$5 tickets!

With average attendance at 12,807, Indiana is offering $5 tickets to students to Saturday’s 6 p.m. game with Penn State.

But don’t stop reading if your glorious college years are in the distant past. There’s a loophole: students maybe buy as many of these tickets as they want, and give them to whomever they want. So if you at least know somebody currently enriching their lives and stretching their intellectual boundaries in IU’s classrooms, you can probably finagle a spot in the Hall Saturday.

Or there might be some enterprising students who buy a batch of these $5 tickets and try to sell them for $10 or $7.50 or whatever.

But just because you get into the game with a student ticket and sit near all the students does not mean you will be hip enough to hit Sports later in the night (Nick’s is better anyway, right?)

Here’s a letter from Tom Crean, written to the students, about the Student Appreciation Night promotion.

Welcome Back!  I want to personally wish you and all Indiana University students a Happy New Year.  2008 was a year of tremendous change and transition in the IU Men’s Basketball program and I hope that you are as excited as I am for 2009!   We’ll need your continued patience and support as we fight through the grueling Big Ten Conference season over the next few months.  Three of the four games we’ve played this year have been on the road and we are excited to return to Assembly Hall on Saturday evening to play Penn State.  The student support at our games thus far has been fantastic and has played an instrumental role in our home success.  In fact, we have won every game played in Assembly Hall while our students have been on campus and we look for this to continue beginning Saturday at 6:00pm!

The weather will be warmer, the tip-off time is perfect, we’ll have a national TV audience tuned in, and we’re willing to help fight the post-holiday recession…to show our appreciation for your patience and support during last semester and to kick off 2009 the right way, we are offering $5 student tickets for this game.  While supplies last, you can purchase tickets for yourself, family, and friends – just visit the Ticket Office in Assembly Hall on Friday or Saturday.  Make sure you bring your IU student ID as this Student Appreciation Night is only offered to you – the best student supporters in the nation!

My players and staff will bring their highest energy, enthusiasm, and excitement – make sure you bring yours…let’s fill The Hall!


  1. What’s sad are the thousands of empty seats in Assembly Hall lately. Any efforts to fill these seats should be welcomed.

    What’s truly sad is the sordid series of events which led to the empty seats (read: Sampson debacle & Greenspan tenure).

  2. If that’s not enough for you, fans can bring their Penn State tickets to Assembly Hall Monday night and get a ticket to see the IU women play Purdue for only $2.

  3. Chronic, it is interesting to me that the students are not going to the games. It truly is a different time. I was in 6th grade when Smart hit the famous shot. I know where I was when I watched it and who I was with. If the Sampson thing happened in the late 90’s and IU was rebuilding like now, the students would have still been at the games. These students today do not remember a true championship team other than the 2002 almost vs Maryland. It is a different day and as much as I hate to admit it, we cannot depend on tradition as much as I thought we could. I told everyone that once Big 10 started that 17,500 strong would be in the hall and that has not been the case! What a shame! If that cheating SOB did not pull what he did and he and his team walked the line…what could have been…oh well. I am hoping for the best anyway!

  4. The alumni aren’t buying up the un-used student tickets either. We have had tickets on sale to the general public for every game this year.

  5. So typical of alumni to blame students, when they’re not buying the tickets either!

    “Back in my day, we walked 3 miles cross town to get there an hour early to sit down and respect the game!”


    Can’t wait to bet against IU tomorrow!

  6. Worth it to return to a clean program. One year blip. Lucky we have a someone that can clean up the program, recruit a top ten incoming class, & coach like gangbusters. Really lucky!

  7. I’ve always wondered why IU does not offer deals like this to general public. I love going, and supporting our Hoosiers, but the cost is CRAZY any more. I really enjoy going to the football games, and take advantage of the $20 or $25 ticket deals they have at some games. But it is RIDICULOUS that a regular priced ticket to the IU football games are $39 a whack. They want more fan support, but continue to raise the ticket prices to watch a struggling Big Ten football team.

  8. The other day I was in the downtown area and had forgotten I had left two tickets on my dashboard. When I got back my front windshield was busted out and someone had left three more.

  9. Why so glum people. IU is cleaning up and working hard to better themselves. We are on the road to greatness one step at a time. Perfection doesn’t come over night. IU needs our support! Are we Hoosiers or just fair weather fans. Go IU!

  10. Take advantage of the opportunity and see IU now because next year everyone will be complaining about not being able to GET tickets!

  11. The $5 price reflects the expected result, not the effort the players put forth. They deserve all the encuragement we can give them!

  12. I’d like to know how many of you bought tickets this year. We had given ours up last year because we were unhappy with Sampson before the fan flew out the feces.

    We purchased tickets again this season. I was not interested in purchasing the student’s tickets as a non student because they do not assure you tickets for next year. As a member of the varsity club we were able to secure tickets that will build points and assure us of seats in the future. IU Fan is right, next year the whining will be back to the usual.

  13. Maybe the original ticket price is set too high, doesn’t meet the market value or maybe there is little value period. Maybe all ticket prices could be reduced to reflect the situation. Ya know, I bet it’s those ticket speculators that are inflating ticket prices like they do with gas prices. Frustrating, isn’t it. And I just heard yesterday that inflation was at something like a thirty year low. Not in Btown. Could there be a better entertainment value elsewhere in the state?

  14. A great many college programs have raised student fees and then made student tickets free. When there’s a great demand, there’s a lottery system in place. But when there’s not, it is first-come, first-serve for seats/tickets.
    If students have already paid for the tickets, they are going to be more likely to come. Not just for basketball, but for football.

  15. With the current student population there is no enthusiasm for basketball that comes with having a team that wins. Give it time Hugh, they will be lining up outside assembly for tickets just like they do at Duke.

  16. So if a get lucky and get 2 tickets for 10$ from a nice student I will still have to spend 15$$$ FOR PARKING!!! But if I have to park first then pay more for 2 of us then the cost will still be even more ridiculous because of the PARKING COST. This is IU and parking is not like a premium like a COLTS game for 20 $ or even more. This is why I have not gone to any IU sporting events in the last years is because of the cost of parking!!!!

  17. Cheryl, I had been on a waiting list for years and finally got tix in my name this year. You are so right, it will be back to normal next year and for years to come, tough to get a ticket even at face value. I remember selling Duke and UNC tix a few years back for 5 or 6 times face value and making up the cost of the package I bought from a co-worker. In 2000 the regular package was 400 to 500 bucks and this year it cost me around 1,200. When I graduated in 99 student tix were well under 100 bucks for season and now over 200 I think. I have said it before, IU got greedy after 2002 run and raised everything and now it has backfired with the Sampson mess and the economy.

    Andrew, parking at bball is 10 bucks today while football is 15, figure that one out. Parking at football was 5 bucks from the 80’s until after I graduated in 99 and then it hit 10 and now 15.

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