1. So what’s the deal with the IU basketball score yesterday? I read everyone, including here, that the score was 72-54 Kentucky. Now, today, in big headlines the front page of HT online reads 76-54. What is the correct score and why is it so hard to print it?

  2. Bill Lynch looks like Will Ferrell impersonating George Bush.

    Kind of like when he is on the sidelines at games, and he looks like he’s impersonating a comedian impersonating a real coach.

  3. I have to say…You have to love Hoosier Scoop. After all the crap that has been going on with the athletic department over the years, they find a way to make you laugh at it all.

  4. big z,

    It should be fixed in a few minutes.

    And by now I’m assuming that you’ve pieced together that the score was, in fact, 72-54 since you saw it listed so many other places.

    As for why it’s hard to print: it isn’t.

  5. Seeing Sampson at 2 or 3 feet tall…makes me want to kick his little elf a$$ all the way back to the north pole. On second thought, I would pay Adam V of the colts one months paycheck to do it. Starr would be cheaper but after this past season I am thinking he would miss!!! Great watch guys, I am still smiling!

  6. Yes Pegs, where have you been the past football season…

    Anyway, you guys hear about Brady Hoke? Went to San Diego State. Interestig choice. Hear it was that the AD was a moron and did wanna pay himself and his assistants the money they deserved.

  7. they can have Lynch, Canada, and Palcic on a silver platter. Seriously, I feel bad for Ball St. They have one good year and the coach takes off. People are not loyal anymore, they go for the dollar and/or the big name school. Why could that coach not stay for another 2 or 3 or 4 years. Who the hell goes to San Diego St? if that is true

  8. Yes, that was a puzzling move there. I would expect Hoke to shoot a little bit higher…Even though he may not deserve it, these days, all you need is one good season at a mediocre school and you are a hot commodity.

    Heck, In Lynch’s case, all you need is 1 bowl game 10-15 years ago, and you can stumble into a Big 10 position…Shows you how high our standards are here at IU.

  9. If he doesn’t leave with Hoke the early favorite would have to be Stan Parish.

    I have also heard that Mike Leonard from Franklin College will be on the list of those to talk to.

    There has also been Coach Mo’s name thrown around, but I don’t see that as a serious reality for the job. I could see Mo taking over the Franklin Job if Leonard leaves for BSU though.

  10. I gotta agree that most high school coaches are better than Lynch. I don’t blame Hoke for wanting to move to SD, I bet its not freezing there! God I feel so awful that no one stepped up and fired lynch yet, we have to watch another year of uninspiring football? God, most flag football teams play better.

  11. Coaches become a hot commodity after a short period of success for the same reasons that coaches become pariahs after a short period of failure.

  12. For those of you that think that Hoke is being disloyal, I don’t believe that he is. Apparently, the AD was being stingy and wouldn’t pay Hoke and his assistants the raise he deserved. Plus, San Diego is in a football hotbed of talent. The weather is good. He makes 750k as opposed to 250k at Ball State. Also think about this. If he fails at Ball State, he will be considered a fluke. If he succeeds at SDSU, he will be considered a program rebuilder and a good coach, qualifying him for even more jobs than he had at Ball State. If he fails at SDSU, he can blame it on the state of the program when he entered.

    Their AD has been known for making terrible decisions. This may be one of the worst.

  13. Hoke is a BSU alumni, has 0 ties to SDSU. What kind of raise did he think he deserved? If he was making $250K/year, he is already ahead of the average for his conference? He did deserve a raise, but to think BSU would pony up a 1/2 a million to just him? Yeah right.

    SDSU is in the same shape BSU was in when he took over, so Hoke gets to try and rebuild another program in yet another Mid-Major non-BCS conference.

    Besides the paycheck, the only reason this move can be considered a move up (and only slightly up)is that people generally respect a few of the teams in the conference (BYU, TCU, UTAH).

    So what if Hoke can’t bring SDSU out of the gutter?

    Zach says he gets to use the “state of the program” excuse if he fails. Sorry Zach, but it won’t work that way. BSU had a worse program than SDSU, and Hoke revived it, he has been hired by SDSU I am sure with full expectations of him doing the same thing for them. If he fails at SDSU, then his success at BSU will either be looked on as a fluke season, or just another case of “he done it in the MAC, who cares?”.

    What if he succeeds? Does he receive more accolades and maybe this time a job rebuilding a top tier BCS school? Or does he get bounced to another Mid-Major? After all, he had success, but it was the MWC, another non-BCS conference no one takes seriously.

  14. Zach, I am with Mike on this one. 250,000 in Muncie comes out about even with 750,000 in SD Cali. I have a cousin out there with a medical firm and standard of living is crazy! Ball St does not have the money to even raise him right now like he wants. I assume he was too demanding. When I think of San Diego St I think of Marshall Faulk and that is it, at least I think that is where he went. Might be a hotbed of talent but they all go to USC and UCLA and he will get the leftovers. I am pretty sure most of his ties for recruiting are midwest. How does he expect to go all the way across the country and do this. I hope his contract was for at least 6 or 7 years. NO LOYALTY!!! He could have waited until next year or the year after and maybe BSU could have paid him more or he could go to a bigger name football school. This one baffles me!

  15. I dont see Hoke doing well in the west. Hes a midwestern guy afterall. Cant blame him going for the money though. The salary equality isnt as disparate as you make it sound. 250k in indiana is about 400 or so in CA, so he is making a big jump in pocket cash. Cant blame him, whos to say his stock wont take a dive if and when BSU has a bad season.

  16. J Pat-

    Don’t forget that Darnay Scott and Dan McGwire went to SDSU too 🙂

    Home values out there have probably dropped enough so that his first house will be only triple the value of his current house, Rather than 4 or 5 times.

    And GF Dave- if you are making a veiled reference to Lynch, don’t dare suggest that ol’ Bill has had just “One bad season”… if you do, you are ignoring his role on the team the last 3 years, and his record at his other Division 1 coaching job

  17. From what I can find, BSU offered him 350K, compared to the 700K he will make at SDSU. The deal breaker aparently has to do with his assistants, and that BSU wouldn’t give them the raises that Hoke wanted for them. This of course is hearsay, but it is what I am hearing.

    As for 250K being the same as 400K in SD, I think you are a little low. I found a nice house in a nice Muncie neighborhood for 189,900.00, a comparable house in San Diego is listed for 1,185,000.00

  18. I guess my point was that while it seems like a major pay increase, it really is not that big. I wonder about these coaches sometimes, picking their families up and constantly moving. Hate to take the negative. What a magical season BSU had! That is why I loved Hep, if he would have won big at IU sooner or later, I am not sure he would have up and left. He said IU was his dream job! I put myself in Hoke’s shoes and I stay at BSU! I sleep easy at night knowing I am not a sellout. Then again, that is why I never pursued coaching.

  19. But we dont know HOkes personal situation. Maybe the money is a huge factor and his familiy would love to move to SD. Its one of the most beautiful places in the US minus the CA laws 😉 Id say putting another 250k in your pocket is a huge deal. I dont blame him one bit.

  20. Right, loyalty in theory is very important, but in the ‘what have you done for me lately’ sports business world, he did the right thing for his family.

  21. peegs_anti_reverse_pick_pocket,

    How can you say he done what is right for his family? What if 2 years from now SDSU shows no improvement and they fire him?

    Would it be better for his family than if he still had his job in Muncie at 1/2 the salary living in a town that is about 1/4 the cost of living? I would think not.

    I guess though that Coach Hoke done what he believes is right for him, and I wish him luck in his future, even if I do think it was a foolish move.

  22. I’d venture to say that Hoke knows his personal situation much better than what you can speculate. He knows the risk, and he also knows that if BSU starts to falter, he would be placed on a short leash as well. BSU has less risk, but SDSU has more potential for growth. I personally would prefer being challenged at a bigger program, out in sunny CA, than being stuck in Muncie.

  23. peegs,

    True, but with what BSU has returning next year (prior to this), I feel he had a way better opportunity in Muncie.

    One more 10 win season, a possible MAC title and a 3rd straight bowl game with BSU and he would demand a million plus dollar salary in a major conference at a BCS school.

    He is now 3-5 years away from that depending on how quick he can turn around SDSU, and I don’t see that being to easy for a guy who has all his ties to the midwest.

    Not to mention if I am an established coach in that conference who is recruiting against him, I am bringing up the fact he bailed on BSU, a school he played for, a school he is an alumni from, and he did it for the first offer of a better paycheck after the schools best season in it’s history.

    Who you going to trust, a guy that has already shown he has no loyalty, even to his home school? Or me, a West Coast guy who was already here, is established and has shown loyalty to the school I coach for? Hypothetical of course.

    Like you said though, Coach Hoke knows his situation better than us, I just can’t for the life of me figure out how this is a positive move compared to what he already had.

  24. First, why the hell do people on here care so much? Another mid-major or not and cost of living included, I’d take San Diego, new opportunities and $400K+ every time.

    While he may not be loyal enough to hang around Muncie forever, I don’t think you can insinuate that he’s the ultimate disloyal, shady character for taking such a deal. Yeah, I don’t see how a recruit would ever trust a guy who took a near 1/2 million dollar raise to live in a better climate to rebuild a team in one of the top mid-major conferences.

    I expected he’d get a bigger gig too really, but if this was at any BCS school he’d be getting pats on the back. Instead, he’s not trustworthy?

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