1. Good game today guys. You really have a team to be proud of and root for in Bloomington. Keep your heads up because it will turn around in a hurry. It’s Indiana after all, and you guys will be competing for the B-10 champ. quicker than you know. Roth and Pritchard are going to be exciting to see play over 4 years (hopefully not against OSU!), but anyway keep your heads up and support this team because they are fun to watch. Also first game at IU that I haven’t been able to travel to in a while. It’s always fun to go to Bloomington for a basketball game, one of the only road games I will go to every year, but walking into Assembly Hall gives me the same type of nostalgic feel I get when I step into the horseshoe. Good luck rest of the year guys, and when you get that win it will be sweet.

  2. FINAL: OSU 93, IU 81.
    IU: Roth 29 pts, 9-11 3PT; Dumes 13 pts; Williams 11 pts, 6 reb; Jones 9 pts, 6 reb, 6 ast; Pritchard 9 pts, 6 reb; Story 5 pts; Taber 4 pts; Moore 1 pts, 5 ast.
    IU: 27-57 (47%) FG; 15-28 (54%) 3PT; 12-18 (67%) FT; 24 reb; 15 TO; 14 (23) fouls.
    OSU: 29-46 (63%) FG; 10-17 (59%) 3PT; 25-30 (83%) FT; 25 reb; 17 TO; 8 (16) fouls.
    OSU: Turner 29 pts, 10 reb; Buford 24 pts; Diebler 21 pts; Simmons 17 pts, 8 ast; Hill 2 pts.
    IU: Roth ties record for most 3PTFG made (2007, Wilmont 9-17 vs. N’western)

  3. Matt Roth finally lives up to the hype. Damn, this kid’s got range! Image how good this kid will be when IU has an inside presence…

  4. A la NBA Jam, Roth was en fuego. I suggested he just start shooting it from the state map when we were trying to come back in the last few minutes.

  5. What a gutty performance on everyone’s part! I always wondered why Matt Roth didn’t get more playing time. This is no knock on coach Crean but I have been puzzled by this. I do notice that he always has rosy cheeks when he plays and seems to have labored breathing and actually wonder if he suffers from asthma. Whatever the case, he is absolutely awesome as to his fire power and I LOVED his block when it looked like OSU had a sure two on one of their breaks. One of the announcers earlier in the season said he reminded him of “Jimmy Chitwood”, not a shabby comparison since Matt is a real Hoosier. We all know we’ll take our lumps this year — but we will also take some we won’t be expected to and that’s going to be fun when it happens. Another thing that will be fun is to watch this bunch of kids grow, and when we get reinforcements next year, we are just going to HAMMER some of these who are putting it to us this year. One of the bright spots next year, in addition to all the new ones coming in will be Jeremiah Rivers. I saw this kid in a practice game after the Northwestern FB game and the kid was extremely impressive. He’s long, can handle the ball like any point guard, has good hands, soft touch on his jump shot and plays hard-nosed D. I definitely am enjoying this year and the improvement that’s taking place, and I absolutely think we couldn’t have done better to get coach Crean, — and cannot wait until next year. Like I have said several times, the others had better be afraid, very afraid. Last — I agree that Buckeye has class. Thanks for your kind comments.

  6. Thanks for the comments, Buckeye, you are on the complete opposite of the spectrum when a Purdue fan comes on here.

    Anyway, Roth had one of those nights. Now I highly doubt that he will repeat that performance again, but I’m glad for the kid. Pritchard being plagued by foul trouble really killed our chances, but I saw some impressive post play from Taber. Hope we do well against Iowa (I think that’s our next game.)

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