1. Other than the pig farmers, I would like to blow this outfit out of the gym more than anyone else in the BT.

  2. boy this looks horrible early is the mike davis on illinois the former coaches son??

    jeremy williams

  3. So sad, sad, sad!!! Bring back the good old days of IU basketball. The actions of the past two coaches have just killed the IU basketball program.

  4. come on, people! Everyone knows IU is in the rebuilding phase, and we don’t have any highly skilled/talented guys (no offense to the players) compared to the past. It’s a fresh start, and we really can’t have a lot of expectation out this team this year. Wait for next year!

  5. Korman – you HAVE to post your story for the Herald on the blog. We’ve got to see your creative writing skills to describe this debacle.

  6. FINAL: ILL 76, IU 45.
    IU: Williams 12 pts; Jones 10 pts; Pritchard 8 pts; Story 7 pts; Moore 4 pts; Taber 2 pts, 7 reb; Gambles 2 pts.
    IU: 20-51 (39%) FG; 2-6 (33%) 3PT; 3-6 (50%) FT; 31 reb; 19 TO; 13 (17) fouls.
    ILL: 26-51 (51%) FG; 13-25 (52%) 3PT; 11-13 (85%) FT; 22 reb; 9 TO; 7 (13) fouls.
    ILL: Meacham 21 pts, 7-9 3PT; Keller 15 pts; McCamey 12 pts; Davis 12 pts, 8 reb; Legion 5 pts; Frazier 3 pts; Jordan 2 pts; Tisdale 2 pts, 4 blk; Brock 2 pts; Jackson 2 pts.

  7. man, we sure looked like we were going to win this one…before the game started. We looked GOOD in warm-ups..hitting all the shots.

    I think we can beat Iowa at home.

    I am pumped!!

    Go Big Red

  8. joe, you are crazy, man.

    i too am huge iu fan, but this year we need dollinger on the court, not behind the pen.

    whaataya say we simply toss 3’s from the half court line from now on?

    that way, we lower the turnovers and can get back to playing defense before they score on us.

  9. I purpose that we cancel all remaining big ten games and just play scrimmages against Bloomington South and the women’s team. Granted we would still get beat up, at least our confidence would increase over time.

  10. Are some of you serious when you can’t understand the situation we’re in and spend your time complaining? We may not win one game in the BT but the kids out there are leaving it all on the floor, the coach is doing the best he can with what he’s got (and this is NOT a knock on the present team at all), we’re playing on the road in what looks like a bunch of moronic pumpkins gone wild, we just lost (yes, maybe we blew it) a game at home to Michigan, Dumas goes down with a painful injury (and yes, I have read all the criticism of his play), we’re are contending with all of the other things we all know about — and you’re complaining?! That kind of whining makes me sick! I say either get with the program or get out or find some other outfit to be “loyal” to.

  11. I’m a bit fed up with some of the devotion of some fans on this blog. Now that the team isn’t as successful as it was before, you want to mock it? I would accuse some people on this blog of being fair weather fans. Go cheer for MSU now or something if you don’t believe in this team.

  12. Thanks mister nobody cares useless information irrelevant that was anything but insightful or informative and at the same time now that I think about it what does that have anything to do with anything chet guy! I looked out my window the other day and noticed that grass is green you can all stop holding your breath now and give a sigh of relief now that we all know where mike davis’ son plays.

  13. Hey Go boilers:
    Thanks for your almost english posts. Actually, Chet was answering the question of a previous poster. Try a little punctuation. It’ll take you a long way in life.
    I was so pumped for our kids after the heartbreaking overtime loss, it really made Saturday’s smackdown twice as painful. Even as we fight our way through this rebuilding phase, these kids need to be putting forward the best efforts they can, and I just don’t think we saw that again Ill. (At least, I sure hope we didn’t!)
    Again and again, we get to the second half, and just fall apart. Is it conditioning? Do we simply not have the stamina to make it through a full 40 minutes? It had been improving there for a few games, but Saturday left me back at square one on that idea.
    Basic fundamentals of basketball continue to be our biggest challenge. Free throws and turnovers have killed us, game after game after game. Truly playing a full 40 minutes has proven to be impossible. So, boys, I’ll keep standing behind you, but please, hit the gym so you can hit the freebies. Run an extra mile so you can run the court in the last 10 minutes. And do it as a team, so you can PLAY as a team! The turnovers will reduce dramatically, if you can figure out how to anticipate the moves of the guys you are closest to. Find the chemistry, find the strength, and for heavens sake, find the bucket!

  14. Some of the posters on this blog are much more of an embarrassment than this team of FRESHMEN.

    It was disappointing to lose to Illinois so badly, but have a little understanding for what these players are going through.

  15. Perhaps you gentlemen are confused.
    I’m in total support of this team. As a life-long Hoosier fan, I’m simply stating my observations. I know that we have a long way to go to rebuild our program, and if you’ve ever read ANY of my posts, you’d know that. Perhaps I wasn’t cheer-leader enough in that one. Along the same lines of the stamina comments, we’ve come a LONG way since early in the season there. I stand by my desire to see these kids really start to mesh, though. I think it’s our biggest challenge to date- really bonding to the point that we truly play as a team. Right now, we still look a lot like 5 strangers on the floor. Practicing together, pushing each other, and gelling together will take us a long way.
    And even freshmen should be able to hit free throws with a bit more consistency than we have so far.

  16. I was killed a while back for a similar post like Megan. She makes very good points that I agree with. One would think a team that is thin on athletic ability would practice twice as hard on things that they can control…like free throw shooting and conditioning. Besides, she even says during the post that she will stand by the team NO matter what. It is difficult for us IU fans as we are smarter than the avg bball fan,hahahaha!

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