Jeffries reflects on Obama’s win, his father’s past

Jared Jeffries

Jared Jeffries, guarding last year’s No. 1 pick, Derrick Rose, on Monday in the above photo, told the New York Post why President Barack Obama’s inaugration meant so much to him.

“My dad’s uncle was killed. The sheriff just walked in and took him. It was part of life in Mississippi; the law enforcement was corrupt, the Klan was still very strong. You had a lot of families that were affected by that. That happened a lot, and there were no consequences,” Jeffries said. “That’s how far this country has come.

“I talked to my dad all through the (race). My dad grew up in Mississippi, was a sharecropper and picked cotton by hand when he was young. For the world to come as far as it’s come just during his generation, and to see a black president in his lifetime, it’s incredible. For people of my father’s generation to see this moment is incredible.”

Jeffries, who starred at Bloomington North and Indiana University, worked, along with teammates Chris Duhon and Malik Rose, with 30 foster children at Planet Hollywood yesterday. The event was sponsored by the Garden of Dreams Foundation.

Jeffries, who has started 12 of the 19 games he has played this season, is averaging 4.7 points and 4.8 rebounds a contest. Those are his best numbers since arriving in New York three seasons ago.


  1. I only hope that a lot of african americans who lived through the difficult decades of the 50’s and 40’s are still alive to experience such a great moment. Obama gives me hope that one day we will have hispanic president. Our country is finally opening up to change, and I’m happy to see it.

  2. Many are still alive and many of them were watching. My father is alive and will be 83 on Monday and his grandfather was a slave. My Dad has a silver star from WWII and had to disembark from his ship seperately from White soilders in NY harbor after returning from the war. He had to have a White co-signer to get the mortgage on his first home and so much more. All he could say on Tuesday was Oh Happy Day.

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