Updating the search for a new AD

Here’s what we know:

  • The 14- person search committee has turned over its list of “roughly five” candidates to President Michael McRobbie. Its work is done.
  • However, Bill Stephan, the leader of that search committee, is working with a group to do its “due diligence” on each candidate.
  • McRobbie will eventually conduct interviews with one or more of the candidates (and possibly already has).
  • One of those candidates is Oregon State athletic director Bob DeCarolis, who, judging by his comments on Saturday, is interested in the job.
  • De Carolis apparently made a trip to the Midwest late last week to with someone about the job.
  • Another one of the candidates is probably Scott Dolson, who currently runs the Varsity Club. IU’s current coaches like him because they crave continuity and an AD with institutional knowledge.
  • McRobbie has not set a timetable for the decision. He only wants to get it right.
  • McRobbie leaves for a week-long trip to China on Oct. 31, thereby missing a chance for free candy.
  • Current athletic director Rick Greenspan will work through the end of the year.

For coverage of the Oregon State end of this search, I’d recommend the following:

We’ll have more on this story tomorrow, I’m sure.