IU hoops or a Subway sandwich. It’s up to you.

The $5 ticket deal has been expanded to include all you non-students and will last the rest of the year.

A press release from IU:

Indiana Men’s Basketball Looking To Encourage Support For Team

Indiana University Vice President and Director of Athletics Fred Glass is hoping to attract more fans to come to Assembly Hall for the remainder of the 2009 men’s basketball season. Effective immediately, balcony tickets (subject to availability) will be on sale for the remainder of the season for $5 per game.

“Attendance at Assembly Hall, as it has been around the conference, is a little down,” said Glass. “Because some of this is likely attributable to the challenging national economic situation, we want to make the games more affordable and otherwise more family friendly.

“I love how hard our team plays and how hard Coach Crean coaches,” added Glass.  “They never quit and I want to encourage Hoosier Nation not to quit on them.  Fan support in Assembly Hall has been tremendous.  We just want to encourage more people to be there.”

Among ideas that Glass hopes will catch on with the Hoosier faithful is an honorary game captain; allowing youngsters to shoot layups on Assembly hall’s hallowed hardwood following weekend home games; encouraging the crowd to be more engaged in and around the game; and resurrecting spirit signs for dorms, greek houses, and local businesses to hang up prior to home games.

Indiana has seven remaining home games on the schedule, including next Sunday against Minnesota.

“We are very appreciative and grateful for the support that our fans have shown to the program this year,” said IU Men’s Basketball Coach Tom Crean.  “It’s great to get the opportunity to meet so many friends and fans of the program who share our passion and are with us all the way.

To order your tickets, contact the Indiana University Athletics Ticket office at 866-IUSports.


  1. What about all the students who have already paeid $15 for balcony tickets with their season tickets? Why not at least let the season ticket holders exchange their balcony seats for lower bowl? IU should first take care of those already supporting the team.

  2. Glass will also be handing out Kleenex for those who are upset by innovative ideas to bring a few more people and a few more dollars into Assembly Hall this year.

    It seems to me that the students have shown how fair weather they are and not many will take advantage of this deal. Hopefully, it’s a good chance for some families to catch a game in Assembly Hall at a good price.

  3. How about lowering the price before the season starts? Greenspan’s way of raising revenue was to charge the public $15 more a ticket for the OSU, IL and MSU games in a season where we will win 6 games. Student ticket prices should have been reduced from the beginning as well. Many can’t afford or won’t pay over $200 for tix. I agree we should let balcony ticket holders move down to the main level. Also, if lower seats are empty after halfway through the 1st half, ushers should move balcony people down to fill in the seats.

  4. People will always find something to complain about. If you already paid full price for tickets, then thank you for doing so, you supported the athletic department when they needed it.

    If you don’t have tickets, the dept is giving you the opportunity to buy them for only $5 per ticket. It’s a very fair price.

    To say that people should be refunded the difference is completely ludicrous. Also, for the remaining games, most seats at Assembly Hall will be full…there weren’t many open seats in the lower level last night, even if you had wanted to move down from the balcony.

  5. “It seems to me that the students have shown how fair weather they are and not many will take advantage of this deal.”

    Which explains 100% why the Alumni aren’t buying these tickets either…. right. Blame the students. LOL

  6. I like the idea with one exception. The Illinois game should not have $5 tickets for non-students.

    All that will happen is Illini fans will see this and take over our balcony. If you look on the Illini message boards there are already Illinois fans posting about how to get tickets. I would say for the Illinois game offer the tickets only to students with an Valid IU ID and then offer them to everyone for other games.

    Does anyone else agree with me. Also if Chris or Doug could ask the athletic department if this was even considered when the announcement was made.


  7. I have to say that I’m feeling ripped off for paying full price when I bought my illinois tickets earlier in the year. We should get some consideration. Perhaps a free tix to a future homegame.

  8. stop the whining, this is the exact problem this country is facing, a nation of whiners. everyone wants a bail out, hand out, pat on the back…you might have some price protection in some businesses, but ive never seen it with ticket sales. kudos to the admin for trying SOMETHING after all the failed ideas.

  9. For those of you complaining because you already bought seats for the regular price….LIFE ISN’T FAIR!! If you haven’t realized that, then too bad. I’m sure at some point in your life you got a better deal on something than someone else did. At least Glass is smart enough to realize that a full house at reduced prices is better than a half empty house at full prices, both financially and for the program.

  10. Bettor, you’re probably right. My only point is that the alumni bought 100% of their normal allotment and students bought around 50% of their normal allotment prior to the season. I just think the students not buying too many in the first place is pretty disappointing. I also think it gives them less of a mandate to bitch about stuff as they have been for the past few years at least.

    With this team those balcony seats are going to be hard to unload on anyone.

  11. I agree with the very first post. Meatball Marinara is the best. Sprinkle your chips on the baby and you are in lunch heaven. Add Diet Coke and macadamia cookie.

    Good for Glass. Keep up the action. You can’t please all the folks any of the time, so do what you do best.

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