1. i think more people are at this game than were at the men’s penn state game….keep on winning ladies and the crowds will come…

  2. Great game. PU was up a couple with 4 min to play. The 17 to 1 run killed them. Braun hit 2 big 3’s at the end and hit 1,000 for career. It was a great game. IU actually has better athletes than PU and PU lacks a true point guard. PU had so much size but Thomas gutted it out as well as the rest of the girls. I got such a kick out of watching Roberson steal the ball 3 times in a row from the point guard of PU. It was so humiliating that the ref called a silly foul just to back Kim off of the girl. If the ref did not do that, I am convinced Kim would have had double digit steals. The PU fans behind the bench were speechless for the last 3 min, it was priceless. Coach Jack is a true positive ball of energy and it was fun watching Versyp and PU get beat!!! GO IU!!! As the students were chanting, BOLIERSUCK and they did tonight! I love it!

  3. Their games just keep getting bigger now.

    Nice job! Go Hoosiers!

    Jamie B and company are players!! JB has ice in her veins shooting those 3s.

  4. In the interest of fairness, Purdue does have a point guard in FahKara Malone. But she’s still out a few more weeks with a dislocated finger, so if these teams meet again in the tourney, it will be interesting to see how her presence changes things.

  5. Jeremy, way to take up for PU on an IU blog and also rain on our parade! That is one comment you could have just….kept to yourself!

  6. Hey J Pat,

    I think you made it on TV last night, my son and I were watching the game on the BTN and he said he seen the guy that sits in front of us at the football games.

    Good game last night by the Hoosiers, defense played well, and the girls protected the ball.

    What was the final rebound numbers? That appeared to be a major weakness for this IU squad last night.

    With that said, congrats lady Hoosier!

  7. Final rebound numbers were, 44-30, in favor of Purdue. Of IU’s 30 rebounds, 14 were offensive though. I think this is only the second Big Ten game where IU was outrebounded.

  8. went to the game last night and watched a great performance by the hoosiers! Purdue really helped them by traveling all of the time and turning the ball over, but you take a win any way you can get it. GO HOOSIERS!! Question: How much longer is Coach Jack under contract. If it’s less than a decade, it’s too short.

  9. Jeremy,

    Thanks for the follow up. Now I have a follow up to your follow up.

    Of those 14 offensive rebounds, do you know how many ended up as 2nd chance points?

  10. Hooray! Awesome! Wahoo! Go Hoosiers!

    But where’s the recap? Does the Scoop really want to be slacking off in this economy?

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