Sampson: NCAA punishment “wrong in every way”

Kelvin Sampson just received the reception you’d expect in his public return to Indiana — plenty of booing as he walked onto the court at Conseco Fieldhouse.

The volume of that response, however, was less than it might have been because there are at most a few thousand fans on hand for tonight’s game between the Pacers and Bucks.

Before the game, Sampson spoke for a few minutes with reporters. Here’s part of that discussion, courtesy of the AP’s Mike Marot. Having to push and coax a rental car inch-by-inch up an icy slope (OK, my driveway) for about 45 minutes, I got to Conseco just after Sampson said the following:

“To this day, I wish some things had been done differently. I get a little dumbfounded with how things go. To this day, I still think I’m a good person and my parents are around and they think I’m a good person.”

Do you plan to return to college coaching?

“I’ve not really thought about that. Probably not. I’m committed to the NBA, so probably not.”

On what happened with IU’s NCAA violations:

“There was no scheme or nobody sitting around and trying to get away with anything. A lot of people have paid for the mistakes, but Tom Crean is a good coach and IU will be fine. Tom Crean will lead the team to championships.”

Why appeal your NCAA penalties if you don’t plan on coaching in college again?

“Because I think they were wrong. They were wrong in every way. If I didn’t think they were wrong, I wouldn’t have appealed.”


  1. I agree with Sampson, partly. The penalties for IU were way too severe, even if self-imposed. We were only guilty of weak/lax oversight on a coach for phone call violations, not grade inflation or paying players. The penalties imposed on Sampson are probably not strict enough. He knew where he was at with the university and the NCAA and should have minded his affairs a little better. He should pay for being either arrogant or ignorant.

    Now what about the impending penalties for USC football and basketball… I guess we should have shut off the cell phones at IU and delivered the ‘green’ to our kids just like Bush & Mayo got at USC. Either way, Sampson is right about Tom Crean. His comments were very gracious and in my opinion, correct. I have faith that Coach Crean will lead us to a brighter day.

  2. snowed in and got the dvr going. I am headed down now to the basement to watch. I called this upset about 2 weeks ago, but that was before NW beat MSU. If our boys can play for the full 40 min for once, I feel good about it. Be back later. Enjoy the game Kevin.

  3. I just wish Sampson would slither away and stay in the NBA. He knew better and his arrogance was apparent in this interview. He got what he deserved and we as IU fans, boosters, alumni and the school in general got robbed and paid a heft price for his foolish decisions.

    Yet I am pleased that we have Crean now and as Sampson said “…but Tom Crean is a good coach and IU will be fine. Tom Crean will lead the team to championships.”

  4. Man, that was some kind of comeback the last few minutes! It is disappointing for them not to get a shot on the last possession, but the effort and heart these guys show is unbelieveable. NO QUIT HERE.

    Anybody blames this loss on DD’s foul oughta be punched in the face(my wife wouldn’t like it), and the other kid gave him a quick elbow shot before DD popped him when they were on the floor. Did anybody else see it?

    They’ll win and its gonna be a party after!

  5. Sampson should just shut up. He ruined a great school with his nonsense. He needs to just go away and hopefully get fired by the Bucks and sell T shirts someplace. Oh wait, we already had a coach that use to do that.

  6. Could it be Sampson is exhausting his appeals options so he can sue the NCAA – remember Jerry Tarkanian at UNLV!

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