Our weird poll to the right

You can see that we’re asking people whether or not they subscribe to either The Herald-Times in print or the HeraldTimesOnline.com Web site.

Bluntly put, we’re trying to figure out who our audience is and what they need from us. It took an embarrassingly long time for me to realize that I should probably just go ahead and ask you guys.

So I am.

If, as the poll indicates as I write this, most of you are not subscribers to the paper or HTO, you’re missing out on our stories. So maybe we need to summarize them for you, or regurgitate parts of them on the blog.

But let me just stop there and wait for your thoughts. What would you like the Scoop to be?


  1. Add more commentary like your Thank you, dakich post and this blog would be perfect. I know y’all like to do the beat writer angle and not get too much into personal opinion because it can be tricky to navigate with your working relationship with IU. But the passion in your post yesterday really sparked something beyond the usual. It was refreshing to see a thoughtful, well crafted piece that has bigger world implications beyond IU’s playing fields.

    From a functional user experience point of view the blog is perfect.

  2. sure ck, id like the scoop to be the first place where I learn that Bill Lynch is fired from his position as iu football coach! To finally have atleast some hope for the program. Also it was nice to see the story about dan dakich.

  3. I have enjoyed not reading a book and also you are more fact than opinion. I like the quick updates and info and love that you post everyday and reply sometimes. I got none of the above with Hutch and The Star so I do not even look at that…for the last 4-5 mos anyway. You guys took me away. I like it just like it is but if you wanted to throw something in like the Dak piece once in a while, great. You guys are kind of my little side hobbie and I truly enjoy reading and posting. Great job!

  4. I love the blog (you guys do a great job), I just think its a bit ridiculous to have to subscribe to read the rest of the website.

  5. I can understand if you guys didn’t want to post the stories you do for the subscription part of the site since this blog is free for readers, so there’s no qualms there.

    You guys are the best place for breaking news on IU, so if anything, just don’t stop giving the updates and facts we should know.

  6. Chris, thanks for asking for input from those who frequent the Hoosier Scoop and for taking the HT to another level that few if any other reporters at the HT can match IMO.

    When I was not a subscriber(I have been a print/online subscriber for about a month), I would come here quite often to see what is new on the IU Sports scene, especially considering how tumultuous things have been with Samsom, Crean, NCAA, Hep, Lynch and Glass, etc.

    Now that I am a subscriber, I still find myself coming here quite often, chatting during the games and prefer the Scoop actually to reading Sports section of the paper. I really enjoy those print IU sports articles too though.

    While many think that everything on the net should be free, and a vast majority of them are, I understand that newspapers are struggling with decreasing ad and subscriber revenues so I can accept the HT’s online subscriber decision. So again I commend you for this blog as it offers so much for so little.

    Keep up the good work!


  7. I’m not a subscriber but come here couple times a day to get an update on IU. Appreciate all the information that is here.
    Thanks for your hard work.

  8. I have a print subscription, and as such, get the online at no extra cost. I’m with Mark K. in the whole “free information!” concept while understanding that hey- y’all might want to get paid!
    All that being said, I’m pleased with the blog as it is, and think that copying to many articles over would be shortchanging yourselves. After all, income streams really do lead to paychecks for employees. Things, including services, cost money, and you guys are worth it.

  9. Good post Megan, but let’s not blow too much smoke as I sure would not want this blog to become subscriber-based 😉

  10. Great that you grab info from many sources and post. This is my first stop for iu news. The beauty of the site is you can keep throwing stuff out there so keep it up. And it is obvious rod spaw is your mentor. He is an orginal.

  11. you guys do a great job, but the HT isnt worth the price of subscription. rarely is there something I want to read from the actual paper or site.

  12. I would like the Scoop to be like all the sports sections in the 15 other Schurz Communications online papers: FREE!

    Many of the HT’s same stories run for free on the Reporter-Times and Times-Mail’s websites (both Hoosier Times cos.)
    Why is the HT the only company in Schurz’s holdings (17 papers, 16 online) that charges an online subscription? I know my question is probably better saved for Bob Zaltsberg or Frank Schurz, but you asked and their blogs aren’t nearly as cool or responsive.

    I’ve been an HTO subscriber for 7+ years and 95% of the content I access there is sports. But for your juice, I’d have dropped HTO years ago (don’t tell Bob that, it’d be counter-productive to my rant).

    Keep the Scoop coming in whatever form, but please tell the big wigs that Bloomington doesn’t deserve to get taxed at every turn (especially when we’re just trying to keep up with our Hoosiers)!

  13. Scoop is great the way it is. I agree with some comments above. An online subscription for HTO is frustrating. Newspapers in general do not require this feature. Will your research lead to change with the blog or HTO?

  14. Don’t make everything free, keep it the way it is. I have a subscription and if people want to read all the good stuff, they should have to get a subscription as well. You get what you pay for.

  15. I don’t mind the online subscription and I enjoy some of the other local news since I live on the West Coast.

  16. Hey All,

    I’m sure I speak for everyone here at the H-T when I say thank you for the comments and suggestions thus far.

    I think what we’re really digging to find out from you guys is more so an issue with content. I think the issue with whether or not HTO should be subscription based is a whole other debate within itself.

    We’re interested to find out what you guys think can be added to The Scoop. An earlier comment mentioned that we provide a little more personal commentary on the blog. How do others feel about that?

    What other avenues of receiving the news here on The Scoop would interest you, i.e. podcasts, video, slideshows, etc.? Multimedia is one of the best things about the Internet – would you guys like us to tap into that a bit more?

    I’ve stirred the pot a little. Any more suggestions?



  17. For those of you who subscribe to the theory that because you pay for a paper subscription means that I (when I don’t subscribe to the paper) should have to pay for an online subscription to read its content, I would like to inform you that newspapers don’t make their money off of your subscription. It’s chump change.

  18. I subscribe to the H-T in print and would continue to do so if the online version were free. I think the H-T is making a mistake by charging for the online version. Basketball junkies need only go to the free Indy Star site for complete stories. I also love the blogs for up-to-the-minute coverage. You guys provide the best coverage of anyone.

  19. Living in New Albany (right across the river from Lousy-ville) it’s hard to get good IU information from our daily fish wrap, they got rid of their IU beat writer and rely on ‘Hutch’ fron the Indy Star, which he submitts one article only, usualy game day and day after. I come here to read the blog and the comments regarding the Hoosiers, I make this a priority at least twice a day because you guys update it so often with a lot good information I can’t elsewhere…Keep up the good work…GO HOOSIERS

  20. I don’t mind not reading the articles on the Herald Times as long as I can read the blog for free. Personally, I would be happy to pay something reasonable, like $20 a year, for access to the HTO, but $5.95 a month ($71.40 per year, which doesn’t even give you a discount if you pay for more than a month at a time) is a ridiculous amount for something that most papers provide for free.

  21. Used to subscribe to H-T when we lived in Bloomington 4 years ago and kept subscription for a year or so online, but not interested in anything but IU sports……this blog is perfect and a much better blog than others (mostly news) that I read…..enjoy the getting the facts!

  22. Same concept that is lost with sites like Peegs. You dont charge for this kind of information when we live in the Web2.0 age. More than enough money is produced with ad revenue, yet we are expected to pay to participate? The dinosaurs are rapidly dropping when they fail to realize that its the users of a site that drive the content. Without users, the ads are worthless and that dries up. Even old giants that used to charge for online subs. have wised up and now offer free news sites. I used to like reading about HS sports in the HT, but I dont have that interest anymore so there isnt really anything I’m missing.

  23. I live in Alabama and use the blog to get updates on my beloved Hoosiers. I completely understand that you’ve got to save some content for the subscription to define the premium value that a subscription brings. For me, any news about the Hoosiers is more than I get here in Alabama.

  24. Finally something I agree with Aruss about.

    The stories on the HTO are fine, but I don’t feel we need them on the blog. Those of us who are on here are informed enough (thanks to this blog) to already know what is in your HTO articles that the rest pay for.

    Keep the blog for the up to date, late breaking news. The follow up stories that summarize that news is for the subscription site, for those not as informed.

    Keep your post with thought provoking content that spurs conversation and passion among the fan base who want to post here.

    Post more commentary like the Dakich story.

    Above all, just keep being you. This is the best blog for IU sports that there is, we have the best group of commenter’s (yes, even you Aruss), and that starts with you guys.

  25. I haven’t lived in Indiana since I graduated from IU – 15 years ago. I read your blog almost every day during the season and at least a few times a week during the off-season… IMO, your blog and ITH are the best FREE sources for IU sports info… Loved the Dakich commentary. Love the in-game blog. The HT is not going to get me to subscribe to the online version (too many other places to get the same stories for free) or the print version (geography) – so this is the only way the HT is going to reach readers like me – hopefully ads will continue to make this possible…

  26. I havent lived in Indiana since I graduated either, so subscribing to a local paper (online or in paper) doesn’t make sense for me. I’d lvoe it if the blog included the standard HT stories. I still want “inside” info on the hoosiers (including soccer!) and thoughtful commentary like the piece on dakich. What I really want to hear from people who know more about the game than I do (Todd Leary, Coach Yeagley etc).

    For what its worth, I do purchase IU gear and do come back to b-ton every once in a while so there prolly are some ads that would appeal to me.

  27. I am a subscriber online. The reason that I subscribe is to get the more detailed information on Indiana University athletics that is not generally considered to be newsworthy by the Indianapolis Star or other newspapers in Indiana.

  28. I know everyone will hate this suggestion. Make this a pay site. Somewhere in between Hutch and peegs pay sites. When I say pay though I mean like 20.00 a yr. Something low enough that it runs off very few and gives you guys a resource for up grading your site.

  29. Quite simple, the reason why newspapers charge .50 or .75 or 1.00 or so on for the copy you get at the store is because people want to feel like they paid to get this information. It’s psychological really. That is why so many people here are saying that they’d be willing to pay “$20 a year” because they want to feel like they’re paying to get the information. That makes it feel more important.

  30. Doug, people like me would find another avenue. I did it with two other sites. You would not get my 20 bucks. I would miss it but find a new site, no problem.

  31. From a content standpoint, I value the Scoop for:
    1) the more opinionated commentary; the HT stories are far more often factually centered.
    2) the multimedia included here; love the audio files, pics, and, sometimes, video.
    3) the dialogue; HT stories are one-way interactions (columnists write, we read), while the Scoop is head and shoulders above the other sites in interacting with its readers, participating in discussions, providing answers to questions, and seeking feedback to improve its content (hence, this post!).
    4) the dynamic posts; commentary here covers far more angles and perspectives than in the paper. More humor, wit, and musing make these posts a more interesting read than traditional columns
    5) the frequency of information; once traditional columns go to print, the flow of information stops. The Scoop keeps me coming back throughout the day to see what’s been updated. Stories develop 24 hrs/day, and the Scoop is, again, well above-par in getting the news out as it happens.
    6) the humility of the columnists; you guys never seem to hesitate to acknowledge when you’re wrong or unaware and often cite other people’s work if you feel it’s of interest to your readers. I respect that a lot. Besides, you all seem like pretty nice guys who enjoy what you do.
    7) the community; love to see what other Hoosiers fans are thinking and how we look at things differently. More importantly, it’s a respectful forum that, for the most part, lacks the flaming and haters common on other boards. I find it very thought provoking.

    What I’d like to see from the Scoop as it evolves:
    1) more audio & video links!
    2) guest commentary- maybe include persons of interest to Hoosiers participating in the chats & blogs and writing guest columns every now and then.
    3) more in-depth, investigative pieces- there’s been a lot of action on 17th St. over the past couple years that’s involved incredible sums of money and some tremendously consequential decisions/inactions. I’d like to see more scratching below the surface of IU’s press releases than just from Mark Alesia.
    4) more human interest pieces- just as the recent Dakich piece proved in its responses, readers love the pieces that personalize the people involved with IU. Maybe even sprinkle in some “where are they now” pieces more regularly.
    5) more discussions from the readers, not just responding to posts. Not that this is within the Scoop’s control, but I’d like to see more original, outside content from the readers.

    Thanks for doing what you guys do. Nothing better distracts me from my work. (and that’s a good thing!)

  32. I agree that I would not pay, in fact, not a penny. Its not that the information isnt worth it, or I cant afford it, it’s just a principle.

  33. What I like that you do is the journalism in a blog format. I love that you guys did your homework on all of the legal up-and-downs of the program of the last year. But I also am looking for quick reports & summaries and short, personal commentary rather than some attempt at a passive (or even “objective”) reporting of the facts.

    Btw, I was a life-long subscriber of the HT (even back when it was the Herald-Telephone) before I moved to Illinois. Other than the IU sports, however, there’s not a reason for me to subscribe. Before you guys came online, I just relied on Peegs for free articles about Hoosier sports.

  34. I like a lot of what you guys already do…from recruiting news to thoughts about the previous and upcoming games. I’m not a subscriber. Game stories? Well if they were on here, that would be great but if I watch the game, it’s not really a big deal if I read a game story or not. I thought the editorial or column one of you guys wrote the other day was very good (even though I didn’t agree) and would like to see more of that.

    I use this blog and Peegs to get my IU news. The Indy Star is worthless for IU news.

  35. If I wanted to pay I’d pay peegs… I do like the content and feedback. No I am not a HT subscriber, just an IU alum, season ticket holder to B-ball & F-ball (Fire Lynch…) in Ft Wayne.

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