Good tickets still available

If you’ve got some free time tomorrow and would like to watch the Indiana basketball team continue its development against a possible Final Four team in Gonzaga, you can still get good (discounted) tickets.

And those tickets will also allow you to see Notre Dame, another team that figures to make a deep run in the tournament, against Ohio State.

That and it’s the first basketball game at Lucas Oil. Even to a cynical reporter like me, that’s cool. can get you some seats.


  1. Cappy, I went to a Colts game recently and the way the seating goes up and the wide seats, I was thinking people would like it but you never know. They have 3 ways of putting the bball floor down according to the website so I will hope for the best for my tix.

    I was pretty pissed about the discounted prices. IU kills me every year with doing the discounts. I understand it makes IU money but it rewards the late buying leisure and fairweather fan but hurts us that buy early and immediately. My wife bought me tix as a bday present at 158 total with fees. If we waited I could have saved so much money. I love the way the website mentions economy as the reason why it put the tix at a discount and it has nothing to do with it. The real reason is that people are not watching IU this year and the tix did not sell as IU thought they would.

  2. IU had nothing to do with the discounted tickets. They didn’t even sell them. The decision came from the promoters of the event and the discounted tickets were only available through Ticketmaster.

  3. a basketball game in a football stadium is the biggest ripoff in sports and a travesty. but plenty of people are gullible enough to purchase tickets, so it will never change.

  4. IU and ticketmaster deal behind the scenes and that is fact. As far as IU having nothing to do with it, IU plays in the game for GOD sakes and anyone in athletics knows IU had plenty to do with it and the deal being put together. They put the message on their website IUHOOSIERS.COM. If you think IU is not pulling the strings, I disagree as they are profiting from this in the end.

    Ryan, I just want to see Lucas Oil again and see the first ever bball game there.

  5. If IU made the decision to discount the tickets, wouldn’t they have sold them out of their allotment? Instead, they recommended to buy tickets through Ticketmaster because not only did they (Ticketmaster) offer the discount, but they also had better seat locations available. Further, if you looked at the Ticketmaster website, neither Ohio State or Notre Dame offered the discount in their block of tickets (just like IU). The discount was only available from the Ticketmaster allotment set aside by the promoter (Best Collegiate).

  6. Aruss,

    That made me laugh even harder!!!! Not like we needed a BSU win to up our bowl selection or anything!

    I am laughing because I despise BSU. I have been around football for a long time, have met some classy and class-less fans.

    Until this season I had thought OSU had the most class-less fans, not even close. BSU fans are what is under the sludge when you dredge a sewer containment pond when it comes to class. So I took great pleasure in watching them get BEAT down!

  7. Mike P……..tell us how you really feel?

    Not up on the ticket scam for these games, but an experience at the “Luc” is worth the trip. It is hard to describe how big this place is. I was fortunate to enjoy suite seats for Colts/Texans game and no comparison to RCA dome. Each seat in suite has its own TV seat screen. I counted nine views of action from my seat. Individual TV’s also allow you to watch other NFL games. Crazy technology, but a beautiful venue. Inside and out.

    Go Hoosiers. Hang with the Zags.

  8. Ticketmaster is a pretty evil corporation (I mean, charging me for printing off tickets in my own home? and whats the difference between a maintenance fee and a service fee?), so for them i blame everything

    Still though, my seats won’t be great but I get 2 games for a pretty good price, and I since I’m not a Colts fan I will probably never get another chance to see the stadium, so to me its worth it

  9. Bro, I have a childhood friend that works within the athletic office at an SEC school. The schools have a say in everything and get kick backs on all tickets sold. I will always blame IU for discounting tickets that were unsold and when anyone would blame the economy when ticket prices were just too high to begin with.

    With that said, I was surprised that more IU fans were not there today. You always here people in Indy and above complain but when IU plays in Indy, the fans do not come out.

    I had a blast at the game and IU hung tough but the band, cheerleaders, and fans were really not into it.

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