Glass used last two months to start his work

A story from today’s paper:

Kyle Hornsby and Fred Glass

IOWA CITY, Iowa — On his desk in Assembly Hall — which he set up on Friday, his first official day of work — Indiana athletic director Fred Glass has a two-page outline of things he’d like to accomplish first.

“But I’m so obsessive about it,” he said Saturday at Carver-Hawkeye Arena, where he watched the men’s basketball team lose 65-60 to Iowa, “that I’ve highlighted the things on that list that are most important to me.”

Glass’ goals have not diverged from the ones he stated during his introduction on Oct. 29. After meeting with more than 140 people over the last two months, though, he now has a better idea of how he plans to ensure that Indiana once again becomes synonymous with NCAA rules compliance, continues a record of academic achievement and expands on its history of athletic excellence.

“It was just an amazing experience,” he said. “And a luxury. I knew that during the last two months I would have an opportunity that I wouldn’t have again once I was dealing with the minutia of running the department.”

Some meetings he went into with an agenda. He met with people at the NCAA to ask them about Indiana’s reputation at the league office (which he opted not to share publicly). He spoke with Big Ten officials to ask about best practices in compliance enforcement.

On his visit with Kelley School of Business Dean Dan Smith, he broached the subject of using the school’s expertise in marketing to assist the athletic department’s efforts in that area.

When Glass met with Dean of the University Libraries Pat Steele, he went in for what he thought would be “quite candidly a courtesy meeting.” He came away with ideas of how the athletic department can better make use of the academic services the library offers.

“It was so invigorating to meet these people and listen to their ideas,” Glass said.

Glass met with student leaders and has decided to hold office hours — on campus, not at Assembly Hall — so students have regular access to him.

The work of closing out his practice at the Baker & Daniels law firm in Indianapolis went smoothly, Glass said, because of his great partners (upon whom, he said, he foisted some of his work because of his eagerness to explore the situation at IU).

He’s met with every coach, and plans on taking a road trip with every team. His trip with the basketball team was the first time he’d accompanied a team and observed the steps it goes through on the road.

“We flew out at three, had the shoot around, had dinner, had the post-dinner meeting, had today’s shoot around,” he said. “It’s important I know what they do.”

Glass admitted to “swimming upstream” on matters such as making coaching hires because of his lack of experience within an athletic department.

While catching up there is important, he’s just as concerned about the new academic center that will be built for athletes once the football team moves out of its offices under Memorial Stadium’s east stands. The much-needed project, he said, “doesn’t have the funding or vision” necessary right now.

“It’s important that I be able to come in and look at the situation with an external eye,” he said. “That’s easy to do at the start. But I need to continue to do it as I become more a part of the situation.”


  1. Take off that toupee, Fred, and go get us a football coach. Think we’re just a basketball school? We haven’t won anything in over 20 years. The only thing thicker than your toupee is the layer of dust that has settled on those 5 championship banners. We need to diversify. Let’s be like Kentucky, Kansas, Maryland, North Carolina, Wake Forest, and Arizona – basketball schools that have realized that you must be strong in BOTH major sports!

  2. he already failed in keeping lynch and letting top names slip by already. the toupee is the least of my concerns. getting a real football coach is at the top.

  3. I have faith in Glass to do some great things here. After our football season, we should (and will) get a coach to bring us up (Gill please) and Im sure he will do it. On the bright side, atleast we have PU and OSU coming to The Rock to play, which equals 2 sell outs to go along our 5 other 26k attendance numbers.

  4. As we get started into a new year, I’d like to plead (probably in futility) that people try to treat others with their comments on the Scoop like they’d expect to be treated themselves in everyday life.

    We don’t censor people from making negative comments about anybody here unless they use profanity or make unsubstantiated allegations against someone, but it still detracts from the level of the discussion, I believe, when people are just mean and rude for no reason.

    I don’t think it makes sense to take potshots at Fred Glass when he is only three days into his new job, but if you are going to do that, why try to make hurtful personal comments about him that have no relationship to his job performance? I think those types of comments tend to say more about the person making them than the person they are written about, and I just want to encourage people to stop and think before they take the low road with their anonymous public comments. I apologize for singling out this particular comment to make this point – there have been worse ones here, certainly – and I don’t want to discourage anyone from posting because we value your divergent opinions here.

    Personally, I really enjoy reading what all of you have to say about IU sports and its various personalities. I admire your passion and knowledge. Let’s just please try to make this a place of reasoned conversation and debate, not another of the many sports venues on the Web that are full of insults and name-calling.

  5. Im personally glad to see him with the team already trying to see a glimpse of what some of these players will look like in 09, hope he takes a REAL good look at the football program in the spring…

    Pegs, you are basically telling a guy to immediately fire someone the first few days into his job! That’s insanity my friend, he has to at least assess Lynch and go from there. I want Lynch gone as well, but don’t think he will instantly do it.

  6. I have to agree with Zach on the Coach Lynch situation. Glass’ only experience with Lynch has been meeting with him the last two months, and I think he sees that, even though Lynch can’t coach worth squat, he can recruit some decent players to the team. After a season of seeing for himself how the team performs, Glass will be better-informed to make a decision (Turner Gill, or maybe Phil Fulmer if he’ll take the job).

    As far as the other aspect of running athletics (everything other than wins and losses), I think the steps he is taking will only help. Talking to the Libraries people and thinking of ways to improve the vast space under Memorial Stadium to better suit athletic academics can only be good given the situation we’re in with that. Plus, his ability to build facilities from his time in Indy will maybe help us secure funding for the Baseball/Softball complex, and maybe even the replacement for Assembly Hall and get those projects moving. I like the prospects as of right now.

  7. Its not unreasonable for an AD or any type of new executive to come in and clean house. You have a guy named Crean as a perfect example. How much more does an AD need to see that Lynch has been a mistake and the downfall of IU’s future? I fear that cronyism is rampant and he will be spared for years to come.

  8. peegs,

    As much as I want Lynch gone, they were right. Glass is coming into a new job, and behind the 8 ball already. If the replacement was to be done by him, it needed to start with Greenspan firing Lynch immediately following the Purdue game and a search committee building a list of possible replacements for Glass to speak with last Friday.

    This way Glass will see the workings of the department, and will be able to gage our financial situation and go about finding IU a quality coach, and not a knee jerk reaction hire like Lynch was.

  9. Its my guess that they are all a close knit group, and that is why Lynch was spared. I’ll agree to a degree that the firing would have gone more smoothly had the outgoing AD done it. But we all know Greenspan would never do it, because it was his silly hire, and even more silly extension that got us in the gutter. I would have had no reservations had Glass come in, and cleaned house with the program. This is one weakness of bringing in an AD with zero seat time as an AD.

  10. I see both sides. As a fan I feel like peegs but if it was me taking over and in Glass shoes, I would not make that move right off. If he does it now, we lose recruits for next year, have to find a new coach, and win NO games next year instead of 1 or 2. I would be thrilled to see some changes under Lynch for next year and also if IU starts out like 1 and 5, let him GO. I am scared to death that Canada will call plays again next year…that in itself already makes me need the extra beers just to walk in to the game. Play calling, timing, and variation in scheme is what has won many teams bowl games. The person calling plays is more important than the head coach in a sense.

  11. Glass has already said that Lynch is back for next year. If he wins or shows improvment, he’ll be back. If not, we’ll see then. This whole discussion is a non-starter. (Are you sure it’s a toupee?)

  12. Laurence,

    Welcome to the Scoop.

    We are all very aware of what Glass has said, but this has been an ongoing debate pretty much since the Minnesota game.

    Until Lynch is fired, or makes this program a consistent winner, the discussion will not die. So it may end after next season, or if he does well, it may go on for 4 or 5 years.


  13. I am sorry, Doug, about what you perceived to be inappropriate comments, and I see your point.

    However, I feel somewhat justified, because, as a bald man myself, I consider a toupee to be morally wrong and an insult to the bald community (nod to Larry David there 🙂 For the sake of comparison, think of how proud African Americans feel when they look at Michael Jackson – someone who basically paints himself white every day.

    To have someone as a leader who feels the need for such a cover-up is a bit troubling to me. However, I’ll choose my words more carefully next time (Unless Aruss or Jimmy is involved – then its open season).

  14. I agree with J Pat about Matt Canada’s play calling. If Lynch has any football sense at all he HAS to know that the play calling last season was horrible. No creativity, no imagination, no rhythm. Plus, no use of the TE. For the life of me I cannot understand why IU does not take advantage of their mobile QB, roll to one side and toss a little dump pass to the TE.

  15. Mwolfe said “For the life of me I cannot understand why IU does not take advantage of their mobile QB, roll to one side and toss a little dump pass to the TE.”

    To do that, you need a mobile QB that can throw the dump pass with accuarcy and a thing called touch.

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