1. Congrats to Kentucky on their 3rd straight bowl *win*. Kinda neat, eh? A “basketball school” that isn’t simply content “going to” a bowl game every 15 years and getting blown out in the process. No, folks, Kentucky goes there and WINS!!! How ’bout that, Jimmy boy and Aruss! WINNING bowl games is the idea, not simply showing up!!!

  2. Few expected them to win too, good win UK.

    This is a very interesting article. it seems as though the Head Coach gets his “revenge” if a player lives. I throughly agree with him. This is just a stupid move on the part of Shannon, his recruiting is going to take a hit for this, and it may even cost him and the AD his job. This guy wanted to be near his father who had cancer for gos sakes. I lost a lot of respect for Shannon reading this article. I found it funny what schools he listed. Those are powerhouse SEC schools that are going to NEED QB’s in the near future. Tebow might leave Florida for the draft(I don’t think he will, but it’s a possibility), LSU is starting a freshman, and Crompton, Tennesee’s starter, seems to be awful from what I’ve read. You are an ******* Shannon, let the man go to his father wherever he so chooses.

    Found it funny that he mentions Myles Brand, does the dude do anything right?

  3. Chris, does this mean that you agree with the story Wetzel wrote about IU recently? Just curious. I see both sides of this deal, but I agree that this coach went to far, especially with a sick father involved. Yes, his recruiting will take a hit.

  4. you all don’t know half the story, how wetzel didn’t mention marve’s family and high school coach were shopping him to SEC schools (UF, LSU and Tenn), that’s why the SEC was eliminated initially. Now he can transfer to the SEC just not the three mentioned above. I go to school with Marve, he’s a good kid, but misguided big time. Wetzel doesn’t know jack, just a fact he isn’t around the situation like I am. Hope this brings more insight that from some schmuck behind desk who reports one sided and without ALL the facts.

  5. good points Gio. just shows that we rarely if ever get all the facts. this is a gray area that is hard to pin down, is the school wrong? or do we curtail the ability of a student and his handles to screw with programs? we can all agree that brand is clueless and how somone like him becomes the pres of the ncaa just shows how lost the BUSINESS is.

  6. Great for UK….they were 2-6 in the SEC though, not sure how exciting that is. Seems like in another 5 years or so, that every team in Division 1 will go to a bowl and we won’t have to worry about that anymore.

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