1. Yes i’d like to know when you guys are going to ask Lynch when he is going to step down so we can start to rebuild as soon as possible. This is the worst Hoosier team I have seen in my life please ask him when he will end this nightmare.

  2. Yeah or ask him if his goal is to shut down the football program? After reading the HT today, its fairly obvious you guys don’t have the testicular fortitude to ask the man about how great of a job he has done. I don’t know one fan in the state who actually watches who thinks he should stay on, not one. You would have no clue how terrible this team is if you read the questions being asked lately. I could care less who is the biggest character on the team or what is the defensive line’s favorite color. Until we the fans and you the reporters start holding people accountable for complete and utter failures we are helping the program go right down the crapper.

  3. It makes perfect sense for Chris to cheerleader for the biggest Loosier ie Lynch. I mean he could of made some real money betting against Indiana ATS, if IU never wins another game Chris is not going to have to worry about traffic around town or parking spots. Not to mention if no one reads the football columns its impossible to know hes doing a good or bad job. But what was a joke is giving Indiana 2 edges to the ILLI 1. I’m a homer but come on, I mean you guys did watch the games vs D 1 schools right? 1 would of been very suspect but two made it look like comic strip.

  4. Hey Chris a picture is worth a thousand words. The best reactions from coaches came from hard questions like Herm Edwards, Jim Mora. He is reaching Mike Davis status around here someone ask him to go to coaching school or something.

  5. richard,

    Hard questions are being asked. Somebody asked on Tuesday if Lynch was worried about getting “skunked” in the Big Ten schedule. Lynch answered calmly, saying that he was concentrating on getting his team ready to beat Northwestern.

  6. Ask him if he has money riding on the games and that’s why they are kicking field goals down by 21 inside the 5. Or if he is concerned there are no more division 2 schools to beat up on.

  7. Hey, BobbyK, the genius who gave IU a slight edge on defense and special teams was me, not Chris. The Illini defense (in points allowed) and special teams had been the worst in the Big Ten statistically before last Saturday, but that obviously was still a bad call on my part. In my defense, I did give the Illinois offense a huge edge over IU and said if IU’s offense didn’t pick up its play, the Illini defense wouldn’t matter much because it was clear the Illinois offense was going to put points on the board.

    Some of the folks over at the IU athletic department would disagree pretty strongly with you about Chris being a cheerleader for the Hoosiers. His job is to be impartial and ask the tough questions and I think he’s done that better the past couple of years than anybody else covering IU athletics.

  8. Stats don’t mean as much when you are playing the crap teams. The Illi had actually played some good teams here and there ya know. Its fairly obvious that atleast 90% of the fan base wants this man gone, I just don’t understand why he is never asked about his job. If in any other sport we could not win 1 conference game, we would be asking if that person’s job was in trouble. I get the feeling he is getting a pass, I feel Bill is a good person. But as a coach he does not belong in Division 1.

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