UAB loses four players

A news release out of UAB this evening has made it official that two players are leaving Mike Davis’ program and two others are academically ineligible for the upcoming semester.

The information reported by Gary Parrish of CBS this afternoon didn’t have it quite right, saying that former Hoosier Armon Bassett was leaving and three players are academically ineligible.

The entire UAB release is provided below. The news makes it appear that Davis has troubles ahead in what started as a promising season (a familiar storyline to fans who followed Davis’ teams at IU?). The Blazers will be left with six scholarship players and two walk-ons for the second semester.

UAB Men’s Basketball Loses Four Players
(For Immediate Release: Dec. 16, 2008)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. —– The UAB men’s basketball team will be without four players from its roster for the remainder of the 2008-09 season, according to an announcement Tuesday by Blazers’ head coach Mike Davis.

Guards Armon Bassett and Terrence Roderick are leaving UAB. Guard Ed Berrios and forward Jeremy Mayfield do not meet NCAA requirements for participation at this time.

Berrios and Roderick had played in all eight of UAB’s games this season while Mayfield and Bassett have not seen action.

“This team remains committed to work hard the rest of the season and to move this program forward,” Davis said.

The Blazers’ head coach also announced that guard Mike Davis Jr., who sat out the first semester due to academics, has been reinstated and is expected to suit up for the Blazers’ game Wednesday night against Jacksonville State.


  1. Now that they are down to 6 players, do you think if we played them crean could keep the loss to under 20 pts?

  2. Why no ‘classy’ comments for Doug’s dig at davis? and don’t think for a second that UAB’s six players wouldn’t stomp a mud hole in us and walk it dry this year.

  3. 2 coaches removed from the Davis era, and we still think it’s worthy of taking up space here along with the washed up, has been of a player that helped to taint the IU basketball program with his lack of control and discipline in the classroom as well as his suspension for smoking. Can’t we find something about the real IU team to write about? I’d rather read something about Crean’s shoe size or what he had for dinner than read about this malcontent.

  4. Washed up has been? The kids what, 21? You’re an ass for saying he ‘tainted’ the program (He’s a kid, kids screw up), but saying he’s a washed up has been makes you an idiot on top of it.

    A lot of Hoosier fans, myself included, like to be kept up to date of what former players and coaches are up too.

  5. Aruss, Stick to backing up Lynch, because you’ve made it clear you don’t know much about hoops.

    Mark, can you do two things at one time? Probably so. Well, Doug, Chris, et al can focus on Hoosier news while providing relevant other news as they see fit. Also, they do not have a limited amount of space on their blog, so the bar of “worthiness” need not be set at such high levels. Of course, I don’t really give a rip what MD and his Blazers (hehe) are doing; but gossip, conversation-starting, quick tid-bits, etc are part of the essence of a blog. It probably took Doug 5 minutes to post it and some readers may be interested, if not they can move on. As I said, I don’t really care, but I think it’s interesting to know and a legitimate post for a blog.

    It may be the case, however, that you are like Terry Hutchens and do not understand the purpose of a blog.

  6. It is funny how judgements are made with the smallest amounts of information. Mark reads the tabloids to be in the know… Looks like AB made a wise decision avoiding a disaster in the making… once burnt …

  7. This thread seems a little testy. Kind of like walking into a Birmingham bar with 4 of your new teammates, you know you’re throwin’ down with somebody.

  8. Mike Davis is a great example of what happens when you don’t work your way up the ladder. He is a good recruiter but he has never developed his coaching skills. Plus he wears his feelings on his sleeves. Had he started at a smaller program and worked his way up he would have been more successful.

    That being said, I don’t blame him for taking the IU job. Most people in his spot would have done the same. Still, he has proven over time he is not a good game coach and unless he has top notch talent he cannot win. Add to that he was never one to push academics.

  9. “Aruss, Stick to backing up Lynch, because you’ve made it clear you don’t know much about hoops.” – Wisco

    When did he make it clear he knows anything about football?

  10. He knows a lot about football, Mike. He knows how to be loyal, to not question authority or decision-making, he knows how to overlook scores like 45-9 and 62-10 in order to “keep workin’ on it” and to “get back at it”, etc. etc.

  11. Korman – why is it ok to call out Coach Lynch on on blow out losses but it’s not ok to do the same when Crean’s losses are just as bad?…and twice as embarrassing since we are a basketball school.

  12. Those are the most incomparable coaching situations ever. Just stop.

    You reap what you sow Mike Davis. IU knows all too well what that means.

  13. Wow, there’s not much holiday cheer on this here thread.

    Doug was simply stating what most of us all know and think (“Help is on the way!”). Davis may have been a nice guy (I’ve always wondered how we “know” that…) but so what (apologies to President Bush and his reaction to the shoe throwing)

    I always liked Bassett. Too bad things are not going his way.

    FYI: Marco Killingsworth was unavailable for comment.

  14. Because Creans team is expected to struggle, and there is enourmous potential in the coming years. Lynch provides doom and gloom and worst yet, the team isnt prepared and doesnt play hard. Lynch deserves all the grief he gets.

  15. And the football team had such high expectations and “looked like a Big Ten football team”, “bigger, faster, stronger defense”, “no-huddle looks good”, “Lewis is up to speed”, etc, etc.

    That was obviously mostly non-sense.

  16. Aruss… Please.. Just stop… It’s getting painful to read the crap you write on this blog.

    There are MAJOR differences between your beloved coach Lynch and Tom Crean. The most important, being the fact that the only 2 players Crean had on his roster once the B.S. was removed, were 2 former walk-on’s who probably scored a total of 20 points in their entire college careers.

    Add to that the fact that Crean has 7 or 8 freshmen on the team, and several more walk-ons, and it is pretty clear to see that anything even near .500 will be a miracle.

    Now the football situation is much different. Your butt buddy, Bill Lynch, had a host of returning players and experience and had just came off a season in which Indiana played in a bowl game (although it seemed, based on their performance they didn’t deserve to be there). The expectation was, more of the same. But once Mr. Lynch realized he actually had to coach, and motivate a team, the season quickly took a downward turn and never recovered.

  17. In summary, you could say the reason it’s ok to bash Bill Lynch and not Tom Crean for blow-out losses is becasue Bill Lynch turned a mediocre team into the laughing stock of the Big Ten, while Tom Crean is taking a team with absolutely no expectations, and showing them how to play as a team, and not making excuses for the losses, just plugging forward. Also, the next couple of recruiting classes coming in for the basketball team are insane considering everything…

  18. Steve O
    Yeah, I know, its hard to know that opinions like Aruss’s exist… I had to laugh, I haven’t heard the term ‘butt buddy’ in a while…

  19. Aruss seriously what is wrong with you? For starters Crean has won more games a covered more spreads this year. He also will win more than 1 game this year with a team of walkons, got that guys who were playing at the hyper last year!!!!! his recruiting class in his first year recruiting here was 6th in the nation. Lynch is losing his best players as we speak and today I saw we dropped from 9th to 10th in the BIG TEN in recruiting! What a joke. Its impossible not to insult you when you say some of the stupid things you say anti/Aruss. Walk around town signing Lynch’s praises and you will see he gets less respect than MD did and for good reason. Open your gd eyes.

  20. I’ll second that, Tom. Don’t know if I’ve ever read the term “butt buddy” either. Nice usage.

    Steve O summed it up perfectly. Lynch took a mediocre team and made them horrible, Crean is taking a team that is on the talent level of some local high schools and doing everything he can to win a few and build toward the future.

  21. I don’t know what it is that makes people so mean-spirited on this blog… probably the anonymity but it’s childish.

    Give Lynch one more year. We dealt with more injuries this year than any team I can ever remember but Lynch never used that as an excuse. Kellen Lewis fell off the map (due to injuries, time away, and personal issues – i.e. having a kid), but he should be back next year.

    We hardly lose anyone: our O-Line, D-Line and top recruits of a year ago (ex: Darius Willis at RB) will be available to step up. Also, young guys like Demarlo Belcher will be much improved at WR. And our injured studs like Jeremy Finch will be back in action.

    We will be a bowl team next year with Bill Lynch as coach.

    But even if you disagree with that last statement: calm down and be civil. Life’s too short to get worked up and insult one another like this.

  22. If crean recruits the verbals we had for this year and keeps last year’s players, we have a top 15 team. You have no idea how angry I was watching the Wake and Kentucky games.

  23. Aruss,

    None of the recruits for Sampson were available when Crean got here. Pretty sure they had already moved on. Oh, in case you forgot, last years players had this little issue with going to, and passing classes. There would have been a bunch of wasted scholarships on kids who would have been academically ineligible.


    Go read some of the other post on here. I have time and time again disproved the stupid injury excuse! Anyone with half a football brain can look at the 1st half numbers and compare them to the 2nd half numbers and know beyond a doubt it is a lot more than injuries that were the problems.

  24. Whew, getting pretty testy? By the way, has there ever been a post where Bill Lynch’s future hasn’t been brought up? Doesn’t seem like it 😀

    Instead of 90% of this post, I’ll comment on the actual story…

    It’s really unfortunate to see Davis in this bad of a light. I mean, I don’t wish animosity on anyone, except Bill Lynch(Couldn’t resist). UAB may have to resort to having Walk-ons like us, but probably not as many as we have.

    Someone brought up that Davis should coach in the NBA, and I say…Are you insane? The guy can recruit…that’s about it. He would be a really great assistant for a powerhouse school, but that’s it. You don’t recruit in the NBA…

  25. if you havent realized A, sampson recruited kids that IU no longer wants. crean is doing it right and youre worse than the iraqi shoe thrower crying for attention. come back with some better material

  26. Hey, I love that Iraqi shoe-thrower. Sorry is accuracy wasn’t better. He must have been coached by Bill Lynch and Matt Canada at some point.

  27. Davis’ heart has been in the NBA since before he leapfrogged Treloar to take Knight’s job. He loves the pro game and has tried to work elements of it into his teams since ’00. Don’t you remember pulling your hair out while watching 40 minutes of nothing but IU isolating Bracey Wright? While I believe Mike and Tamilya really enjoy campus life, I think he’d be happier coaching with a pro club. Besides, the NBA has been something that’s eluded him since he left Alabama.

  28. Based on the Gordon story on the Indy Star tonight, it looks like last year’s team was more concerned with dime bags than dropping a dime to a teammate in the lane. Can you only imagine what the ^$^#$% would’ve happened to us if the team got busted for that last year in addition to the Sampson mess? Maybe Dakich / Crean knew what they were doing to drop that lot and start fresh?

    *(insert your own joke about the erratic postings / illogical thought patterns of other blog posters here.)

  29. While I’m sure MD would love to be in the NBA, does being a total f***up in college qualify you for that kind of job? Seriously, it’s a business. Who in their right mind would hire him?

    Big ups to the shoe thrower.

  30. Isn’t Bob Knight available? I think he’s been a good coach in places where he’s been. He even helps build libraries!

  31. At some point the hey “I had it tough kids” need to grow up and appreciate the opportunity their skills have created for them . Equally, Davis needs to stop coddling these “poor me” kids. Is MD jr paying his way, because I think ole Mike can afford to pay for him. BK probably had both sons on scholships.

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