Cortez Smith suspended indefinitely

IU has just issued an announcement that freshman defensive back Cortez Smith, who was arrested on robbery charges Thursday, has been suspended indefinitely. The release from IU is provided below:

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana University football coach Bill Lynch has indefinitely suspended freshman defensive back Cortez Smith (Detroit/Cass Tech) following his arrest on robbery charges Thursday in Bloomington. Smith did not see any action and redshirted during the 2008 season.

“He (Smith) faces serious allegations of misconduct that in my opinion require immediate action,” Lynch said.  “As a result, I have suspended him indefinitely from all team activities, pending the legal resolution of this matter.”


  1. He should be terminated from the team immediately, not suspended and his scholarship should be given to someone who appreciates the opportunity it offers.

  2. Cathy, unfortunately, we still have to allow due process to occur. Suspension was the right move, and after prosecution the rest can take place.
    I wish these kids had some concept of the value of the scholarship they have, and an iota of respect for what they’re getting.

  3. Cathy, unfortunately, we still have to allow due process to occur. Suspension was the right move, and after prosecution the rest can take place.
    I wish these kids had some concept of the value of the scholarship they have, and an iota of respect for what they’re getting.

    Sorry— Where does it say that to lose a scholarship one has to have “due process” Scholarships can be given and taken away at the coaches whim. I would rather some kid who didnt get a scholarship cuz this POS got it, now has a chance to get the scholarship.

  4. Cathy, I agree. If facts are right after a few more days, coach should make an educated decision and let the kid go…due process or not. These are serious findings!

  5. Once Cortez case is clear and his name is clear. IU has it 30 pound of silver we are gone to a new college.

  6. Did we already play this game a year ago with another player? The only difference this year appears to be that we know the allegations.

    It really is a tired song.

    If he admits his guilt and says he’s really really sorry, can he miss all of camp and then be a starter in September?

    It’s called accountability and setting a precedent. Somebody needs to be.

  7. lynch will kick this kid off eventually, but he didnt hve the guts to do with with a star player. its easy to boot a kid like cortez. im sick of IU having to deal with legal problems. poor character evaluation by the coaches.

  8. I just want to say please don’t act like something like this could happen to any of you. Yall don’t know the whole story and violent behavior exist everywhere no matter where you go. All the background checks in the world is not going to secure anyone’s safety. It’s funny cause all the people making comments about this story is some snot nosed suburban kids that have everything handed to them. Please get all the facts before making any comments.

  9. Yoyo,

    It is just as wrong to make negative comments about groups of people when doing so about people who grew up in the suburbs. There are “good” and “bad” people everywhere, and most are able to make a decision to attempt to Stay Away from Trouble.

  10. Please the reason you decided to even make a comment towards my statement is because it’s true. When stuff hits the fan it’s always the one group that has something to say about the other. Let’s be real here. It’s an ugly world and it does always result in one group taking the other side of another, just like what’s going on now. You must not have read the blogs KevinK.

  11. Yo, I made a comment toward the negative and I was raised in an inner city environment. You do not speak for everyone, trust me. To make a bold blanket statement is wrong, you will learn in time. As Kevin says, there are good and bad people everywhere, of all colors and socio-eco backgrounds.

  12. Ummm I’m not trying to speak for everyone sweetie. And what am I suppose to be learning from you exactly. As I said it’s an ugly world out there. And I still stand by my statement sweetheart.

  13. Yo, how can you stand by a statement that I proved wrong? Also, I have a wife and am happily married and she might be jealous you are calling me sweetie!

  14. So racism is prevalent and governing Bloomington and IU? You do realize you’re speaking of the city and the school that resoundingly elected Obama? In fact, Monroe county was pivotal in Obama swinging the state of Indiana.

    I don’t doubt that there is more to this story, but it’s ridiculous to imply that race played some sort of a factor in Cortez’ arrest. Racism isn’t prevalent at IU or in Bloomington. If you believe otherwise, then you’re clearly someone who has never been to Indiana and has a stereotypical of the state of having Klan rallies and cornfields.

    I’ve been wondering if the race card would survive post-election. I guess now I have my answer.

  15. “The two suspects were found in an apartment in the same complex where the crime occurred. The resident allowed police to search the apartment. During the search, police found two wallets, IDs and other items belonging to the two victims. Police also found clothing worn by the suspects including a mask that covers the lower part of the face and a black hoodie.”

    That is from the police report, not from a blog. OK, Yoyo, what part of this ‘could happen to any of you’? Give us a scenario where this was a simple misunderstanding.

  16. It is apparent by the nature the the stoy that there is missing elements that have not come out yet. I believe that a rush to decision is always easy, especially when put under pressure…! Bill lynch should have that ball to stand by his players….especially when outsiders are quick to judge. As I said, What’s missing. You have a 300 pound football player in the apartment….he shuts the door….who is this player? Oh…The 300 pound white kid…gets a pass on his name in national news papers.
    Ask Dennis Z. what really happened. Why is the coach protecting this player….Why is the newspaper not releasing this players name…? Somebody ought to wondering why? Is the prosumption of innocense only for the White Kid….lets protect him? The article does not reveal that Cortez was not artested the night of the incident… nor was Cortez in the apartment where the articles stolen where found…nor did Cortez have pocession of any of those articles stolen… I guess guitly by association means that you are quitly When you are in the right place at the right time. Umm… it could happen to anybody….! Ask the right questions. Require the news and Bill Lynch to give up the other player…… Something is missing in this picture

  17. Where does it say that the 300lb kid was white? I’m not in B-ton so I’m just reading the scoop. The whole report is pretty racially neutral. It does describe the clothing as being black.

  18. Chet, It doesn’t say it…! Read the papers regularly. Whenever a suspect is Black, they generally always say a Black Male or two Black men. it is a given when they don’t, it is generally a person who is white. If the 300 pound player was black, he would have gotten roasted in the press. Questions would have been raised…why was he there…if drugs were involved…connections would have been made about the player irregardless of his guilt for being in such a compromising position. Have you read the UI blogs concerning the matter. Cortez has been characterized from being a thug to being culturally disadvantaged.

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