Potential recruit happy to be seen

Spencer Turner

That’s Bloomington South shooter Spencer Turner. The sophomores is averaging 13.9 points a game for the No. 1 team in the state, and is 27-of-51 (52.9 percent) from 3-point range.

He’s also a potential target of Indiana. He went on an unofficial visit this fall, but did not notice Tom Crean and Tim Buckley in the audience at Tuesday’s Center Grove game.

After the game, I asked them if he saw them. This was his response.

“Really? That’s awesome. That’s great to have them watching. I appreciate all their interest in all of us. It’s awesome that Jordy (Hulls) is going to IU. I love Jordy — we’re best friends. It’s awesome that he’s going there. And, that’s awesome that they’re coming here to watch us. That’s just the greatest feeling, to know that Division I colleges are coming to watch you play and interested in you. It’s just a great feeling. I thank them for coming to watch, and I hope they continue to like us.”

So, yes, it’s awesome. That’s one of Turner’s favorite words – he’s also described Crean as being an awesome guy.

Turner is also perhaps the most earnest kid I have ever met. He’s legitimately excited about the recruiting process, but also does not seem to consumed by it.

Does he end up at IU? It certainly seems possible, especially with his relationship with Hulls. But Turner (who does not have any offers, but is being recruited by most of the Big Ten and some of the ACC) has been very clear that he wants to have a great relationship with a coach, and is is no rush to make a decision.


  1. Sure make fun and he will become as jaded as the others… also when you hear urbanics please quote it verbatim also so we can make fun of that too, I think its only fair. Oops forgot jornalist aren’t fair just P.C. when come to urbans uh, well, you know man.

  2. Number 1 team in the state? How can you tell that these days? Now that we have the class system there is no Number 1 team, unless you include all those *’s indicating which class you’re referring to; let’s see there is the upper class, the middle class, and the lower class, and then there is the all of us class. Could you imagine if the kids sat in the classroom according to class division? Well, some might call that segregation. Awesome!

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