This picture tells the story well

Minnesota rejoices.

It’s Minnesota, gleefully claiming a ball that seconds before had belonged to Indiana.

So the the Gophers only won the turnover battle by 1 (an interception and two fumble recoveries compared to two fumble recoveries by Indiana). But when and where they swiped the ball away was the difference:

  • Minnesota was the first to cough it up, when Adam Weber fumbled the ball with five minutes left in the first half, and Kevin Burrus jumped on it at Indiana’s 34. That set up the Hoosiers to tie it at 7.
  • Except that Ben Chappell immediately threw the ball right to Lee Campbell, a linebacker for the Gophers.
  • Coming out for the second half — lucky to be tied at 7 — Indiana seemed to have found the gaps in Minnesota’s defense. It moved 64 yards in seven plays, as Marcus Thigpen and Ray Fisher sped through the bewildered Gophers. On 2nd down from Minnesota’s 16, though, Kellen Lewis couldn’t escape the rush and instead raised his arm to throw. He fumbled, and Campbell fell on it. The Gophers drove down and kicked the field goal.
  • Still, the Hoosiers only trialed by three points. Minnesota hadn’t found a way to pull away. The Gophers had another chance to when Ray Fisher’s kick catching interference gave them the ball at Indiana’s 40 a few minutes later. They started driving with a mix of passes to star receiver Eric Decker and a few DeLeon Eskridge runs. But as Eskridge tried to slide around the left side near the Hoosiers’ 15-yard-line, safety Nick Polk, playing with an injured knee, exploded into him and jarred the ball loose. May Mayberry was there to fall on it.
  • Three plays later Kellen Lewis juked after a 12-yard-run — even though he’d earned the first down 9-yards ago — and had the ball knocked out his hand. Tramaine Brock fell on it, and Minnesota took a 13-7 lead seven plays later.


  1. They sure haven’t played like a bowl team thus far. Not even close, they have been the worst team in the Big Ten so far

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