Back in B-Town

After spending a wretched week in Maui, I returned this afternoon to a clear, crisp Indiana afternoon. It felt good to be home.

We have a breakdown of what we learned at the Maui Invitational in tomorrow’s paper, and I’ll post that here for you guys to comment on after it hits newsstands in the morning.

One thing Doug did not include in his post below on Bill Lynch was a statement I got from the current IU athletic administration.

It was: “Bill Lynch is our football coach,” according to spokesman J.D. Campbell.

That was it. Nothing more, the current regime decided, needed to be said. They stand by their man.

Enjoy your Friday night. I’m going to spend my celebrating Hugh Kellenberger’s birthday.


  1. Its a very sad day in IU football to say the least, I feel like Bush just re elected or OJ was found innocent again!

  2. Welcome back, Chris & happy birthday Hugh! Just curious about the timing of those statements. Did Greenspan only o.k. the vote of confidence after Glass had spoken, or was J.D. 1st to chime on in support of Lynch? Pretty ballsy if they went out first. On the flip side, a pretty poor choice by Glass to use the most unpopular voice in B-town to echo your words. Were I Glass, I’d publicly avoid Greenspan like McCain did with Bush. Just because you’re stuck with the mess the guy made, no need to throw your lot in with his as he stumbles out the door.

  3. Gee I was thinking its the same feeling that I had when Obomba was elected. Something that we just have to put up with and hope that it doesn’t get any worst. At least w/ Glass we don’t have that slow sinking feeling of an all democrat congress.

  4. regarless of political preference, lynch is a loser, and our school just backed him again. this makes IU a loser. thanks admins.

  5. Chronic,

    I probably should have added a time element to the statement from the current administration. J.D. Campbell did, in fact, give me that statement before Doug spoke with Fred Glass.

    J.D. and I were standing in the corridor of the Lahaina Civic Center. The sun was blazing. We were near a palm tree. J.D. told me emphatically that Bill Lynch is the football coach at Indiana. I heard waves crashing upon a shore not far off. Birds chirped. The smell of just-cut pineapple wafted through the air.

    You can see how I’d forget some of the details of this event.

    But to answer your question, it seems to me that Greenspan and Co.’s backing of Bill Lynch came independent of the decision by McRobbie and Glass to go public with theirs.

  6. Thanks for clarifying, Chris.

    Wow. Sounds like you had a pretty visceral conversation with J.D. that was interesting. 1) Was this a coordinated voicing of confidence from the outgoing and incoming A.D.’s? 2) If not, why wait until the vultures are circling to come out an defend your coach? 3) Again, if not coordinated, how do you suppose Glass felt about Greenspan continuing to play his hand for him going forward?

    I’m obviously one of those guys who wouldn’t have offered him the job to begin with, but I can respect Glass’ decision to end the speculation and stand behind his coach. He did, however, seem to make clear there would need to be progress towards the stated goals next year.

    It was clear from Glass’ statement that he’d differentiated the decision to offer Lynch the contract from the decision to stick with the contract. I interpreted this to be lawyer-speak for “I wouldn’t have hired him, but I’m not going to fire him after just 1 year.”

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