Your Tom Crean fix

I’ve scoured the Internets for all the Tom Crean video and audio from the past week that I can find. And I’ve compiled most of it here for you.

Monday (IU Auditorium)

And here’s full audio of the Monday talk: creanspeech-1.mp3

Wednesday (Media day)

Here’s one shot by our videographers

This is a link to full audio of Crean’s comments to reporters, courtesy of my friends the IDS Kids.

I’ll continue to add things as I find them. Feel free to send me anything you find that is worthwhile.


  1. 19 classes!!!!!! Thanks KS I hope the Hoosier nation can do you a similar favor in the future. KS knew he would not be around for the 08/09 season. Crean knows what is at stake and how important it is to re-build IU into a “honorable” program. Go Crean & Crimson!!!!

  2. It is time for all HOOSIERS to rally and put this basketball program back on top of the College Basketball World!

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