Felisha Legette-Jack on Obama

IU women’s basketball coach Felisha Legette-Jack.

On the inauguration:

“My staff and I got together and watched (the inauguration) in my office. What a moment, what a moment … what a speech, what a vision of hope (Obama) exudes. Even if you are Republican, Democrat, liberal, whatever, you have to be moved by his commitment to give us the hope we need right now. They try to say our America is in crisis. Well, you know what? We feel like we can fix it. Why? Because we all can pull up our sleeves and do some work because he gave us permission to help.”

On seeing so many people lining streets:

“To me, it exuded unity. It didn’t exude a black president or a white president. It exuded unity that we are so ready for somebody to say, ‘I give you permission to come as one whomever it might be, a woman, a man, black, white. We are just so ready to drop our guards and be from the inside in judgement. He came at the right time because we were absolutely ready for this.”


  1. To bad Jay-Z couldn’t grasp his message of unity. Either way, every President has the same Inauguration Speech……I’ll get excited about him in a year when the honeymoon is over and he is facing critics and tough decisions on a daily basis.

  2. Sad. Why would people wait for “permission” to have unity? Did you not want unity before the election? If you did, why didn’t you? Why do you need a different president or anyone else for that matter to give you permission? Some people are all for unity when it is on their teams and they are getting what they want. Sad.

  3. Coach Jack is like most of us who want and need top flight leadership to help this country recover from its worst economic plight since the Great Depression! President Obama has many of us on track to help our community. Coach Jack and the Women’s Team will be helping the Bloomington community in days ahead. Sad that you can’t see the hope that unites us to tackle huge problems. Stop this divisive nitpicking and don’t be shocked if this nation moves forward with focussed Presidential leadership!

  4. You are being less than honest. When you were hungry today you didn’t need anyone to give you permission to eat and you didn’t need permission to breathe or walk or do the things you wanted to do. If you really wanted unity prior to the election you could have been working for many others. No, you waited for permission from another person. So how committed to unity where you, really? My guess is your unity push will conveniently end when this president’s time in office is over. Again, sad.

    ALSO: It was worse economically in the 1970’s than it is now. We must know our facts before we quote them or we end up sounded just like those on TV.

  5. Only an idiot would think it was economically worse in the ’70s than now. Are you 12? The country hasn’t been unified like this in a long time. Our country has been in a bad shape and many now have hope for the first time in a while.

  6. BH Obama is just another person. He is not messiah. He is not king. If you want hope and change, it is in your hands alone. I choose to control my own destiny and not depend on others to support or inspire me.

  7. This last comment shows one of the big problems with this society… the idea that we are each individually in control alone. We cannot individually control our own lives. We are intertwined with the people around us and people far away from us. If some of us suffer then it cannot be good for those who are doing well… at least not forever. Individuality is good to a certain extent but when it comes at the expense of knowing that we all rise and fall together, then we stop reaching out to help others and this has been one of the legacies of the past. I have great hope that I haven’t felt in years… just been taking care of me and my family but that doesn’t help others to have money to come shop at my business and things have been getting tighter and tighter. Many people in the last couple of days have expresses great joy and hope… even my Republican-supporting father admitted Obama’s speech was great. And he wished him well… stop hating and get on board!

  8. Are you the type of person who also wants a handout? One can inspire hope, but others have to act on it and not think Obama is like he said above a messiah.

    Most people are ignorant when it comes to this crap and think his magical oriented speeches will turn around this country, it’s going to take a lot more than that

  9. More examples of people not knowing their history or their facts. In 1979 we had 14% inflation, massive unemployment and people were standing in line trying to get gasoline.

    Stop believing everyting you see on TV. If it was really as bas as the great depression you would know it and probably not be on the internet to chat about it.


  10. This country was unified against an enemy after 911. What happened? TV reporting created an atmosphere of doubt and questioning of leadership. I created its own news. This country is still divided. Millions did not vote for O’Bama, but you wouldn’t know it listening to the press over the last week. I have hope, but its not in one man.

  11. I agree with J Pat that we should probably keep politics off this blog…But.

    To Galena Scott:

    You say, “President Obama has many of us on track to help our community. Coach Jack and the Women’s Team will be helping the Bloomington community in days ahead.”

    I find it sad that you think the women’s team is only now helping the community because Obama is president. You’re probably discrediting some great work they’ve already done in the community. And if you’re right, and they waited for Obama to be president before they did community work, then shame on them!

  12. I am not trying to burst a bubble here but, the speech was just good, not great, I give it a 7. It won’t be looked at in history like the I have a Dream or “Ask not what your country can do for you” speach. What bothers me is he is already broken campaign promises and I am now hearing instead of “Yes We Can” is “Ok We Might(if the stars align and I find a 4 leaf clover”. You tell me…Hope? where is that Yes WE Can? And even the media said that it wouldn’t have mattered who was running on the demo ticket, that they would likely have won due to the housing spiral and market colapse. we have a president that has barely the experience of a Jr. Senator running the show. His being black is milestone maybe, but he is also half white so funny everyone is forgetting that. And you would think he did walk on water somewhere…but there is no way that any company in this country that would allow Obamo to become CEO with 170days experience. We now see why the German people in the 30’s put all their faith in a certain Austrian talking head that led them down a path like the The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Putting you faith in people will only disappoint. With his pen he is already acting without thinking.

  13. Hitler and Obama have a lot in common. I have read Mein Kampf and The Audacity of Hope and there is just a bit of a difference in the language! Whats next is Bill Lynch Bob FING Knight????

  14. I hit the button by mistake before I finish..

    With his pen he is already acting without thinking about unity and reaching out first before making changes…doesnt sound like unity to me. And billbob I don’t think (and I hope,) he has anything in common with Hitler, I was refering to the actions of the people in regards to the situation.

  15. I was a grown man in the workforce in 1979. Your numbers are ridiculous. The unemployment rate was 5.9 percent in 1979. Inflation was terrible, though. Again, only an idiot would the the country was worse off economically in the ’70s.

  16. You’re wrong but you have the right to be wrong. Why you feel the need to call someone names because they disagree with you is very telling. Most people start calling names when they know they are wrong. I’m sure you are at that point, chet. Either way, it doesn’t change the original point that if someone really wanted unity there was nothing holding them back from pursuing it and therefore they did not need “permission” from anyone.

  17. I served my country to protect right to ignorance. I am quite confident that is another thing you have no knowledge of.

  18. LIFE takes a positive attitude. We should all try to remenber that, no matter what it is.


  19. Your name calling shows what you are. Don’t embarrass the military with your actions.

  20. Thank you for your service Chet, it’s what allows us to have forums like this, and I mean that sincerely.

    With that said, you’re wrong about the economy. It was worse in the late 70’s than now. It is a complete myth that we are currently in the worst economy since the Great Depression.

  21. My type? You are ridiculous, chet. I’m like most people in this country. I obey the laws, pay my taxes, work to support my family and try to live a peaceable life. What makes me different is I do not let others tell me what to think and do. I don’t need permission to do what is right and I don’t put my faith in any one person and definitely not the government. If you really were in the military you clearly didn’t learn anything except name calling and for someone your age you should know better.

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