Michigan 72, Indiana 66

In a truly bizarre game, the Hoosiers lost a lead of 20 points for the second time this season and fell to Michigan 72-66 in overtime.

The story of the game, according to Indiana coach Tom Crean, was that Indiana did not defend well in the second half.

The Wolverines hit just 25 percent of their shots in the first half, and trialed 39-22 at half. They shot 51.9 percent in the second half and 50 percent in overtime.

But there were other causes for the loss, ones that are familiar to Indiana fans: the Hoosiers hit just 7-of-13 free throws and a bad late-game decision turned the momentum. With under 40 seconds left and the Hoosiers clinging to a 59-56 lead, Devan Dumes tried to force his way to the basket and had the ball stolen.

Laval Lucas-Perry hit a 3-pointer a few seconds later to send the game to overtime.

Dumes said after the game that if he had a chance to do it over again, he’d do it differently.


  1. A very tough loss, really one that got away.

    But there were positives to take out of this as well. Indiana not only hung with, but had on the ropes a very good Michigan team that has already beaten Duke and UCLA. Their energy and teamwork were outstanding in the first half. And I give an A+ for overall effort. If this is how Crean’s Hoosier teams are going to play regularly, I can’t wait to see his teams a few years from now.

    It was a difficult game to watch in OT, but any Hoosier fan who isn’t with this team now after this game should consider switching allegiances. I saw glimpses of the future tonight in Bloomington, and the future looks very, very bright. Way to go, guys. Don’t accept the loss, but keep your heads held high. You’ll win one of these home games sooner or later and really surprise one of the big boys. I guarantee it.

  2. Outstanding progress. Keep playing men and it will only get better. This just goes to show what raw talent we have.

  3. I see a bright future with coach Crean. Hope the guys dont get too down on themselves. Things are looking better.

  4. What a game. The people at the Kicken Chicken thought I was nuts for screaming at the TV. They don’t understand IU basketball in South Carolina…
    We almost had that one. Keep working hard men!

  5. Yeah, that was a tough 1, but still there was obvious improvement.

    I hope the guys aren’t too down on themselves, they still played great, look at the teams Michigan has beat this year.

    I’d rather see’em lose in overtime, then get blownout…

  6. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the first half but blowing 20 point leads in back to back home games leads me to believe there is a lack of in game coaching adjustments by IU. The talent and youth excuse can take us only so far, beyond Manny Harris I’d say there isn’t that much difference between IU’s talent vs UM especially at home.

    I am pleased with the player development of Jones and Williams but they need to rely on coaching during games to put them in positions to succeed at this point in their college careers.

  7. I am proud of the Hoosiers. I don’t know anyone that could take a bunch of Freshmen and make such a good team out of them in the limited time Coach Crean has had. Sure they will make mistakes, they are young, and still learning. Remember some of these guys were playing high school ball last winter. Keep your heads up guys, and continue to listen to Coach, your time is coming soon.

  8. From now on, when I see “Aruss,” I’m just going to subtract the “ru”. It would be more fitting of his comments.

    If I’ve seen anything indicative of the coaches’ impact on this team lately, it’s the fact that the team consistently comes out superbly prepared and motivated. Our game planning has put us in position to win each of the last 4 games; our faulty execution in the 2nd half has lost us each of the past 4 games.

    The action is good, the execution is our demise. This is not for want of coaching.

  9. Chronic, you hit the nail on the head. Execution can’t be taught, it’s something that comes through repetition and experience, and the current IU team has neither!

    Great game though. It makes you scratch your head at a couple of the losses from earlier in the year.. These guys simply don’t know how to put teams away, and win the close one.. YET.

  10. Chronic – UM was down 17 at the half. I didn’t see the first half but the announcers said UM made adjustments by first going to Sims in the post as well as better shot selection and being more patient in their offense. Did IU make any adjustments to counter UM? If the team is capable of coming out “superbly prepared and motivated” then isn’t it logical they’d be able to follow in-game instructions?

    I don’t doubt crean’s passion but I haven’t seen evidence yet of him being a good in game coach. He has yet to illistrate any tactical schematic advantage to beating an opponent we shouldn’t on paper but we’ve definitely lost a few times to opponents we should have beaten. I’m just being objective and asking the type of tough questions to get us to the next level. Coach Lynch has been questioned about his half time adjustments and it’s fair to ask the same of Crean.

  11. What do want Crean to do? He cannot run the plays himself. Most noticeable was:

    1) Michigan missed many shots in first half. IU hustled and earned the 17 point lead.
    2) Michigan MADE many shots in 2nd half.
    3) IU attempted to run the offense in 2nd half but could not finish. They looked worn down to me. Understandable.
    4) Several young mistakes on shot selection and passing in the waning minutes.

    The 2nd half meltdown is understandable and somewhat predictable. Reading that the kids/coach are not devastated is a testament to this season. Keep growing and improving young team. Next year the microscope gets a bit more focused and some more wins will be expected.

    For this fan, you put on a good show last night. I cannot remember entering the Hall without having some expectations to win, but this year I truly don’t. In spite of my pessimistic mindset, I still enjoy watching this years team.

  12. Every power school has gone through a year or two of rough times, UNC, Georgetown, etc. I just got that feeling right in the middle of the second half that Michigan was eventually going to hit their three’s. You can chock it up to a cold night by Michigan or good defense by Indiana, idc.

    Aruss, BESIDES manny harris, they have sims, who leads the conference in rebounds….and you think that our depth even COMPARES to theirs, my lord.

  13. I’m going to make a killing betting against this team in the 2nd half just like I did betting against the football team in the 2nd half. They always get off to a decent start, and then fold, just like the football team. Gonna be fun to watch my bank account grow, just like it did with Florida tonight!!!

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