1. Aruss said on the chat tonight if IU kept the lost under 30, he would never post on the Scoop again!


  2. FINAL: OSU 77, IU 53.
    IU: Pritchard 16 pts, 11 reb; Jones 12 pts; Dumes 8 pts; Williams 8 pts; Taber 4 pts; Lewis 3 pts; Story 2 pts.
    IU: 20-57 (35%) FG; 3-16 (19%) 3PT; 10-13 (77%) FT; 33 reb; 18 TO; 9 (15) fouls.
    OSU: 28-52 (54%) FG; 13-24 (54%) 3PT; 8-11 (73%) FT; 29 reb; 15 TO; 7 (13) fouls.
    OSU: Buford 19 pts, 7 reb; Diebler 17 pts; Mullens 14 pts, 8 reb; Turner 13 pts; Simmons 12 pts, 8 ast; Madsen 2 pts.

  3. After the initial barrage of 3s, the guys actually played them reasonably closely for the middle 25 minutes of the game. Our decision making though, especially with the ball, has got to continue to improve.

    Good to see DD back on the court.

    Mike P, if you’re right, who will get the job of ridiculous poster?

  4. I’ll take the job


    I didn’t get to see the game, did they play better by at least a little?

  5. Once again we left it on the floor, hustled, played team ball, didn’t panic, were deliberate but pushed it when we could. Good to see Dumes on the floor too. We CANNOT get down on these guys or their coach. Like at IL, the threes were killers and they had too many wide open shots but we still kept our head in there. It’s probably hard to see sometimes but there is steady improvement shown and toughness and hustle along with it. OSU showed no class as usual, pressing to the end and whining about calls. Catatonic Mussburger is a pathetic excuse for a sportscaster. He fawns all over some teams as bad as Vitale and his only claim to fame was that he was on the RIFLE team in college. I turned off the sound with 10 minutes to go as all he and Lavin could talk about was the SEC, ACC, Lavin’s diet and more similar garbage. I still am proud of our guys and can’t wait until the day comes when we rub some noses in it.

  6. There is no way we can reasonably view this season in terms of wins and loses. This team just does not have the size, talent and experience to win.

    So, in my view, this season really boils down to being one long tryout for next year. I think we know that not everybody is going to be back. So I think the kids that keep their heads ups, never quit, show a physical ability to compete, and apply what is being taught will do well.

    I see them trying to do that, so I would never disrespect this team or its members by discussing who I think is doing well and who may not be around next year. They all have earned my respect for making this commitment to IU basketball.

  7. KevinK,

    We still have a few ridiculous posters on here. Hell, I have even known to make a few myself. That being said though, I still take the quality of those who post on here (minus a select few) over those other sites any day.


    You are right, this season, to a true fan will not be defined in wins and losses, but in the growth of the players.

    I don’t think it is showing disrespect to the players when discussing who may or may not be back last year. Some players will be gone, there are better players coming who need that scholarship, we know it, and they know it. As long as we are not just cut throat slamming these kids, it isn’t that big a deal.

  8. Was there a post game press conference? I’m not one to knock on the Scoop because I think it is almost always great, but the last few days coverage has been a little behind on coverage the last week or so, is there a reason for this?

  9. GFDave is on the money!

    Is Peegs Sucks really Aruss??

    I really appreciate this team’s effort. They are a pleasure to support!!

    Go Hoosiers!!!

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