Means declares for NFL draft, S. Florida backs out

A couple of lingering tidbits on football to brighten up this bleak Saturday.

Former Indiana wide receiver/center fielder and current Cincinnati Reds prospect Andrew Means has entered his name in the 2009 NFL Draft.

Due to his baseball obligations, Means was not going to return to the football team (he’s got to report to spring training in February.) He’s harbored thoughts of playing both sports professionally for a few years and now will give it a try.

Certainly stranger things have happened than a guy like Means, who caught 34 passes for 450 yards and one touchdown last year, making it in the League. You look at any NFL roster and see a mish-mash of top draft picks from power schools and unsigned free agents from smaller schools and everything in between. Despite all the money spent on talent evaluation there’s still no reliable way to tell exactly who has what it takes to play at the next level.

Means has above average speed for a player his size (6-0, 215) and is tough.

So maybe somebody will take a chance on him as a free agent. I can’t imagine he’ll get drafted, given he won’t be available for training camp. Or mini camps. Or any of that.

The respected Web site ranks Means the 74th wide receiver available.

The same site lists RB Marcus Thigpen as the 39-best at his position. It seems likely he’ll get a look as a kick returner.

Finally, South Florida has backed out of a scheduled game at Memorial Stadium next year to play (and cash in on) a home-and-home with Florida State.

The Hoosiers will now host the Bulls in 2015.


  1. What date was the USF game scheduled for? The only place I could find the 2009 regular season schedule was at

    It looks like the only open dates are 10/10 (which would mean no bye week during the season if filled) or an 8/29 game. Any idea who they could get or where they’d get them? It looks like the “Championship Subdivision” slot is filled by Eastern KY.

    Kind of stinks that USF dropped off. Win or lose, it seemingly would be a stronger opponent than a mid-level MAC school.

  2. Any ideas on who will replace south florida on next year’s schedule? I’m guessing it’ll be too late to get another team from a bcs conference so we’ll be stuck watching the hoosiers struggle against a low-major or fcs team…

  3. south florida is just scared. I love Means but he did not show up this year at all. I cannot imagine him getting drafted but I wish him luck.

  4. someone told me that duke, louisville,and kentucky still need one more game for next year… id take any of those three and would love to start back up against the wildcats

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