1. nice job Loosiers! You should leave a sign outside your stadium telling teams they can nap through the 1st 3/4ths of the game and still come in and win. Free throws are pretty tough aren’t they? It’s just you and the basket after all. I figured a state where you pride yourself on shooting so much you could at least take advantage of that. Oh well another one down on our quest for the Big Ten championship! P.S. Detroit owns that little college town of yours, that’s where everyone runs to.

  2. UGH. I may be in the minority, but I feel sorry for those kids. It reminds me a lot of Northwestern–able to play with just about anybody for 30 minutes, then at the end, no where to put the ball that’s going to produce points.

  3. Very unimpressed with Michigan, getting down that badly to a young team like IU. Get your lumps in now….

  4. Coach Crean has to take some responsibility. He cannot keep playing the youth card. Michigan is playing with freshman and soph’s. But IU plays without discipline. The worst loss in IU history.

  5. I think Crean has to take a lot of blame for this, Moore dribbling off his leg again is inexcusable

  6. What is the deal with people from Michigan? Listen buddy, I find it curious to see one side of your whiny people crying to the government because you can’t compete with the rest of the world, yet after 10 years of bottom-dwelling in the Big Ten, you find it in your heart to be a tough guy because you beat a team, in OVERTIME, that was assembled at the HYPER. Real cute.

    Can we give Michigan to Canada? Would they even take it?

  7. Crean isn’t playing the youth card. These guys are young AND bad. There isn’t a bonafide starter out there anywhere. This isn’t Hoosiers and Tom Crean doesn’t have a Jimmy Chitwood he can go to.

    Name me one coach who ever lived that could coach these kids beyond where they are now (Bob Knight reference claiming 15 wins with them in 3…2….1….). Take this season as a buffer and lighten up, Francises.

  8. I had NO intention of posting but I have to. IU always kicks Mich A$$, even when the cheating fab 5 were there and you have these Mich fans posting trash talk. Get the Big 10 Champ and make it past first rd of NCAA and talk trash, give me a break. Next, you have a person talking about Dumes being selfish. I agree he shot the ball to quick at one point but IU would never be in the game without him on the court. Lastly, you have people blaming Crean for the loss. I wonder how much the avg joe knows about sports that jumps on a blog. Crean had zero to do with the loss. Free throws and nervous young people lost the game. It will all come together soon. I am proud of the effort and I rarely wear my IU red after a loss but will be head to toe tomorrow! GO HOOSIERS!!!

  9. You guys were caught cheating too so there is no argument there. You have not been supreme in the big ten since forever so who cares about your “program”. Detroit What? Bryan Park (Detroit) football players (Detroit) this is more than you think

  10. how many times has UM been supreme on the court? Quit talking about Detroit, it is the butthole of the world. IU went to the big one in 2002, when did UM get there? Michione has been smoking tonight.

  11. Don’t worry everyone. Michigan fans are just upset that they’re complete irrelevant in all sports now. Michione just needs to be able to pick on someone.

    Are ya upset that the QB’s that were going to play for DickRod just de-committed? Good luck with your football program, friend. Kinda looking forward to playing you guys next year.

    BTW, we speak English on this board, so if you’d like to make your whiny point, it would be great if you could take the “sin” out of your syntax.

  12. I’m saying look at your town, Bloomington isn’t it? Check the rec’s Detroit bangers come to your town and run it. Football players aren’t just robbing some apt. randomly, this has been goin’ on for a while.

  13. No sweat J Pat. Loved your post and it is great to see some Hoosier fans that have a little perspective.

    Michione – I love a glutton for punishment, so I hope you continue to post here regularly. So, your star recruit, Shavodrick Beaver, de-committed and decided to play at perennial powerhouse Tulsa. Your thoughts? At least ones that extend beyond the Detroit-metro area, please. How could you lose a guy with a name like that? Shavodrick Beaver would have been perfect for DickRod.

  14. We all know this year is about re-building,so I hope the people talking trash dont jump on the I.U. bandwagon next year…GO HOOSIERS!!

  15. Mich, After being here for 15 years or so and my family being here 3rd gen, I think Bloomington folk run this town more than Detroit, Chicago, or anyone for that fact and by the way…we ain’t scared!!!

  16. Well, tough loss, but let’s face it, these kids were extremely tired by overtime. We just don’t have the depth or talent to compete with some of these teams, im sorry.

  17. JPat, you’re right on again. We have heart and we have intelligence — a good combination to improve with and to win down the road (and we will). There will always be “boo-birds” in the sports world and I actually think “Michione” is a pig farmer because I have seen the term “Loosiers” before mentioned on posts in the Indy Star by some moron after a IU-PU game. I wouldn’t even give the idiot any attention because he hides behind his computer and thrives on the comments he gets back. IU has more class and always has had more class over the years than any other school in the Big Ten and true Hoosiers know that. We’re past the last few years of embarrassment and we’re going to come back. The others should be afraid — be very afraid. Good work JPat. Keep it up. See you in the fall.

  18. Thanks Jim. By the way, I bought season tickets to the womens games which gave me 5 extra points. Maybe I will not get moved up any farther for football. Take care.

  19. J Pat, I know you might not see this because there are a lot of other topics being discussed on the Scoop now but speaking of football, a bunch of us who have had those same seats for several years are going to see if we can move more toward the center of the field by sending in our ticket applications at the same time. I personally want to get away from the opposing team fans. I love the seats so close to the field but am getting tired of the junk that goes with being so close to them. If you’re interested let me know and we’ll see what we can work out.

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