Bassett leaves UAB; Davis’ program hurting

Former Indiana guard Armon Bassett has left UAB.

He told The Herald-Times minutes ago that he left for personal reasons, and has returned to Indiana to deal with a serious situation concerning a person close to him. He left in good academic standing, he said. The unstable situation with UAB coach Mike Davis, who first recruited Bassett to IU when he coached the Hoosiers, also played a factor in Bassett’s decision. Davis was set to sign top 2009 big man DeMarcus Cousins but the university refused to give Cousins a clause in his letter-of-intent that would allow him to leave should Davis no longer be employed.

Bassett was sitting out this year in accordance with NCAA rules. He hopes to enroll at a Midwest school that runs on a quarter system, which he said would allow him to become eligible in the early part of next season.

Interim Indiana coach Dan Dakich kicked Bassett off the team during the spring for insubordination, and Tom Crean ultimately decided not to allow Bassett to rejoin the team.

In addition to the departure of Bassett, UAB will also lose three players next semester  – Jeremy Mayfield, Terrence Roderick and Ed Berrios – because they are not academically eligible to compete, according to Gary Parrish of CBS We have not been able to confirm that report, but if true, UAB would be left with six scholarship players for the rest of the season.


  1. damnit, armon… I hope things are allright for him, and that he gets it together soon. Loads of talent…

  2. I think he needs to go back home to Terre Haute and play for Indiana State. He would be a star there. of course, if it is grades that’s keeping him down, he needs to work on his grades first. But if all works out, he would be the star player on the Indiana State team…no questions asked.

  3. No discipline…hmmm. Church going guy that gave kids a chance until they screwed up. Mike Davis also didn’t violate rules even to save his job. Look where we are now. Crean at least has some values and gets it. Mike had great values to teach this young men beyond basketball. Unfortunately people who have never coach or mentor young men make uneducated comments about situations they know very little about. Pick up a book,get involved in something J Pat and don’t get all your news and values from ESPN.

  4. PCann, have worked with youth for 10 plus years and coached since I was a teen. I was speaking of the way his teams play on the court and the way he makes friends with his players instead of being a COACH! If that is news to you, you are the one who needs help. I was a student on campus when he was coaching and knew many players. I still live in Bloomington. Don’t call me out on this one. Church going and running a disciplined bball program are 2 different things. Tell Mike I do not miss him at all. I have a tummy ache so I will not coach against the beloved Alford, whatever.

  5. sounds like armon bassett was apparently doing okay and may have found the handle at uab and is leaving for personal reasons unrelated to grades or the program, like sam mcguffie, the freshman running back up at michigan. armon can be forgiven for that, and hope he has matured and does alright.

    mike davis, though, can’t be forgiven for having a program where maybe three kids are going to be declared scholastically ineligible. that sounds like failure to monitor or lack of institutional control, don’tcha think? the powers-that-be, down in birmingham apparently think so if they are hedging their bets on resigning him.

    maybe mike davis, who by all accounts is a decent, church-going, god-fearing man — who may not be all that great a basketball coach — should work with kids in another capacity, maybe as a counselor or minister or some such.

    these things have a way of working themselves out; bet that ten years from now, mike davis is out of coaching major college basketball.

  6. Sad to hear Armon is the latest to join the ranks of the Lost Boys of IU. Another good kid now struggling to keep it together after having passed through B-town. With 5 coaches in the last 8 1/2 years, the instability within the program is well reflected in far too many of our former players.

    Regardless of whatever decisions A.B. may have made off the court, he stayed with IU after Davis ducked out and busted his tail off for us on the court while we had him. For that alone, I am thankful and wish him well.

    It’s also unfortunate to hear that Mike’s teams must consistently make things more difficult for him off the court. Not only are Davis’ Blazers one of the few teams to make a legitimate run at the ’06-’07 Cincinnati Bengals’ arrest record, but apparently his study tables in Birmingham were about as productive as those in Bloomington last winter.

    2 ?’s pop into my mind:
    1) When will Davis finally take some coaching job in the NBA?
    2) How soon can we get DeMarcus Cousins up here on an official visit?

  7. J Pat,I personally know Armon and know his background from Terre Haute. One of the people that lived with me has know him since he was a little kid. The best thing for him is to find another school in which he can be comfortable. He has always had an issue with structure. I wish the best for him. I also have had contact with many of the IU players in the past. I’m currently a youth coach in Bloomington and have been for the last 14 years and have won a few coaching awards as well as volunteer of the year. In addition I have 2 teenagers in high school sports at this time so my pulse is still pretty close to young athletes in this town, so I think I know what I’m talking about.

  8. Yet another ultimate authority on what’s happening on and off the court with our beloved Hoosiers. We seek your guidance. Welcome.

    We need to see this match-up in Bloomington… Forget the Hoosiers. Don’t worry about J.R. Holmes’ top team, North’s continued struggles or anything else. We need a JPat vs. PCann 5th grade hoops world championship. We have to have it.

    Maybe we can have it start right after an IU game and talk people into coming early, so we can fill Assembly Hall. Kinda like a JV/Varsity set-up. We’ll get ESPN’s elementary school channel down there immediately and start putting together a fantasy draft. Before the game, you can tell everyone your stories about hanging out with the players. Winner gets a beautiful trophy from A & B custom trophies in Bedford, a $15 gift certificate to Pizza Hut, an IU water bottle, clipboard and whistle and a “Dad of the Year” t-shirt.

  9. Wisco,

    As a person who volunteers their time every year to coach a youth football team, I feel that post is very disrespectful to all the men and women who do this.

    Many of us do this because of our love of the game, and for nothing more. I enjoying watching the kids learn and grow, taking a kid who has never worn pads before, and molding a champion out of them.

    Mike P.

  10. Wisco, I can appreciate that. Pcann and myself, we can agree to disagree. I am sure he knows his craft as well as I know my own. I am not a Davis fan. I actually have been around the guy several times in person and I have my opinion and it is justified. Pcann would kill me on the coaching circuit now as I have not coached since having kids of my own. He does need to know that I do a little more than ESPN watch. I guess I have strong opinions on certain topics but I do not belittle people on here and/or call them out like he did me. No hard feelings. We all love IU sports in the end!!!

  11. Mike P- I’m glad you enjoy it and you should be commended for your volunteer time to the community. If I’m blessed with kids, I’m sure I’ll do it as well and will enjoy it tremendously. It doesn’t get much more American than that, does it?

    I don’t know, however, if I’ll go online and tout my knowledge of the game and justify my points based on my little league resume. Or try to one-up back and forth with other posters. Or compare my D strategy to Big 10 teams. Just my cynical opinion on that; but, of course we all love youth sports and those who help make them happen, so well done Sir.

    I’m sure MD is a nice guy. I think, though, he earned that “nice” guy label because most people couldn’t come up with anything else polite. That and he talked about Jesus a lot, so he must be nice, right? I wish him the best of luck and will always cherish the ’02 season, but he never should have been the head coach here. And, I recently heard MD Jr. is academically ineligible. I was so shocked; that apple is remarkably close to the tree.

    You got it, J Pat. Much love all around–Go Hoosiers!

  12. Wisco,

    Don’t wait to have kids. I coached before I had my son, then got out of it for a while when he was born.

    I honestly never planned to coach my kid, but I was approached by the league due to a shortage of those who were willing to do it.

    I will honestly tell you this, coaching your own kid is one of the most difficult things you can ever do as a coach.

    Also, I have found that those who do coach, even at the youth level have a far better understanding of the game, of the rules and the thought and strategy that goes into the sport than the average fan.

    Just my thoughts, but please get involved in youth sports, be a positive role model for your community and the kids in it. They need to see it from more than just their parents.

  13. Good points, Mike.

    I did help a little bit with a 5th grade hoops team several years ago and I do currently volunteer as a Big Brother. With law school and other obligations currently, I just don’t see myself having the time in the near future, but will make the time when I have a kid, if not before. Someone’s gotta get him ready to wear those candy-stripes, right?

    It’s tragic that sometimes it’s hard to find enough people to help out, kids that age are fun. They haven’t had the life beat out of them yet.

    And, yes, who knows how it will go trying to coach my own kid? It’ll be tough. My dad was always an assistant coach for everything and was always around in every other activity I did. I remember one time he made me run laps after practice in football and then chased after me for a while until I got going. Needless to say, we had issues at times. But, I’ve also realized how important and awesome it was that he was there for everything I did. So, I’d like to try to live up to that. I won’t be able to, but I’ll give it a try.

    I’m sure, on the whole, people who coach youth sports tend to be interested and have a little background and are fairly knowledgeable. Especially here, I’ve heard several comments over the years regarding the knowledge and fundamentals of Indiana kids being so sound in basketball because it’s so big here. That difference probably isn’t as big anymore, but I’m sure it was at some time.

    Anyway, you seem to be a football expert and I always enjoy your posts. I’ve never caught any Mike P. background info, but it seems like you know what you’re talking about and always do so in a civil way. I was just being a smart ass earlier because it seemed like they were trying to one-up each other.

    Anyway, that was quite a ramble. Take ‘er easy.

  14. Wisco,

    Good for you on the Big Brother program. That is a great program that needs more people to be part of it. Sounds like you do have a lot on your plate, being in law school and all.

    I will say it is difficult to separate yourself from being dad to being a coach. I find I am a little harder on my own son than I am on other kids on the team. I don’t expect him to be the best player, but as the coaches son, I do expect him to set the example for his team and work harder than any other kid out there.

    As for my background, I have been around football as a player, trainer or a coach since I was 5 years old. I was lucky enough to learn the game from men like Mo Moriarity, Dick Dullaghan as well as Bill Mallory. I have been an assistant coach for the youth leagues, in middle & high school. I worked mostly with lineman, though my favorite area is defensive lineman and linebackers.

    I got back in coaching last year after 3 years away, I took over a team that had 16 new players out of 20. We went 8-3 and lost in the semi-finals, this year we returned 9 of my 20, added 7 new kids, had a Gery good season, we went 10-2 and won the league title on the turf at IU.

    I love the game of football, and my background in no way makes me an expert, it does allow me to look at it from a perspective other than a fan in the stands. I still consider myself a student of the game, I am always learning. Heck, I study game film of my youth team and make notes on where the issues are.

    So there is my background, take it for what it’s worth.

  15. I’m impressed. So, you played at South and IU? What position? When?

    And congrats on the success. I can’t imagine how excited the kids were to win the championship and play at Memorial Stadium.

    Maybe/maybe not an expert in the grand scheme of the entire football world, but definitely an expert as far as this board is concerned.

    I’m curious as to when you decided you could no longer support Lynch. It’s incredibly difficult to stand by him at this point, but I’m still somewhat torn. Maybe the expectations were too high. Maybe the combination of injuries, lack of leadership and some disappointing games early on and things snowballed. Maybe the plan of red-shirting everyone will pay off. I certainly think we cannot keep firing people so quick; the next person should get 6 years no matter what happens. Anyway, just curious about your thoughts there because, if I recall, you supported him at the beginning of the year.

  16. I never played at IU, bad knee’s didn’t get me out of high school. I spent many summers getting to work with Coach Mallory at different camps and clinics. I was at South in the early 90’s.

    As for Lynch, I was disappointed after the BSU game, but was holding out hope that something would change. After the 2nd half of the Michigan State, I stepped of the support wagon and started looking at the numbers and watching different things going on.

    Lots of things I was looking at was body language in warm ups, and especially on the side lines. I can’t tell you the number of times I seen players throw a helmet, kick a water bottle, and back talk a coach this year. One incident was bad enough you could hear the player in the stands. JPat will attest to that one.

    I was upset with the offensive play in the 2nd half at Minny, but seen a defense that didn’t break and kept us in it. I thought for a minute the team was coming together. Then came Iowa, a team we have beat the last 2 years, both here an on the road.

    After watching Iowa turn a 17-9 half time lead into a 45-9 victory, especially after watch Iowa frosh Jewel Hampton (from Ben Davis in Indy)rush for 95 yards and 2 TD’s in the 4th quarter took away most of what little faith I had left.

    Then came Illinois, and well, a beat down by a mediocre team that I said preseason would not be anywhere near what they were the prior season when they had Rashard Mendenhall (2007 9-4 and played in the Rose Bowl, 2008 5-7), yet we got destroyed, and it could have been worse.

  17. Wisco, Mike and I sit just 10 feet apart and did not figure that out until season was over. If you are a student of the game and watched every IU game this year, home games in person…Lynch is not the guy for the job. I have listed many reasons but he quite simply lost the team at some point and failed to get them back.

  18. Bassett needs to go to ISU and stay in Terre Haute . As for Mike Davis, the nba is waiting and Sampson , well , he should have been banned from NCAA for life .

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