Jordan Hulls, South take on North tonight

Indiana signee Jordan Hulls, and a few Bloomington South teammates who might become future IU targets, will face rival Bloomington North tonight, which has a guard worth watching in Julian Boatner.

H. Williams Kellenberger will have the coverage for The Herald-Times, and he’ll be blogging at QuickHits if you want to follow along.


  1. Just another vote for Chronic’s poll. The cutouts are absurd (stupid). Get rid of em!

    Isn’t Chronic the one that wanted a write in space? And not even one on his own poll? Or was that Soup?

  2. Chris, Are you watching MSU vs Kansas? Did you hear Wellmer talking on Izzo’s microphone? Awesome stuff. Wellmer (ref) is a good friend of my buddy. He is a funny guy. From Columbus, IN.

    They have Izzo wired for sound. Interesting. Would love to hear CTC wired.

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