Crean > Churchill (Or, how you can get a free shirt)


IU has announced that all attendees of Sunday’s noon game against Minnesota will receive the above shirt so that the desired “whiteout” effect can be achieved.  You can read the press release below.

But first, while we’re quoting Churchill, there’s this line that might apply to some of the discussions we’ve had here: “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.

Each fan who attends Sunday afternoons men’s basketball game between Indiana and 20th ranked Minnesota will receive a free t-shirt to help create a whiteout effect against the 20th-ranked Gophers. Tip-off is at noon.

“I think our crowd will be energized and it should be an exciting afternoon in Assembly Hall,” said IU Coach Tom Crean. “I’ve said all season we have some terrific fans and I think is a great reward for their loyalty.”

Balcony seats for this game, and all remaining games, will be on sale for $5. You may purchase tickets through Ticketmaster,, or by stopping by the IU Athletic Ticket Office at Assembly Hall or by calling 866-IU Sports.

The t-shirt will have an IU logo on the front and the famous Winston Churchill quote “Never, Never Give Up” now attributed to Coach Crean.

“I love how hard our team plays and how hard Coach Crean coaches,” said IU Vice President and Director of Athletics Fred Glass. “They never quit and I want to encourage Hoosier Nation not to quit on them. Fan support in Assembly Hall has been tremendous. We just want to encourage more people to be there.”

Following Sunday’s game against Minnesota, the Hoosiers will next host Ohio State on January 31 at 4 p.m.


  1. Love it! Seeing as 90% of Assembly Hall attendees normally wear some shade of red (and mostly not crimson), I always thought the “white-outs” were ridiculous and very poorly executed- the “stripe-out” was just F’n stupid. While I still believe a red-out is more befitting our nature (and our general preference in Hall attire), this is the only way we’ll ever have a respectable “white-out.” Bravo to Mr. Glass & Co. for raising the bar (and the cash) to make this happen!

  2. I thought that was Jimmy V’s line. Chuckle.

    Also bravo to Glass.

    Any results from the cardboard face poll? They are becoming even more irritating. I am embarrassed for the student section that they have to hold them. Step up Fred Glass. Burn them. JK. I am not wound that tight. I just turn my head.

  3. Yes, lets wear “red” when we’re crimson. That’s brilliant. Almost as brilliant as chanting “Go Big Red” when we’re Crimson. Or chanting “Red” “White” when we’re cream and crimson.

  4. I am amazed at the things people complain about. The stripe out was creative and looked great. Also, I think the big heads are pretty funny. They really aren’t anything to get upset about.

    I do agree that it was a good idea to give out free shirts.

  5. Jimmy, Not terribly upset about the heads, but they look stupid. agree, Free shirts for all. Especially Emily K. Send her some.

    The student section should be more uniform and on the same page with their energy. Cardboard faces seem to mellow the crowd. It is awesome to see the student crowds that are dressed alike and chanting or gyrating in synch. Students are creative. Come up with an idea.

  6. Student Section? We don’t have a student section. How can students be uniform when they’re not together?

    I just love it when alums who do nothing but sit on their hands all game chastise the only fans in the house who are actually cheering. Pot, meet kettle.

  7. What size do they come in? I need one bigger than an XL for my brother, a loyal fan, supporter and alumnus.

  8. I would love to see IU have a student section like the Cameron Crazies, The Izzone, Painter’s Crew, just to name a few. If the students are together they will come up with plenty of ideas to cheer the team on. Sometimes the student sections are just as entertaining as the game.

  9. My family is planning to buy five buck seats for Sundays’ game. It will be like watching from the Goodyear Blimp but it will still be lots of fun! From those of us who can’t afford to buy a family’s worth of tickets to the basketball games, I thank IU for the “five buck” seats. For once, they are thinking of the fans.

  10. Jamie, the students killed that chance by not buying this year and the schools that do the bottom level with students generally have many less student tix on a whole than IU.

    IUFAN, I hope you have a blast at the game. People B and moan always about the balcony but it is better than the last 10 rows of the main where you the balcony over your head and cannot see the scoreboard.

  11. Had balcony seats for the Penn State game. They were not bad at all; we could see the whole court, and the big screen on the scoreboard was more than adequate for “up close” views. I’ve purchased $5 tix for the Illinois game and plan to go and cheer loud! I’d rather see a team/program we can actually be proud of on the court. Kudos to A.D. Glass for recognizing that while this year’s ‘product’ is up to past year’s standards, $5 tix are a lot better than thousands of empty seats. Smart way to build some program loyalty again while the team improves.

  12. J Pat, thanks, I didn’t know that. I hope the students will get involved, they are missing out by not getting tickets to the games. Wish I lived closer so I could get in on the cheap seats.

  13. is there any way i could buy this t shirt from anywhere now? my dad was just at IU for dad’s weekend and saw someone wearing it and he loves it!

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