum expenses for parking and additional attendance, and a decent profit margin on concessions, so I am guessing maybe $4.5 million could drop straight to the bottom line to fund a new coach, additional facilities, additional sports, additional scholarships, etc.

    2) Using the same calculations, the decline in attendance from 2007 to 2008 will probably cost us around $1 million at the bottom line, around $1.2 million in total revenues lost.

    3) Oregon State’s head football coach has the lowest salary in the Pac 10 – $900K, which is quite a bit higher than Lynch.

    4) Jane Hoepner has been noticably absent this year, at least from the point of view of someone who does not live in Indiana.

    5) What happened to “Play 13”? That is also absent this year and, while it is nice to have a new marketing campaign every year, it seemed a powerful rallying cry.

    6) Although it is an NFL example, our past head coach, Cam Camron, was shown the door after only one year of running the Dolphins, when Parcells came in, because of the horrible performance of the team and lack of leadership.

    7) Brady Hoke has been used as an example on this site of a coach who was given plenty of time to pick up the pieces of a failed coaching staff at Ball St. The head coach that Brady Hoke took over from was Bill Lynch.

  47. You know, I jokingly compared Antihusky an his “stay the course” philosophy to a Bush Republican a while back, and low and behold, I was right on the money.

    Antihusky says we’re winning the war in Iraq. That’s like robbing a bank, and then praising yourself for giving the money back 5 years later. You create a problem where there wasn’t one, and then congratulate yourself for attempting to clean up your own mess.

    In sports terms, this would be like Greenspan patting himself on the back for firing Sampson. Who hired him in the first place, Rick?

    I have to say, I am proud of this thread…58 posts so far, and no signs of slowing down. Keep up the good work, people.

  48. Chris, if I were in Bloomington, I’d already be at Nick’s waiting for you. Unfortunately (at least in this respect) I live in Nashville (TN). I hope those of you who are lucky enough to be in close proximity to Nick’s, and several other B-ton favorites, realize what a great thing that is. All my TN friends that I’ve ever taken to Nick’s think it’s fabulous (as do I). See how much more fun this is than talking about IU football??

  49. The only thing I kept coming back to after reading all of these posts is that Anti thinks our expectations are too high. That is the biggest bunch of BS I have heard yet. The team went to a bowl last year for the first time in almost 15 years and returned 17 starters that included a pretty good QB, a better defense than in a while, and a solid WR corp and what do we get….nada damn thing to show for it. I am going to bed and look forward to reading in the morn.

  50. Well, I expected a 6-6 performance, but we would miss a bowl because the Big Ten is usually a conference where a lot of teams get into bowls. Case in point, last year. I think Northwestern was 6-6 and didn’t get a bowl yea?

    But, first of all, this team is missing a lot of things:

    1. A viable receiving option-Andrew Means is possibly our best receiver, and I like him, but our go-to guy last year was Hardy, and without him, the offense seems dysfunctional.

    2. The surprise factor-IU was a surprise team last year. We had Middleton, who lead the nation in sacks last year. We had an offense that nobody expected would do well, but had a top-10 receiver, and a very good QB(Lewis). Now, teams prepare for Middleton, and his production has suffered due to that. Our offense has seemed terrible at times without Hardy, and also slow and ineffective at times without Lewis(No offense to Chappell).

    3. Depth-This one is pretty obvious, but I’ll say it anyway. We lost our 2 starting CBs: Tracy Porter(2nd round) and Leslie Majors(undrafted, but picked up by the Bears and then dropped). We also lost Hardy, which would be a major loss to any team.

    4. Enthusiasm-Many people have harped on this and blame it all on Lynch, which isn’t the case. The players last year had the enthusiasm of Hep on them, and because of that, our performance was better. Now, the enthusiasm seems to be gone.

    I myself do not think Lynch should be fired. I think he should be able to coach until at least the end of this season, seeing as this year is not salvageable. Let’s see how he responds to criticism and controversy, and then have the new AD(Which i hope and assume is De Carolis) make a decision, and whatever decision he makes, i trust, due to his knowledge of football, and his solid running of a football school.

  51. Zach-

    We all tend to talk about last year as if we won a national championship. Typical case of hellishly low expectations. I know the tradition of losing around here has been celebrated for many years, but I simply refuse to look at last year as anything but a modest step in the right direction. To add to my growing list of analogies, last year was the year that the fat kid finally decided to go to the gym. He got on the treadmill, worked up a sweat, lifted a few weights, then had to sit down due to quick fatigue. A good start. But now, he’s back on the couch eating Cheetos.
    Funny to think that even with Hardy, Majors, Porter, and a good Lewis, we STILL won only 3 conference games and relied on the MAC and friends for everything else. We still played horrible defense down the stretch and in the Bowl Game.
    And now to bore you with another comparison. You’ve said “let’s see how [Lynch] responds to criticism”. 3 years ago people said that about Ty Willingham, who coaches my Hoosier=esque Huskies. For 3 straight years, filled with rock-solid recruiting, people have given Ty the benefit of the doubt, begrudgingly trying to convince themselves that continuity is important. The team hasn’t won a single game this year, and I think they will finally fire him. So much for the “stay the course” philosophy.

    Sometimes, people just can’t coach, players or no players.

  52. Morning All 🙂

    Tom, did Lynch have 3 years? No, he didn’t. As has been mentioned to no end, he has had 16 months. I don’t think he has been given a fair amount of time, such as Willingham has had. Ty Willingham is a different story, I’m surprised he hasn’t been fired yet personally, but then again, not my school. Currently, Lynch’s roster is filled with 2-stars and various 3-stars. Currently, our class is 35th in the nation(Rivals), filled with only 1 2 star. Compared the classes we have had recently, it is a welcome sight.

    To answer the the question of horrible defense. Our last four games, we played Purdue, which was an offensive juggernaut(as much as it PAINS me to say it.) We also played Ball State, which beat us this year. In the bowl, we played an even better offense than one’s we played the entire year, and they performed at the stage, we didn’t. I vote to give him more time, but I’m probably the minority, which is unfortunate. Least let him recruit so he can load up the next coach. 🙂

  53. Zach- My argument is that Lynch has been a part of this staff for 3 years already. He is working with guys that he recruited. He should be able to at least maintain the status quo set by Hep.

    Willingham is a very good recruiter. The current (injured) UW quarterback Jake Locker would be considered the best recruit in IU history if he came here instead. That means little in the end if you don’t have a credible system for the player to flourish in.

    And the defense- it is very clear that almost every team is an offensive juggernaut against IU. I’ll let Mike P fill in the details about this point.

  54. So let me get this straight, Lynch did recruit most of those guys, i agree with you, he recruited roughly half of them, but now he is in a position of power(Which he hasn’t necessarily proved to be effective at). If you are comparing Willingham and Lynch, there’s a problem. Lynch has been the coach of this team for barely a year. Willingham has been for 3 years. Lynch was merely the assistant coach that recruited decently. His biggest strength is recruiting, which is probably apparent to everyone. Our offense was only credible last year because we had a play-maker WR, this year, we don’t. We have WR that can’t/won’t block and we really only have 2 good offense players in Thigpen and Lewis(perhaps Chappell I guess).

  55. I think the Willingham story is such a shame. When I was at Stanford he was in a great place – winning records, going to the Rose Bowl, the fans liked him. I thought his move to ND was a bad one…too bad that it has played out this way.

  56. Umm…I still don’t think this can explain losing to Iowa by 36 points at home and scoring only 9… one wide receiver is never enough to render credible an offense single-handedly.

  57. I don’t understand why people like Zach continue to supposrt Lynch. He’s a proven LOSER!! He shows no enthusiasm, a poor offensive and defensive scheme week in and week out, doesn’t appear to make any adjustments at halftime, and wastes the little talent this team has with idiotic play calling including the draw play about 20 times a game. What qualifications did Lynch have to begin with? He pretty much won the job by default, and the University has been too dumb to fire him. Alot of coaches who start as interim coach don’t necessarily become permanent head coach, and I think that’s the biggest mistake IU has made.

  58. Unfortunately, i have to agree with ya cln, wish him the best in finding a job, because Washington fans don’t seem to like him. It’s more than one WR, we have the new offense, and the more it seems like it isn’t working. If players are not confident that the system they are playing in will work, they won’t do well.

  59. My only reservation about firing Lynch is the continuity aspect. That said, this season has been one of the biggest disasters in a history of train wrecks. I think we are getting worse all the time and he’s about lost the team. Unfortunately, I think he should go.

    I’m all for a new, exciting, big name, high paid head coach who can turn this ship around for good. However, for the sake of continuity, I think the new coach should get at least 5-6 years before we fire him.

  60. I agree with the continuity aspect as well, but Lynch just won the job by default, and he’s not doing a good job. We need a hand-picked guy. Hep was it. Now I say we go back to the drawing board and find someone who can get the job done.

  61. Let me put it another way… Lynch is Mike Davis without the national championship appearance. And we all know how that turned out…

  62. Steve 0- I’d say that’s a decent analogy, but look at what Davis is doing at UAB…it’s way more than Lynch will ever do. When Lynch is done at IU (sooner the better), he’ll be lucky to get a high school job.

    The better comparison would be Dan Dakich. Bill Lynch and Dakich are the same person: assistant coaches who had average career records in the MAC. Only difference: the administration cares about basketball, so they passed on Dakich and took the creative route, despite the many pleas from doting old alumni who thought he’d be the perfect fit.
    Unfortunately, no one cares about football, so they went ahead and gave the job to Lynch.
    Another difference would be that Bill Lynch doesn’t have a comb-over.

  63. Mike Davis is not setting the world on fire at UAB. I will also say that Vaden should get some kind of suspension but we all know that he won’t. The kid has been in major trouble twice and look at what happened at UAB with the players and bar fight. Davis never was one for discipline! I wish Davis the best but I will never forget the way he sold out at that Iowa game and when I would see him toward the end of his IU career. I would always speak and he would just kind of mumble and look down. Very insecure man!

  64. Yes!!! Number 80 in this ridiculously over-extended discussion!! H-T guys, could you send me a Nick’s sub on dry ice as a prize? Maybe you could throw in a couple burgers from Opie’s and a sixer of Dragonfly as well for reading approx. 87,000 words in this string?!?

  65. I would add a nice Dagwoods supreme w/ extra special sauce, an order of Yogi’s wings, and a steak from Janko’s…sound good???

  66. Zach,

    LaMond Pope of the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, Chris Engel of the IDS and I are all headed to Lennies. Just though I should go out of my way to make you jealous.

  67. Of course, if I ate everything we’re talking about here, I’d gain 27 pounds in a single day. Oh well, small price to pay ………..

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