IU women top Spartans

If you’ve been waiting for wins to come see the Indiana women’s basketball team, now is your chance. The Hoosiers won at Michigan State Monday night, 62-48, their eighth straight win. Iowa visits Assembly Hall Sunday at 4 p.m.

IU built a 41-23 halftime lead against the Spartans, and kept the momentum going through the second half. Jori Davis paced the Hoosiers with 14 points, while Amber Jackson and Jamie Braun added 12 each. Whitney Thomas pulled down 13 rebounds, but scored just seven points, leaving her nine shy of 1,000 for her career.


  1. I love the intensity Coach Jack has brought to IU. I hope she is not lured away by a bigger basketball school. I hope many more fans will jump on the bandwagong that is IU womens basketball.

  2. WHY IS ATTENDENCE STILL SO PATHETIC AT OUR WOMEN’S GAMES. This is a team competing for a top spot in the Big Ten and yet only a few people seem to notice or care.

    Is it that Indiana is to conservative as a state to support the idea of Women’s Basketball. I don’t think so since our neighbors to the North in West Lafayette support their Women’s team with thousands of people each night and they are just as conservative as we are if not more so.

    I have heard people who have said that as soon as the team got good they would support the team and go more. Well the team is very good now and attendence hasn’t gotten any better. Also I don’t want to here that this is the first year that the team is good because that isn’t true either. They have made postseason play THREE years in a row now so this is their FOURTH YEAR being good.

    It is a shame Greenspan has hired so many good coaches to turn a lot of our struggling Olympic sports around (Women’s Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball ETC.) and no one is going to the events.

    I would love for people who post on this board to explain to me why they don’t go to these games when they are affordable and a lot of fun to go to and watch a winning team. “Women’s Basketball being not being real Basketball”, “I am to busy” or “I just noticed the team got good” isn’t a valid excuse in my mind for reason’s stated above.

    How is it that all of the good Women’s Basketball teams in the Big Ten get supported by thousands of fans each night and our team only gets supported by hundreds.

    If anyone can explain this to me I would appreciate it since I am at a lost to understand it myself.

  3. This may come across as rude, but let’s be honest: It’s SO boring, and NOT upbeat whatsoever like Men’s basketball… honestly.

  4. Okay I wasn’t intending to be rude AT ALL but this doesn’t really answer the question.

    As I said before other schools (including Purdue) manage to attract a lot of fans (thousands every night) and to them it is not boring but to IU fans it is “boring”. Is it possible that you guys saying this have never been or given it a chance because I find it hard to believe that other Big Ten schools enjoy Women’s Baketball but our fans find it “boring”.

    Their has got to be a better explanation than this.

  5. I think people here are scared of womens ball, seriously and after reading 2 comments above I am sure I am right on. I will not go further than that. I go to several womens games every year and take my wife and kids. We can all go and have snacks for 20 bucks. I disagree that it is boring and not upbeat. I go sit on the floor, open seating…nice, and I swear that last year and this year, the women fight harder and are more aggressive than the men. I challenge Dynasty to go and his opinion will change for sure. Coach Jack has them INTENSE!!!!

    Steve, good for you!

  6. The difference between IU and Purdue when it comes to success is Purdue is on a whole other level of excellence. 7 years ago they won a National Championship. The next year they lost to Notre Dame in the championship game. Purdue has a tradition of success that IU is still starting to build up. A few seasons going to the WNIT is far from a tradition of success. IU has had like 3 coaches in the last 4 years, that also does not help. They have not been to the NCAA tournament in 6 years. I do think that finally with some consistency and success things will be better.

    Also i think the marketing and communications departments are not nearly as strong as they could be. If you saw Michigan State last night (who had over 7,000 fans there) They did great promotions and really got their fans much more involved in the game than IU does. So i think its a mix of building that tradition of success, fighting the idea that the sport is boring, and doing a better job promoting their product.

  7. Get a room arnus. Frankly, as others said, womens basketball is not that exciting but I still go to 1 or 2 games a season. The other guy nailed it, PU has a tradition of winning, IU is still far from that, and the bandwagon doesnt get rolling until we make some big noise. Winning the Big Ten could be a start, but I think Coach Jack has a good shot at bringing more attention to womens ball.

  8. I think what Jeremy said about marketing MIGHT BE THE KEY. In general I think IU is one of the most poorly run athletic departments in the nation. The way they organize student seating, don’t do promotions ETC is mind boggling.

    I hope the new AD Fredd Glass will change this and market better.

  9. Yeah, I’d say if IU had the winning tradition Purdue’s women have had, it would be easy to market. Plus, Purdue snags a lot of solid homegrown talent. That pads the numbers. No offense to Whitney Thomas – you are awesome! Come to think of it, even Purdue women’s volleyball brings in good numbers. But I don’t think whining and basically calling people out for NOT going is the marketing IU is looking for, but thanks for the effort Steve and Co. “Build it, and they will come!” It’s not only relevant in baseball! The IU men’s soccer team has quite a tradition, and a loyal following. Hmmmmmm!? The IU women need to keep this stability in the coaching position which, in turn, will bring about success on the court, more marketing, more fans. It’s not a secret formula.

  10. I’d go to all the games if I didn’t live in 4 hours away. I go to most to the ND women’s games and they are exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed the IU/ND game a couple seasons ago when IU beat them. It was great to be one of a few cheering on the Hoosiers among thousands of Irish fans. Several years ago, ND wasn’t attracting many fans, but they started winning consistently and their marketing and promotions are great. What needs to happen at IU is for fans to start coming and it will grow. It will give the team some added confidence. The crowd can and does make a difference many times for the home team. I’ve witnessed it first hand at ND and IU with the men’s team. By the way, MSU visited ND this year and only lost by 6 to the 12th ranked team in the country. So for us to go up there in front of 7,000 and kick their butts, we are doing very well. Go Lady Hoosiers!

  11. Big 10 tv is rebroadcasting MSU’s overtime win at Purdue right now, if you want to see exciting basketball and great crowd support. That’s the same MSU team that just lost to IU 62-48 to IU in front of 7000 fans.

    I go to all the IU home games. The team and the small crowd have a lot of intensity, and I think it will grow.

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