Where they played

The court today.

I think this picture, the work of our superb photographer Chris Howell, really gives you an idea of Lucas Oil as it was arranged for today’s game.

Imagine this place in 2010 when it hosts the Final Four. The court will be situated in the middle of the field and even more temporary seating will be used to surround it. It’s hard to imagine the energy that will be in that building.


  1. Thanks for the pic. It would have been nice for the BTN broadcast to show more like this so we could get an idea of what we were seeing and maybe even a behind the scenes look at how they did it. Then again, it IS the BTN.

  2. Great photo Chris!
    Any comments from those who were at the game about how the venue worked for B-ball?

    I am also curious what the attendance was for these games and what the capacity is for b-ball games?

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