Don Meyer passes Knight for most wins

The title of this post, if you know anything about Meyer’s story, is wildly inadequate. Meyer had part of his leg amputated after a car accident on Sept. 5. As doctors operated on him that day, they found cancer in his liver and small intestine.

Meyer, by the way, coached Lipscomb for 24 years before going to Northern State University.

Northern State beat University of Mary last night, giving Meyer 903 career wins. ESPN’s Buster Olney was there, and he wrote about it.


  1. What a story. Reminds me of the joke about the dog with all the problems and was named “Lucky” That is a nice record for what seems to be a top notch person. No congrats from BK?

  2. Yeah whatever, I guess if I’m coach at a rec league and get more wins than Bobby that counts. What a joke Bobby still has the record until coach K or whoever from real D 1 takes it. They may call themselves D 1 but they are not fooling anyone. I mean you can’t take someone serious if they are playing the “University of Mary” is that a woman’s school?

  3. Coaching is coaching. Meyer’s teams may not have been playing D-1 talent, but they weren’t made up of D-1 talent either. It’s a significant accomplishment and shouldn’t be discounted.

  4. Just ignore Philmo, he is trying to post the opposite of the common reaction just to get attention from everyone, don’t bother responding to him.

  5. Don Meyer has won several NAIA National Championships. He is one of the most respected coaches in the country. His clinics bring coaches from all over the country. He is an outstanding coach and person no matter what level he’s coaching. His fight back from a horrific car accident and then cancer is an amazing story.

  6. I guess his point was…are these two accomplishments worth comparison? When you talk about homerun kings, do you take all the stats from foreign leagues and say that they compare to Aaron or Ruth? I think thats the point, at least it is for me. Doing it at D1, is a different animal, but Coach Meyer deserves a lot of respect for his success.

  7. yes I agree with mr peegs, apples and oranges. Plus Bobby is the best there is the best there was the best their ever will be!

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