UAB at Butler

Butler 72, UAB 68 (Final)

Vaden misses a pair of 3s with UAB trailing by one point and Butler is able to pull away at the end.

Vaden does finish with 23 points on 5-of-11 shooting from 3.

Butler 48, UAB 45 (12:52)

Shelvin Mack, a freshman from Lexington, has hit all five 3-pointers he’s taken and has 17 points this half as Butler has taken advantage of UAB’s shooting struggles.

Vaden did tie the score momentarily at 45 with an impressive 3; he came off a screen and shot without setting his feet. That’s what sets him apart.

By the way, it looks like Illinois and Purdue are playing a spirited one just up the road in West Lafayette.

UAB 38, Butler 27 (HALF)

Former Hoosier Robert Vaden has 10 points, and Bloomington North grad Mike Davis Jr. hit a gutsy 3 as the Blazers have pulled ahead of the Bulldogs here.

Vaden’s in good shape and, of course, has freedom to find his shot in Davis’ offense. UAB of course has only six scholarship players and three walkons — including a wide receiver who just joined the squad — so they’re not the, umm, most energetic bunch. No interest from them in getting into an up-and-down game. You can say this for Davis’ offensive sets, which are as stagnant as they were at IU, much to your displeasure: they cut down on turnovers. UAB’s given it over just twice.

I’ve heard rave reviews of Butler freshman Gordon Hayward, and he’s lived up to them even though it hasn’t necessarily shown up on the score sheet so far (three points, one rebound). The 6-8 forward from Brownsburg has good athleticism and does a little bit of everything well. He seems to make an impact on ever possession, somehow. He’s a little like Purdue’s Robbie Hummel in that way.

Butler relies on a couple of freshmen, and it’s impossible not to compare them to the group playing for Indiana. And to notice the huge difference: when one of Butler’s young guys messes up, there’s a veteran to come into the game for them. There’s a veteran to say “I remember when that happened to me, and here’s how I learned.” There’s a system to fall back on, a way of doing things that has been proven and in place.

Butcher, the former Edgewood star, came off the bench early but did not record a stat in five minutes. The Bulldogs have spread the scoring around to seven players, none of whom has scored more than 5.


Oh, yes. We can mix it up a bit. Doug and I have journeyed to Indianapolis for tonight’s game at historic Hinkle Fieldhouse. Really, we’re just tired of the lousy sight lines at Assembly Hall. But we’ll also about UAB’s Mike Davis, Mike Davis Jr. and Robert Vaden as well as Butler’s Garrett Butcher, Monroe County’s all-time leading scorer.

Davis has been catching up with some IU people prior to the game and seems at ease in his first return to coach in the state where he got his start in the head coaching game.


  1. The hoosiers are truly hard to watch, or for that fact even care about. So here’s my question: is you traffic down to this web site 20%, 30%, or 40%? Keep the butler updates coming. Purdue updates would just rude.

  2. It is hard to watch the Hoosiers get beat, but they are young and will make young mistakes. I think Crean has done a great job with what he has had to work with. I didn’t figure they would win one game this year, they surprised me there. I’ll still watch the games, and know that will get better. I also love to see Mike Davis get beat anytime, he was the beginning of the down fall at IU. He would get good players, he just didn’t know what to do with them.

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