Smith, Zeigler, Boyd leaving football team

From IU athletic media relations:

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana University head football coach Bill Lynch announced Friday afternoon that cornerback Cortez Smith and offensive lineman Dennis Zeigler will not return to the team. Additionally, defensive lineman Jeff Boyd will not return to pursue other options.

Smith did not see any action and redshirted the 2008 season, while Zeigler played in four games during his redshirt freshman campaign. Boyd played in seven games as a redshirt freshman last year.

The background here, of course, is that Smith and Zeigler have both been charged with two felonies (robbery resulting in bodily injury and burglary) for their involvement in a home invasion and robbery in Bloomington on Dec. 17.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Zeigler was inside an apartment on Muller Parkway when Smith and an accomplice, Lazelle McClellon, knocked on the door and one of them punched the person who answered. They then proceeded to steal an XBox, an IPod, some cash, wallets and about a quarter ounce of marijuana.

Zeigler, meanwhile, crawled to the door and closed it, which tipped off to the victims, who he knew previously, that he was involved.

Indiana now has three more scholarships to use for its 2009 recruiting class, which currently numbers 16 players. They will be able to sign letters of intent Feb. 4.


  1. I cant wait until this clown is fired from the school and we can have some hope next year. Last year was the first year i stop going to games in a long long time. They don’t play hard and I can’t respect that. In my opinion if you are a real fan of the program you will stop supporting this despicable excuse of a football team, stop GOING TO THE GAMES. I for one am waiting for a coach who we at least have a chance for success.

  2. You talk like we have a stable of top coaches just waiting to get the call. IU has alway’s thought they were hiring the next big football coach, and it’s never worked out. I don’t know why everyone blames Lynch for IU having a bad football team, They have never been good.

  3. I understand the frustration with Hoosier football but I for one will still be in the stands next fall and as many falls as I can thereafter. What I would really like to see is the stands full on both sides and not just with the visitors. I know that a winner brings bigger crowds but the only thing that embarrasses me is to have almost as many fans from the other school than we do. I also hate the whining too from those who think they can coach and probably haven’t played a minute of football in their life but think they know the game by watching on TV, and I hate it when some morons even boo their own team (and/or the coaches). In my book that’s bush league. I don’t agree that they don’t play hard, in fact they do game after game but are up against a lot of obstacles. If the team has problems because of the offense being run or decisions made, that’s one thing, but I do see a lot of hustle out there and have for a long time. Like so many sports I say get with the program and support it or leave. Let the real fans enjoy the game.

  4. IU does not hire bad coaches! These coaches don’t get dumb when they sign their contracts. Some are better than others, obviously. You can choose to not go to games, that is your choice. To blame Lynch completely is wrong.
    As for this recent incident, well it is a shame but i

  5. Here comes the Fire Bill Lynch posts!!

    I’m sure it’s Lynch’s fault for everything, even global warming. Let the boos begin!

  6. Good riddance to Smith and Zeigler – they both appear to be a couple of thugs! However, anyone know why Jeff Boyd decided to leave? Seems like he would have had a chance to start with Greg Brown graduating…

  7. I admire the BL supporters that see some evidence that he can and will turn this program around–that is his job–regardless of how the program has been run in the past. Not all previous coaches have been inept. Didn’t coach Mallory go to bowl games the majority of the years he coached??

    I didn’t play college football.

    Does a person have to be a gourmet chef to know when the meal stinks?

  8. Hey billbob, what was the point of that? We all knew Zeigler and Smith would end up off the team, and as for Boyd, it sucks, but players transfer. It happens everywhere. There was no reason for that rant, and its idiotic and complete BS to say you aren’t a “true fan” if you actually want to watch the team play.

    KevinK, Mallory took us to 6 of our 9 Bowl Games.

  9. I personally think that Coach Lynch did an outstanding job as Offensive Coordinator. I continue to think that the play calling is good. The players that are recruited however are not in the competitive range as the majority of the Big Ten. Recruiting! It takes a successful coach to recruit. If Indiana wants to be a player in the Big Ten football arena, we must have a name coach with a proven track record. Perhaps it’s time we consider dropping out and into a conference where we can fairly compete?

  10. I am really amazed that the fire BL wolfpack/mob has not decended on you people yet. Don’t you know that they rule this paper’s blogs?

    Like you Jim, I will continue to go to games and support the team. In all the years I’ve done that I have seen worse, but I also hope to see better.


  11. I’m glad to see Ziegler and Smith gone. The press release makes it sound like they left the team on their own and were not kicked off the team. I know they had been suspended indefinitely prior to this, just the tone makes it sound like it was their choice.

    As for Boyd, he was one of those kids that football came natural, school work didn’t. If I remember right he barely qualified with something like a 2.2 Core 40 GPA and had to take the ACT and SAT multiple times to get a high enough score to attend. He wouldn’t have been a super star, but he would have been a solid player, I wish him well.


    I agree with what you said about Lynch except that the play calling was good last season. I also think you nailed it when talking about the recruiting.

    As for leaving the Big Ten, that is not an option.

    You have to consider every other sport that we compete in the Big Ten with, and the fact that they will not allow us to drop Football and stay in the conference with other sports.

    That is why Notre Dame is in the Big East, the Big East took all their other sports and allowed the football team to stay independent with that fat TV contract it has. The Big Ten wasn’t willing to do that.

  12. You see, this is why it is difficult to build a program, when people constantly dog its coach. People that consider themselves fans but boo the kids on the field or the coach on the sidelines. My point is that our program will never be successful until we become patient. Those boos and the haters on sites like this with their negativity are heard by recruits. These people can blame Lynch, but let us look at the facts: entering third season, one bowl game, beat a ranked team last season, signed arguably the best recruiting class in decades and has a firm grip on instate talent. Give the man a chance and things will improve. Hell, they already are.

  13. iufan5,

    Where is the improvement you talk about?

    Right now the only positive things that I can say about Lynch is that Smith and Zeilger are no longer on the team, and that IU does have arguably it’s best recruiting class in a long time, even if they are MAC level players.

    I am trying to stay positive for the 2009 season, and I can tell you right now that it will not be easy.

  14. Have to agree with Mike, there is nothing that I am excited about coming into the 2009-2010 football season. We were 3-9 Iufan, don’t try and make the season look successful just because we had one decent win. 7-6(With getting blown out in a bowl) to 3-9 does NOT spell improvement, no matter how you shake it around.

    I am fine with keeping Lynch for one more year, but don’t sugarcoat the man like he is Moses leading us to the promised land of a winning season year after year.

  15. Not much optimism here either iufan5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the recruits are not yet ‘signed’ and we have lost a few that were “verbals”?

    I’ll be in the stadium on saturdays though, cheering the players aloud, and probably shaking my head at the leadership.

    3-9? last year? that schedule? Come on! We all thought a bowl was nearly certain, and it wasn’t even close!

  16. KevinK, we lost 2 verbals, but our other 16 commits are expected to sign (including Duwyce Wilson, one of the few 4 stars we have ever had). Obviously things can change, but from reading Rivals and Scout articles, none of our current commits appear to be looking around at other schools.

  17. have to agree with Mike P and KevinK. Nothing else to add except I am not excited for next year and I do not ever remember feeling like this.

  18. Doug or Chris,

    I was wondering if you guys could fill me in on one of th 2009 Football recruits.

    Damon Sims – 1 star, LB-WR, committed to IU on 1/18/2009. I know he is from Colerain HS in Cincinnati, but I have not heard of this kid, and honestly can’t find much on him.

    He has the standard MAC offers form Kent State and Toledo that most of our recruits see, but also has a C-USA offer from Marshall and a Big East offer from West Virginia.

    The W. Virgina offer intrigues me, WV is a team that goes after 4-5 star recruits, falls back on 3 star talent, and fills open spots with 2-star guys. For them to be looking at a player ranked as a 1-star kid, he either has been really under the radar, or his position in this years class is very thin.

    Do you (or anyone else on here) have much on him?

  19. Mike P.,

    I made a few calls on Sims last week and haven’t heard anything back. We’ll try to get more on him in the coming days with the approach of signing day. He does seem to be an interesting case.


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