Vaden arrested in Bloomington

Here’s a story from our cops writer, Marci Creps . . . .


A former Indiana University basketball player was arrested on an alcohol-related charge following an incident downtown.

Robert Vaden, 23, of Indianapolis, was arrested on a preliminary charge of public intoxication.

Vaden is a former IU basketball player who is now a senior at The University of Alabama Birmingham.

Bloomington Police Officer Ian Lovan was on patrol early Saturday morning. At 1:56 a.m., Lovan saw a man in a red shirt who appeared intoxicated and was pushing people in front of the 300 block of North Walnut Street.

Lovan spoke to the man, later identified as Vaden. According to the police report, Vaden appeared intoxicated. Lovan administered several dexterity tests on Vaden, which he failed.

Vaden was taken to the Monroe County Jail and booked on the public intoxication charged.
Vaden was a recruit of former IU basketball coach Mike Davis. He played for two seasons for IU, but left the team when Davis resigned. He followed Davis to UAB where he had to sit out a year.

At UAB, Vaden was one of five Blazer basketball players arrested and jailed last Aug. 31 for an incident outside a Birmingham nightclub. The players began arguing and fighting among themselves at about 1:30 a.m. inside Club Red, according to a police report cited in the Birmingham News, and eventually spilled outside the club, resulting in off-duty police officers working at the club calling for backup because the players wouldn’t cooperate with them.

Police reported that they were forced to arrest the players who refused to cooperate and continued yelling at police and people on the street.


  1. What an idiot. Another good player who’s going to F up his life too, people don’t know how to manage themselves it pisses me off that they don’t understand how lucky they are… 1.) You have a scholarship and you could pretty much do whatever you want. 2.) You’re well respected 3.) People look up to you… CAKES is what they are..CAKES

  2. More harrassment by b’town’s finest. Here’s a fun game to play if you travel to b’town much. Whenever you see a car pulled over by a cop in b’town, note the color of the driver. After a few times you’ll notice a pattern.

  3. Aruss,
    Maybe you should not blame others for mistakes made by individuals no matter what the color. I see hundreds of white kids arrested every weekend. This just makes the press because he is a basketball player not because he is an African American. Get over it and quit making excuses.

  4. I’m surprised this never happened while he was going to IU. This is all too funny because back in ’05 three days after beating Kentucky, some friends and I were at Kilroys on Kirkwood where a buddy of mine was DJing, and we were standing inside talking and Vaden comes stumbling in through the door and starts grabbing drinks off of the tray the waitresses carry around with shots on them, and he doesn’t last 5 min. in there before the doormen are asking him to leave. So we go outside to smoke a cig. and to watch him get kicked out when 3 girls approach him asking if he remembers them, there is quite a crowd by this point, when he pushes one of them away then one of her friends gets mad and yells at him. This is when he raised his hand to take a swipe at the girl when my buddy got in between them and grabs Vaden and pushes him back. By this time the guy he had shown up with runs toward him and hurries him into this cab that’s sitting outside. This is one of the many instances I saw him acting dumb at the bars in town (especially at Sports) and it’s not shocking. Speaking of UAB I thought it was funny Armon Bassett was in town tailgating at the IU vs Ball St. game throwing beer cans at the disturbance in the grass lot.

  5. Aruss the race card are you kidding. If your out at 1:56 a m then you are probably drunk, or been drinking, or talking to skirts who are drunk or have been drinking. Who cares which color anyone is. Vaden by the IDS account of this story is living in Indy? Is he awol from UAB

  6. LOL Reminds you of Bub Mackey, Zach??? This is public intoxication, not pocession of crack at his high school. Who hasn’t been drunk and stupid in public?? Gimmie a break. It’s barely even a slap on the wrist.

  7. Play that card Aruss. Perhaps the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton need to get involved and expose this racist agenda perpetrated by the Bloomington police. Vaden is the victim here. Give me a break…

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