Yeagley to Wisconsin

Thursday 10:45 a.m. update: We’ve learned that Todd Yeagley has accepted the job to become Wisconsin’s head soccer coach. Wisconsin is expected to announce the news at noon today.


Spent some time this afternoon talking to Indiana soccer coach Mike Freitag, who confirmed that assistant coach Todd Yeagley is in Madison today, interviewing for the head job at Wisconsin.

Yeagley just missed out on the Louisville job a few years ago, and would presumably be the front-runner for the Badgers. Freitag said he thought a decision could come before the end of the week. I’ll throw out some more soccer nuggets over the next week as I get time to sort through our interview.


  1. Is Freitag still right for this program? I don’t follow soccer regularly but how long has it been since IU has made the final four?

    Can someone help me out here..

  2. Wow. I’ve spent an entire lifetime with a Yeagley on IU’s sidelines. With the heat on Freitag increasing, we’re now left with no clear heir apparent on the bench. Any word if there’s an out clause in Todd’s contract to take the IU job if it should open up? How about in Porter’s contract with Akron?

  3. I think this shows that Yeagley is not expecting Freitag to go anywhere anytime soon. And based on the end of this season, there’s good reason to expect the four-year College Cup drought could end next year.

  4. “And based on the end of this season, there’s good reason to expect the four-year College Cup drought could end next year.”

    Based on the end of this season, I’d say there’s better reason to expect Freitag might go somewhere soon. We’ve never seen a bigger melt-down in post-season play than the last 10 minutes of St. John’s. Next year may well be Freitag’s year of reckoning, ala Lynch. We’ll see.

    I’ll agree with your assessment of Todd’s assessment of the future. I’d just hoped he’d wait it out and take the helm eventually. Keep us posted once his contract is published to see if there’s a “dream job clause” which would let him come back home.

    Thanks, Jeremy!

  5. I practiced with Todd for a couple of during high school (I was jv when he left) and y’know, for a “pretty boy,” he was actually an alright guy. But I have doubts about his demeanor as a head coach at this level. I think this is exactly the right move for him, and perhaps eventually IU as well. Yeagley’s at a time in his career he needs to start head-coaching somewhere, and Wisconsin’s a good opportunity. I think if Freitag doesn’t get to the College Cup next year, he’s on the hot seat. But barring a spectacular meltdown of a season, Freitag’s probably in the head spot for at least 2 more years.
    I do like what Porter is doing at Akron, and we shouldn’t forget John Trask’s current success at UIC. The IU family has a lot of good options out there -should they be needed, but I’m hoping Freitag’s Hoosiers finally get the offense fully revved next fall. It’s sort of ironic that the offense is the problem, because Freitag is the one that finally sold Jerry Yeagley on the 3-5-2 line-up that led to a revival of the Hoosier offense in the mid-90’s.
    Anyway, Congrats to Todd Yeagley, and thanks for posting this, Jeremy!

  6. Boy does this make things interesting. First, Yeagley and Freitag are going to be going against each other to hire assistants. Both will probably try to pluck people from IU’s family tree (Aleksey Korol and Sean Phillips are assistants at UIC, Brian Maisonneuve is at Louisville and the list goes on and on). Then, they’ll compete for recruits.

    Should be fun to see this one develop over the next few years.

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