1. Now I know what Northwestern fans feel like. Hope that Dumes is OK. Wins will be slim, but I still support this team.

    Go Hoosiers!!!

  2. We are going to have to get used to these “Biggest blowout ever in a series” and most losses in a season type records. But hey could be worse….uhh….I think.

  3. It reminds me of the mortgage meltdown and the credit crisis, once you’re down, it’s nearly impossible to get back up, although you can pay someone big bucks (the bailout) to save your a$$. Is it foolish to believe that things will get better or is it the only choice we have?

  4. My Comcast went out 10 minutes before game. Had to listen to Don and Todd, which isn’t all bad.

    Comcast gets my “onions” for the week. Out for 24 hours and local office would not respond to several neighborhood calls. After 20 hours of complaints, it took a call from an affluent neighbor. This is second outage in three weeks. Service techs are all great guys. Switchboard operators are out of touch and customer(s) suffer.

    This outage was ignored for 21 hours. Home workers like myself were out of business. No excuse for IGNORANCE. Sorry fans……just want to share with you and give a NO vote to Comcast.

    Loss of TV was annoying. Loss of connection was costly. Ignoring service outage is fatal. I am dropping them as soon as Uverse hits this area.

  5. Good luck with that, ww- recent conversation with an AT&T insider implied that due to economic conditions, no real expantion was expected in 2009. Could change, obviously, if there is an indication of substantial demand, so I’d get together with those neighbors, but don’t hold your breath. Just thought I’d let you know.

  6. WW,

    Megan is right, AT&T is cutting back on their Uverse expansion at this time. They are citing economic struggles with the economy as their official reason for not expanding at this time.

    I have a good friend who is a Uverse tech, and he told me that I can sign up for service right now, and I should see a tech in about 3-4 weeks they are so far behind. He said they are not turning on any new areas until they are below a 1 week wait on installs.

  7. If you are lucky enough, like me, I will be able to get Smithville cable in a couple of months. I will go to the local comcast in person and tell them the 131 reasons I am switching!

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